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Instacart Affiliate Program

There are two affiliate programs available through Instacart right now. The Instacart customer affiliate program lets you refer new customers to Instacart. Your other option is to refer new shopper-partners to Instacart.

Have you heard of Instacart recently? This is a fast-growing service that makes grocery shopping more convenient. People sign up to shop for other people to earn a fee and tips. You may have seen people with specially marked shopping carts.

 Or perhaps you’ve heard of those who are making good money on it. You can make money from Instacart without delivering groceries yourself. Read on to learn how. 

Instacart Customer Affiliate Program:

Instacart will pay you different amounts of money depending on the traffic source. You will get the most money by sending people from a content site like a WordPress blog.

 The payouts are:

  • $10 for content sites
  • $5 for loyalty sites
  • $2 for coupon/deal sites

This may seem like a lower payout. You shouldn’t count it out since many would pay to outsource grocery shopping. Some people have very busy careers and family lives. Others may be afraid to go to the store. 

Instacart Shopper Affiliate Program:

 You will make more money by driving new shoppers to Instacart. The reason is they are hungry to expand their platform. A shopper is the people who go into the stores to pick up the orders. Instacart will pay you $25 for each shopper that finishes their first shop or delivery.

 This is a really good option. Many people are looking to earn a side income. You could focus your site on those looking for a side hustle. Some people make thousands of dollars a month shopping for Instacart.

How to Join:

 You have to fill out basic info like your name and mailing address. Instacart will also ask for your tax information. They will also ask what website you’re going to promote your affiliate link through. Make sure this website has some helpful content on it.

 You only need three to five articles with basic info. Having a privacy policy helps with most affiliate programs too. You can find some of these by just searching basic privacy policy. Make sure there is nothing spammy or questionable on your site.

Next Steps:

 There’s good income potential in promoting new customers and new shopper sign-ups. You can help others make a great income too. To get started in their affiliate program click here to join today.

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