How to Create Tasks in Infusionsoft

In this video, Jeff Helvin, COO of Ballen Brands walks you through setting up tasks in Infusionsoft. Want to learn more about infusionsoft? Call or Text 702-917-0755 for a demo.


I have been a member of The Ballen Method [Rank Like A Boss] for almost a year now and have loved every minute of it. What I have taken away has shortened my learning curve in this discipline immeasurably!

All of that said, yesterday I had the opportunity to learn even more about these guys! I had message Lori and asked her if the sold their InfusionSoft campaigns? If you are not familiar with IS campaigns they are crazy complicated but amazingly effective for lead conversion and lead nurture.

Well, Lori connected me with Jeff on their team and I can not begin to tell you how knowledgable he is! And, he spent a lot of time with me sharing ideas and even looking at our websites. Way beyond great service is how I would characterize the way I was treated! Great job Team Ballen! Great job …

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