Is it better to have 4 blog posts or one long post? Q & A with Lori Ballen


Lori if my first blog is 500 words and it is published, then I go back in and add another 1000 words and then a few days later I add another 500…. Does SEO see this as a 2000+ word blog? or will it get scrubbed with each addition? or will it simply see the blog as its original 500 words? Curious to know if it is beneficial to write it all at once or if it can be added in pieces.



Google is looking for VALUE, not specifically words on the page. I encourage you to use long-form content (more than 1500 words) because it’s seen as more valuable to the consumer as well. When a recent study was done, most ranking pages on page one of google had 2000 words, so YES, the words on the page will be relevant in their long-form. I personally prefer to have it all one page. ONE great page will rank WAY better than 4 small pieces unless those 4 small pieces are POWERFUL and low competition. *** In 2012, I would have said break it up. Things have changed.

In my trainings, I teach you to break it up in 4 small bite size blogs just so you don’t have to chew it all at once. Yet I prefer the blog post be all on one page.

That being said, a series like “Things to do in Las Vegas” would be great as a series, yet I’m still going to make those blogs as long and as valuable as possible.

Things to do on a budget (still will be 1500-2000 words)
Things to do for free
Things to do outside
Things to do for the holidays

Yet my Best Restaurant Blog that would be 2000 words will also spin out into smaller blog posts about each restaurant that will be probably less than 500 words. They are low competition and my goal is to rank for the long-form blog post, not the little blurb posts although sometimes they still do well. I only create the spin off blog posts so that the consumer can find the location and contact info etc. for that restaurant without leaving my site right away. It increases clicks.

Make Sense?


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