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Jasper AI Blog Writer, the Incredible #1 AI Blog Writing Software

Jasper AI Blog Writer, the Incredible #1 AI Blog Writing Software

Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant to help write your blog posts for you? Well, now there’s an AI bot that can do just that! Jasper, the AI blog writer, is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that can help you write high-quality content in no time. Just input your main points and Jasper AI will take care of the rest, creating well-written blog posts that are SEO-optimized and ready to publish. So if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to produce quality content, be sure to try out Jasper AI Blog Writer!

Jasper Tutorial

Every blogger knows the struggle of taking time to write their posts. They have so many ideas, but they don’t have the time or the writing skills to do them justice. That’s where Jasper comes in! It uses natural language processing and machine learning technology to generate content for bloggers on any topic. You need a prompt like “I want an article about ____,” and then enter your idea into Jasper’s prompt box. Within seconds, you’ll get paragraphs of copy ready to go for publishing on your blog!

What is an AI Blog Writer?

An AI blog writer is a computer program that writes blog posts on behalf of a human author. The program uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to understand the author’s intended topic and to generate original content that is relevant to the target audience.

AI blog writers can help busy bloggers save time by taking care of the writing process, from researching topics to creating drafts to editing and publishing final posts.

In addition, AI blog writers can help bloggers reach a wider audience by creating content that is optimized for search engines and social media. As the technology continues to evolve, it is likely that AI blog writers will become increasingly commonplace, providing a valuable tool for bloggers who want to focus on other aspects of their business.

What is Jasper AI?

Paragraph Generator. Feed Jasper a line or two and watch the AI output.
Paragraph Generator. Feed Jasper a line or two and watch the AI output.

Have you ever thought about what your blog would be like if you could generate thousands of paragraphs of copy without having to lift a finger? That’s exactly what Jasper, lets you do.

Bloggers are all too familiar with writer’s block, coming up with topics to write about, or not knowing where to find great images. But now this is no longer an issue – because writing is easy when you let Jasper blog writing software take care of it for you! 

Is Jasper Free?

Jasper creates a blog intro paragraph based on the title and your preferred tone of voice
Jasper creates a blog intro paragraph based on the title and your preferred tone of voice

You can take a free trial of Jasper AI. For most writers, the upgrade to boss mode will be required to create long-form content.

When it comes to writing content, there are few tools more valuable than Jasper. This powerful, cutting edge content creation platform makes it easy to create engaging, high-quality content in any style or format you need. Whether you’re looking to write long-form articles or short blog posts, Jasper has all the features and functionality you need to succeed. And best of all, Jasper is free to try!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer who dreams of creating your bestselling novel or a newbie blogger looking for an easy way to make consistent content for your website, Jasper has everything you need to take your writing skills to the next level. So why not take advantage of their free trial today and see what this excellent tool can do for your writing?

The sky’s the limit with Jasper AI blog writer on your side!

Jasper Blog Writing Software: Uses

Use the engaging questions template and let Jasper suggest questions for social media.
Use the engaging questions template and let Jasper suggest questions for social media.

Jasper isn’t just limited to blogging! Think about all the times that someone has told you they wish they had “something interesting” or “anything” to post on Facebook or Twitter, but then struggle because they don’t have anything ready at the time.

Well, now you can make your friends and family happy by letting them post relevant content at any time with Jasper’s help!

Even though it’s perfect for today’s busy blogger, Jasper is definitely no slouch in the brains department. It uses sentiment analysis and natural language processing to write insightful articles that inform readers on a wide range of topics.

Just enter your prompt into the prompt box and sit back while Jasper does all the work!

How do I get started?

Jasper can write captions for your Instagram photos
Jasper can write captions for your Instagram photos

If you’re ready to join the ranks of writer-less bloggers everywhere, just head over to Jasper, the blog writing software, set up your account, and watch the magic! You’ll be asked some questions about how you want your blog managed – so your favorite themes and watch as Jasper takes care of everything else!

Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to start writing your own content with Jasper’s help. Just enter a topic into the prompt box and take advantage of instant, no-hassle copywriting that doesn’t let you down!

How much does it cost?

Jasper can come up with video topic ideas based on a keyword and a tone of voice.
Jasper can come up with video topic ideas based on a keyword and a tone of voice.

You can choose your plan for Jasper based on your budget, and needs. While I went full Boss Mode because I’m a full-time blogger, you might just need the starter plan.

I quickly justified the “Boss Mode” plan, as even one article per month saves me the time and the money (when hiring writers) that would pay for the subscription.

Truth be known, I generally splurge for the “unlimited” versions of software. While the unlimited mode may not be available today, you can try 10,000 credits on me when you take a trial of Jasper using my affiliate link.

Jasper Review

Jasper can write persuasive bullet points.
Jasper can write persuasive bullet points.

As a Jasper user, I can tell you that the AI writing assistant software is a gift to bloggers everywhere. Writing is hard. I needed to come up with ideas and write them out in a way that appealed to my audience.

Like most bloggers, I struggle with writer’s block and procrastination. This means that many of the great blog posts in my head stay there forever, never making it onto the page (or into an email). 

The AI Writing tool helped me overcome these challenges by generating ideas for new content and helping me structure my thoughts so they flow more naturally on paper. The app also makes it easy for anyone — even people who aren’t writers — to create engaging headlines and product descriptions. It does this all without requiring any training or input from users!

All of this helps me save time so I can focus on creating quality content instead of wasting hours trying to figure out what to say next.

I use the long-form content creator. I start by using the perfect headline creator. I’ll lay out a few paragraph headings that I know I want to cover, add the intro paragraph and perfect headline, and let AI lead the way. Sometimes

I’ll write out each section as just a list of bullet points, and the writing assistant will use its wordsmithing skills to turn it into perfect prose.

I like the way the bot learns your formatting as well. It reads the content you’ve already written, analyzes the format, and provides the same idea as you go.

For example, if I’m writing a listicle, and am creating a Best X For Y post, I might assign a winner in each category. Jasper will learn that and add a winner. If I use bullet point features for each, Jasper will repeat that format as well.

Tone of Voice

Some templates allow you to modify the tone of voice for the end product. Jasper can understand just about any type of voice tone. Rather than a specific pre-programmed ist, Jasper learns through patterns.

Jasper will be inclined to match the style and tone of your material if you’re writing amusing content in short, choppy sentences and hit Compose.

In the content brief, you can also specify a tone, including a request to mimic actor styles of speaking, such as Morgan Freeman.  

Here are some examples of tones you can request:

  • Funny
  • Secretive
  • Grumpy
  • Dramatic
  • Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Feminine
  • Masculine
  • Bold
  • Professional
  • Excited
  • Casual

Keyboard Shortcuts

Blog faster by using Keyboard shortcuts when you use the AI, writing assistant. Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts. If you are on a PC, use CTRL instead of the command button (CMD).

  • CMD + J: Write the next sentence
  • CMD + Enter: Runs a command
  • CMD+/: Erases your last output to create something better
  • CMD + Z: Undo the last change

Focus and Power Mode

Another reason Jasper is so powerful is that it can help you write in two distinct modes.

Focus Mode

Input the keyword “focus mode” to turn on this feature. You will now be able to run one section at a time, cutting out unnecessary words and even changing around the order of sentences or phrases.

Power Mode

The power mode lets you write multiple sections at once without worrying about adjustments. With power mode turned on, you also don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes or incorrect word usage either. The app takes care of those edits for you!

With power mode, you’ll have all of the templates at your disposal alongside the content editor.

You can toggle between focus mode and power mode at the top of your screen where you see the two icons including the eye.


To save time, the AI writing assistant has provided a library of templates for different categories. There are hundreds of templates for things like recipes, book reviews, travel logs and so much more.

I’ve found this to be incredibly helpful in creating content quickly without having to worry about formatting issues.

Even though I can write my own recipes or movie reviews with ease, making the post look right before publishing it is another story.

The library of templates has saved me a lot of time and headaches! I just pick the template that most closely matches what I want to do and use it as a guide for my post.

Long-form Assistant

One of the biggest problems I have when writing long-form content is staying focused. With so much material to go over, it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed and lose track of my train of thought.

To combat this issue, the tool introduced a “Long-form assistant” option in their software. This feature reminds users about what section they are working on when it’s time to move on to another one. It also keeps you from getting hung up on one subject and provides suggestions for pulling ideas together.

Jasper is a writing assistant for bloggers. This means that it can generate content, including blog posts and social media updates, on any topic that the user gives input. It does this

Highlight a word, or set of words to change set to a headline, bold, bullet points, numbered list, or remove formatting.

After writing a thought, or allowing Jasper to write a section, click the compose icon. The icon will be in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. This will allow Jasper to continue writing. This is excellent for writer’s block. Jasper moves you along.

This article is an example of an AI-assisted long-form article.

Content Improver

The content improver is a writing assistant that helps improve existing posts. You can add up to 600 words of content to have improved. This is great for a specific blog intro or summary, an Instagram caption, Facebook post, Youtube video description, etc.

When you choose to compose the outputs, you’ll see a variety of suggestions. Keep in mind that these are improvements, rather than rewrites. This is not to be used for taking a paragraph someone else wrote and trying to spin it into a new paragraph.

You can continue requesting more outputs or change the content to give the assistant more information.

When you use the AI writing tool in a long-form article, he has more content to gain a better understanding of the topic.


Here is the original content that I added to the AI writing software.

Ballen Brands builds WordPress websites for real estate agents, affiliate marketers, and small businesses. Ballen Brands integrates analytics, page builders, and a robust CRM. Set up automation including drip emails, and text messages. 

Content Improvement: Ballen Brands knows that great websites can help a business thrive. They build WordPress-powered sites for real estate agents and affiliate marketers, as well as small businesses with our robust CRM system included! With analytics integration, you’ll always be informed of what’s going on in your site so set up automation including text messages or emails whenever something happens.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

You can favorite any template to see it in your dashboard at log-in. The blog post intro paragraph is one of my favorites.

Jasper has the option of generating an introduction paragraph for your next blog post. This is especially helpful if you are having trouble coming up with a great intro to hook readers in. Once you decide on the perfect one, it’s easy to edit it to make it seem more personal!

To get started, log in and click “Blog Post Intro Paragraph” under the writing assistant section. Write your blog title (or something general), the audience type that is reading your blog, and the tone of voice. Within seconds, you’ll have several options that will help start off your article strong!


Title: 15 Types of Blog Content

Audience: Bloggers

Tone: Professional

Intro Paragraph output example:

Blog posts are the bread and butter of any blog. It’s what keeps readers coming back for more. But how can you keep up with all the different types of content on your blog? We’ve created a list of 15 types of content that will help get you started.

Perfect Headline

This AI writing software can generate a headline for your next blog post or social media update.

You can start by entering the title of your article into the prompt box, followed by the type of content (blog, video description, etc.). Then, add the product description, or blog intro, the product name or idea if there is one, the audience reading your content, and the tone of voice.

Keep in mind that the software will still use whatever you provide to adjust its outputs accordingly. You can copy and paste it straight into your favorite word processor once it has completed writing!  

To get started on this feature all you need to do is log in and pick “Perfect Headline” under the Writing Assistant section.


Product Description: In this blog post, I’ll explain exactly how to write a product review blog post. 

Company/Product Name: I left blank.

Audience: Bloggers

The tone of Voice: I left blank.

Output: The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Awesome Product Review

AIDA Framework:

This is a popular framework for copywriters who want to lead the reader to take action.

Jasper generates a complete AIDA Framework for you.

The AIDA framework helps copywriters lead the reader to take action by getting them invested in your content from the very beginning. Every piece of writing should have an introduction that gets readers interested, a process that explains how to do something, and results that show how it’s done. It’s important to keep track of these pieces as you write so you don’t lose focus on your ultimate goal – making the reader take action! 

All you have to do is log in and pick “AIDA Framework” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

– Attention: Don’t tell them, show them. You need to capture your audience’s attention and keep it throughout the duration of the blog post.

– Interest: Once you’ve got their attention, you need to make sure that there is a strong interest in your blog post so they’ll want more!

– Desire: If they are interested, then they will have an impulse to take action. Being able to create desire is key when trying to generate leads for your business or product/service.

– Action: You’ve done all this hard work but if you don’t ask for the sale then no one will ever know about it!

PAS Framework

The PAS Framework is a more simplified version of the AIDA framework.

Jasper generates a complete PAS Framework for you.

All you have to do is log in and pick “PAS Framework” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

– Problem: First, let your readers know that there is a problem they can’t seem to fix – or better yet, one that no one else has been able to figure out! This will make them feel like their search for content (and answers) has come to an end and they will immediately want to read your blog post. 

– Agitate: Now that you’ve got their attention with a big, hairy problem it’s time to agitate them. Let them know that you have the solution to their problem!

– Solve: If they are agitated, then it’s time to show them how to fix their problem – but don’t be too direct about it. Give them just enough information so they can figure out the rest on their own.

All you need to do is log in and pick “PAS Framework” under the Writing Assistant section to use this feature.

Product Description

The product description templates allow you to create a compelling product description.

All you need to do is log in and pick “Product Description” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

Add the Company or Product Name, describe the Product, and choose a tone of voice.

Once you’ve entered that information, Jasper will create a product description for you.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

The blog post topic ideas help you generate unique title ideas for your blog posts.

All you need to do is log in and pick “Blog Post Topic Ideas” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

Enter a Company Name or Product name if relevant. You can also leave these blank. Then, enter a general product description. Enter a target audience based on who your goal reader is. Choose a tone of voice you’d like your blog written in.

You can also train Jasper with example outputs. After you click the ‘Generate AI Content Button’, you will see outputs. You can click a star next to the outputs to favorite, or the trash can to delete. Copy and paste your favorites into the examples to help your AI writing software learn.

Blog Post Outline

Jasper can be there for you when you need help with your blog post outline.

All you need to do is log in and pick “Blog Post Outline” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

Jasper will help by creating an outline for your blog posts. You can choose how many subtopics are in each section of your blog post by typing it into the number input box below ‘Choose How Many’. Each topic will have 3-5 sentences of copy before moving on to the next topic. If two topics have similar content then they might share some sentences or even paragraphs! Fill out a title, main image, meta description, call-to-action button text, and social media posts for your blog post. You can also use the space provided to type in your own input if you’d like!

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraphs

Jasper can be there for you when you need help with your blog post conclusion.

All you need to do is log in and pick “Blog Post Conclusion Paragraphs” under the Writing Assistant section to use this feature.

Write out a set of basic points that you want to make, or let Jasper generate them for you. You can also leave these blank. This will be used as the first paragraph of your conclusion. Use the second paragraph space to include a call to action like comment below, or act now. Choose a tone of voice and click Generate AI Content.

Creative Story

This is a fun one. Enter a simple plot, including the characters. Choose a tone of voice.

Example: Plot (Lori and Wendi are sisters who have decided to create a Youtube channel teaching people how to do magic in their kitchen.)

Output: Lori and Wendi are sisters who have decided to create a Youtube channel teaching people how to do magic in their kitchen. They had no idea that they were witches and soon realized that all of the spells and potions they created needed supplies which cost quite a bit of money. Eventually, Lori found herself at her wit’s end because she could not afford food or pay rent due to her sister’s constant need for more ingredients for their videos.

She was so close to giving up until one day when she stumbled upon something on Instagram… (begin product pitch here)

Explain It To A Child

This option is great for when you need to explain something really complicated to someone, but you don’t want to dumb it down so much that it’s no longer an explanation. The next time you find yourself needing to break down one of your posts into simple terms or just for fun, this is the way to go.

All you need to do is log in and pick “Explain It To A Child” under the Writing Assistant section to get started using this feature.

You can even choose the output grade level!

Sentence Expander

This feature is great for writing out long sentences of copy quickly. This will be used as the first sentence of your blog post and can even be used as a subheading or bolded word. You can also leave these blank if you’d like.

Using this tool is very simple! Fill out what topic you’re writing about, choose a tone of voice and click ‘Generate AI Content’.

Jasper will generate up to 5 related phrases, which will shorten the length of time it takes to create content! Now, all you have to do is highlight one of those phrases and paste them into your blog post wherever you want them to appear!

Example: “Jasper is a game-changer”.

Output: Jasper is a game-changer that will help you take your business to the next level. It’s easy to use, affordable, and ready for action – just install it!

Facebook Ad Headline

This feature is great for Facebook Ad Headlines. All you need to do is log in and pick “Facebook Ad Headline” under the Writing Assistant section.

Enter the company name or product (or leave blank), the product description, the tone of voice, and copy in some of the examples from the outputs to train Jasper.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

This feature is great for your Facebook Ad Text. All you need to do is log in and pick “Facebook Ad Primary Text” under the Writing Assistant section.

Enter the company or product name, description, and tone of voice to generate AI content.

Google Ad Headlines

This feature is great for Google Ad Headlines. All you need to do is log in and pick “Google Ad Headline” under the Writing Assistant section.

Enter the company name, product description, tone of voice, and copy in some of the examples from the outputs to train Jasper.

Google Ads Description

This feature is great for your Google Ad Description. All you need to do is log in and pick “Google Ads Description” under the Writing Assistant section.

Enter the company name, product description, tone of voice, and copy in some of the examples from the outputs to train Jasper.

Google My Business

Use Jasper, the AI writing assistant to help you create Google My Business information including:

  • Posts
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Offers


Use Jasper to create Amazon product descriptions and product features. You’ll include the product name, key benefits and features, and your tone of voice.

Website Sub-headline

Sub-headlines are generally used for sections of your blog post or landing page. These sub-headlines are most often edited as H2 tags (headings). This section allows you to add a product description, a headline, and a tone of voice.

Sub-headlines will be suggested. This is similar to the blog outline template.

Instagram Photo Post Captions

Enter what your photo is about in the blank field (up to 80 characters), and the tone of voice. This basically serves as a content improver for photo captions.

Example: Gideon the cat helps me blog

Output: When I’m trying to write an article but Gideon is being too cute #catblogger

Testimonial Helper

Output 1: I was worried about taking on a new format for my blog and creating content to share with my followers. I have been able to keep up with the weekly posts that I had promised without having to spend all day writing them. It’s easy! And since it’s AI-driven, it does not need any context from me – which is great because I get distracted easily.

Output 2:, an AI copywriting tool, is helpful for anyone who needs help writing content and isn’t sure what to say. This software offers high-quality content that converts well.

It’s perfect for social media ad campaigns, ads, emails, websites, or blogs because it provides instant access to impressive copy written by AI instead of you! Powered with experience from over 7 billion customer conversations and millions of marketing messages across industries all conducted by humans; this software can create any type of marketing message needed. You just choose your desired format – text or speech – then use Jasper’s word.

Marketing Angles

Another product description template essentially, marketing angles can help you brainstorm various ways to promote your product. This can be used for eCommerce, Amazon, or any other retailer.

Output 1: What is the Unique Selling Proposition of your product?

Example response: The unique selling point of our product is that it has a dishwasher-safe design and doesn’t require any special care.

Persuasive Bullet Points

Use the standard company/product name, product description, and tone of voice to create persuasive bullet points.

Example: (Product Description) Jasper is an AI writing assistant that helps bloggers create more content.

• Increase your blog traffic by getting more content

• Save time by enabling Jasper to generate content for you

• Focus on what you’re best at while letting Jasper handle the writing tasks

• Be able to post high quality, SEO optimized content regularly with minimal effort


Use Jasper to create video topic ideas, a video script outline, video titles, and video descriptions for Youtube. Powered with a human-quality copy from over 7 billion customer conversations and millions of marketing messages across industries all conducted by humans; this software can create any type of marketing video needed. You just choose your desired format – text or speech – then use Jasper’s word suggestions to create the outline.

Here’s an example of a HOOK and Introduction created from the video title: The comprehensive guide to Jasper the AI Writing assistant.

Hook: In this video, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at Jasper and why it’s the most revolutionary AI writing assistant on the market.

Introduction: My name is Lori Ballen and I am here to tell you about what may be one of the greatest advancements in technology since Google Translate. It might sound like hype but hear me out.

What if there was an app that could write your emails for you? Yes, really! And not only does it do that but it also handles scheduling meetings, making phone calls on behalf of your business, and even walks your dog when you’re away from home. This is a game-changer folks so let me show you how it works step by step.

Review Responder

This tool is amazing and is one of my favorites. It takes a review, such as the one you received on Google, and gives you a response to the comment.

Personalized Cold Emails

Use this to create personalized cold emails that get a response. This is a very powerful strategy for business, sales, or any other professional use.

Here’s a great example:


It’s your lucky day! I’m a blogger and an entrepreneur. My business is growing but it gets really hard to keep up with the responses on reviews. The problem is that there are so many of them lately. One solution would be to hire help, but another option is my AI writing assistant, who makes sure I answer all review questions in 24 hours or less.

Email Subject Lines

Input your company name, tone of voice, and general description of your email (or excerpt from your email), and allow the AI tool to give you an email headline like this: Jasper is here to save the day.


The AI writing software can help with your Title and Meta descriptions, including your home page, services, and blog posts.

Example: Title: Blog Coach | Lori Ballen

Meta Description: As a blog coach, I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs build their brand with a successful blog. Call me today to learn more about my services!

Company Bio or Personal Bio

Enter your company name, information, and tone of voice, and let the AI Writing assistant write your bio. Here’s my example:

Lori Ballen is a business and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of The Ballen Method. She helps bloggers and online marketers create better content in less time by using AI writing assistants.

Lori is also the author of “The Ballen Method: How to Create Better Content for Your Blog or Business” (2018) which has been featured at #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list in several categories such as Social Media Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship.

Feature to Benefit

Enter a description of the product focusing on its features, and Jasper will return a list of standard benefits.

Standard benefits:

  • Create better content with less time.
  • Save hours of frustration and writer’s block.
  • Spend less time struggling with tech tools.
  • See all your important data in a single dashboard.

Emotional benefits:

  • Be a more productive blogger. 
  • Get your blog to the next level, without wasting any time.
  • Build the business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Delight your customers with insanely good support.

Before-After-Bridge Framework

Before: You’re a blogger, and you want to create more content for your blog. But you don’t have the time or energy to write new posts every day.

After: Imagine having an assistant that helps you write new posts every day so that your readers can always find something interesting on your blog. Jasper is a tool that automatically creates new content for bloggers based on the keywords and topics they’ve already written about. It’s easy-to-use, affordable, and saves hours of work each week!

Bridge: If you’re looking to increase the amount of content on your site without spending all day writing it yourself, try Jasper today!

Unique Value Propositions

This section helps you create a tagline with a value proposition.

For Example. I used Jasper, the writing assistant as an example and got the following outputs:

  1. Write more, do better
  2. Helping Bloggers Write More.
  3. Time is Gold. Jasper writes your blog posts for you.

Real Estate Listing – Residential

Welcome to your stunning home. This 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home is the perfect size with enough space to grow! The Summerlin location is close to schools, shopping centers, parks, and all the amenities you need. With high ceilings, large walk-in closets and even a second master bedroom this house has everything you need.

Pinterest Pin Title & Description

All that I entered for this example is about the pin: The Best Chicken Dinner Keto Recipes. Jasper returned the following output:

Turn your boring chicken dinners into something ultra-delicious. These recipes will keep you full and satisfied while still sticking to the keto diet. Get ready for some mouthwatering dishes that are sure to please!

Press Release Title & Intro

Example: Title: Lori Ballen Team sells Las Vegas home for $85,000 over asking price

Intro: The Lori Ballen Team at Keller Williams recently sold a four-bedroom, single-family home in the Desert Shores community of Henderson. The property was listed at just under $265,000 and sold for an impressive $350,000. 

Listing agent Lori Ballen provided some insight into how this came to be by stating that “this is one of those great opportunities where timing was on our side.” She points out that there are very few homes available in the area because many people are waiting to see what happens with the economy before they buy a new house.

Engaging Questions

Ideal for social media, engaging questions will you create compelling questions for your goal audience.

Example topic: Blogging

1. What advice would you give somebody who is interested in becoming a blogger?

2. Do you think it’s possible for bloggers to make enough money and actually support themselves and their families with this profession? 

3. What do you like the most about blogging? 

4. Would you say that having a blog is similar to having a personal journal or diary? How so?

5. If we can’t make enough money as bloggers, what are some other ways to monetize our blogs, that appeal more to a majority of people out there reading blogs/blogs posts online nowadays.

Quora Answers

If you are a quora user looking to gain brand awareness, creating crafty answers to Quora questions might be advantageous. This template helps you create quora questions and answers.

Text Summarizer

Add up to 600 characters, and Jasper will summarize the text into a single sentence.

Business or Product Name

The Business or Product Name template will give you ideas on what to call your new business or product you are prepared to launch.

Example: This software helps marketers create more content by guiding the writing along with artificial intelligence.


  • WordWriter
  • Content Provogator
  • Mindy AI
  • IdeaWriter

Poll Questions

Example Topic: Which of the following blogging styles resonates more with you?

1. A blog that is very detailed and in-depth

2. An informative blog that provides a lot of detailed information on a variety of topics to help certain audiences

3. A quick, fun read that entertains but doesn’t go too deep into any


There’s always room for customization, which is why Jasper allows you to customize everything!

To get started using this feature all you need to do is log in and pick “Customize” under the Writing Assistant section.

In this section, you’ll be able to change prompts that Jasper uses, add/remove topics from the PAS Framework, add new topic ideas or remove existing ones from your blog post, change what kind of content is in each section of a blog post (for example changing one headline into an image), and set up a call-to-action button.

Boss Mode

Ever feel like you need a break? Sometimes, having Jasperwrite content can be a bit overwhelming. You may get writer’s block or you may not have time to go through what he generates and edit it to make it sound better. In this mode, no copy will be generated because your blog is offline. Once you get ready to start writing your blog post, just press the button and write as usual!

Jasper doesn’t judge – he only writes. He’ll write as many drafts as you need until you’re satisfied with what’s there on your screen. If you’re ever stuck for words again, Jasper’s always available to help out 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Useful For: Personal blogs and small businesses

Notes: To use this feature, simply sign in and select “customize” under the writing assistant section on your dashboard. From here, you can disable certain topics if they don’t apply to your niche or change prompts around using the buttons below them. In addition, you can add new topics which will be added into the PAS Framework that Jasper uses to generate content.

While it might be hard to think of new topics, you can ask questions like “I need a blog post about ____” and see what other prompts are there for you. You can also organize them under the organize section which works similar to folders on your computer or phone.

If you decide that you want Jasper to generate content for you again, no problem! Just press the Boss Mode button again and he’ll go back into generating content for you! If at any point, feel free to click on the review section in order to view what he generates without actually publishing anything online.


It’s worth noting that Jasper is designed to write more creatively than he is truthful. As a result, his facts will frequently be filler or placeholders for you to inspect later. I don’t suggest you enter a topic and let Jasper write your entire blog.

There will be many errors in facts. That being said, take those placeholders and enter the correct information. This is true when you write about a product, person, location, break down pricing, and so forth.


I personally check my articles to make sure nothing has been directly copied from another article on the web. For this, I use Grammarly. It’s the same tool that I use to check the spelling on a blog.

Voice Dictation

If dictation is enabled on your computer, you can press the function key (FN) twice, or click the edit menu and start the dictation.


Recipes are templates that give you the complete framework for a piece of content. Simply fill in the parameter requested, and click CMD + Enter (or CTRL + Enter), and run the command. Erase the generic content above and move through the recipe to create the perfect blog or other content.


Jasper is the perfect writing assistant for bloggers who are looking to leverage artificial intelligence technology. Your writing assistant takes care of all of your blog post needs with its personalized, customizable content creation service so you never have to worry about writer’s block or getting stuck on a topic again! Plus, he doesn’t judge – if you’re ever feeling down and can’t think of what to write next, just ask him for help. He won’t disappoint!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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