How to Create a Real Estate Market Update Campaign in Infusionsoft

Repeat visits are a great quality signal to Google. SEO’s everywhere believe repeat visits will play a huge part in 2018 SEO. In addition, repeat visits create more awareness helping to place us top of mind as a local real estate agent.

We set up a campaign in Infusionsoft to send an email every month to our SOI and potential clients with a link to our real estate Market Report. It’s automated and just fires the emails automatically once it’s created. Here’s Jeff with a walkthrough.

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Hello, hello. Jeff Helvin here with Ballen Brands. Today, I’m going to show you our market update campaign, built in InfusionSoft (Call or text 702.917.0755 for a demo of Infusionsoft). This campaign is actually a pretty simple sequence but it’s setup and meant to have a nice impact on our database so that we can continue to nurture and keep our sphere in the loop.

What we have here is anyone who has the launch market update campaign tag applied, they’re going to go into this sequence. What this sequence does is it actually sends an email every 29 days with a link to the real estate market update.

If I open up this first email here, you’re going to see that it simply says, in this case, say, “Jeff, here’s your market update for this month.” So let’s say it’s January, it will say, “Jeff, here’s your market update for January.”

Now, in here it’s actually meant to look as though you just took the time to send the email out yourself. It simply says, “Here it is, as the real estate market continues to change, I want to make sure you stay informed. Access the latest market information available here.”

Now, this link is actually controlled and meant to be a static link that goes to a page on the website in order to keep this campaign consistent. The page on the website is actually what gets updated every month. So if you’re not currently doing a market update on your website, we definitely recommend that you do that. We can help with that as well here at Ballen Brands if that’s not something that you have access to.

Basically, the intention is, is that every 29 days we’re simply sending them a link to the same page. Now, in the second month, here you’ll see that it says a different message, but of course, it has the same link. So, “It’s that time again, your market update is ready, Jeff.” And then we go back and 29 days later it will say here, “Jeff, keeping up with what’s going on in the market? Here’s the latest updates to make it easy.”

The idea here is that we’re staggering the day and time that we send it out, and it happens every 29 days which means it will come out a different day of the week throughout the entire campaign. Now, when it reaches the last part of the campaign, it’s actually going to reapply the tag so that it relaunches that campaign.

There you have it, pretty simple setup here but greatly effective to help contact our database. If you have any more questions please reach out to

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