Setting up an Infusionsoft Thank You Page

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In this video, Sabrina Wekerle  shows you how to set up your Thank You Page for your Infusionsoft landing Page.

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Video Transcript:

Now that you’ve customized your Infusionsoft landing page to your liking, it’s time to go ahead and set up your thank you page. What you’re going to do is, in the lower right corner, you’re going to hit “next step,” and it’s going to take you to this page here to set your redirect destination.

On the left, you can redirect to an external URL, so if there’s a thank you page on your website you’d like to direct them to, or maybe you want to direct them to the PDF or ebook directly, then you can paste that link in here. Or, if you want, you can design a thank you page.

I’m going to go ahead and click “design thank you page,” just so we can see what that next step looks like here. This is the default thank you page. You can go ahead and do the same thing that we did in our video where I showed you how to edit the layout, where you can add additional text, images, buttons, or you can add specific sections in here. For example, usually with the thank you page, as a best practice I like to direct them somewhere else as well, or give them a video to watch or something to that effect.

I’m going to go ahead and insert this section here and I’m going to move the copyright section down to the bottom. Whoops, that is not what I wanted. There we go. Let’s move that down. Okay, that’s kind of weird. I’m going to to delete section 3, then. Oh, what did I just do? Okay, hang on. I guess you can edit different rows here. Let me go ahead and try this one more time. I accidentally deleted the copyright option at the bottom, but that’s okay.

Where was that? I liked this section. Okay, perfect. We’ll say, “Thank you, your ebook is on its way. Please check your email.” You can even include steps in here on how they can find this in their email, check your spam folder, stuff like that.

This guy here, this is actually pretty cool. You can put an image URL on here. This is a computer by default, it doesn’t have anything else in the background, so I would want to replace this with an image that I already have in here of our websites.

Let me see if I can find the image here. Here we go, here’s one.

The background is not removed on it, so if you run into this issue, you can go back into the styling, and I’m going to remove that background image and I’m going to make the background color white. There we go.

What I want them to do is, I want them to browse our real estate website. I’m going to say something along the effects of, let’s see, I’m going to do this. That is really big, so I’m going to shrink that down. I’m going to say, go to real estate website, custom-built … I’m going to go ahead and make this little button a “learn more” button. Learn more, and you can have it linked to your URL.

These buttons, you can actually have these anchored to a different section on the page so, if there’s another form or more information that you want to link them to, you can actually anchor it so when they click on this button, it takes them to another part of the landing page.

Then you can paste the link that you want them to go to, change the color and style of the button. These are pretty much going to be repetitive editing tools once you get more familiar with the platform style, spacing, colors. It’s going to pretty much repeat.

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With the thank you page, it’s always best practice to get them to go back to your website and interact with something else, too.

Kind of a fun thing there on editing your landing page. You can also give them the option to register for something else, or you can, like we said before, on this form where you direct options, you can also put in a link to an external URL if you have a different landing page already set up that you want them to go to.

That is setting up your thank you page on these Infusionsoft landing page forms.

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