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[Jeff Helvin here with Ballen Brands and today I want to show you Ballen’s birthday campaign. This is a campaign that we’ve built in Infusionsoft. Although it seems pretty simple in nature just to look for a date and send out a notification, we’ve added a few extra steps here that I think is really going to keep this in order for anybody that is using it

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I’m just going to walk through the sequence here. First off, when the birthday tag is applied in the system, it’s going to launch this campaign. Now, we do have what we call decision a diamond here. This is actually looking to see whether or not this is someone that we’re going to actually send physical cards to or only electronic communication.

In this case, no matter what, it’s always going to send electronic communication. But if we apply a special tag, and in this case, we’re calling it money but we could call it VIP, we could call it top earners, things like that, we can call it whatever we like, but that’s going to trigger whether or not it sends a physical card.

We’re going to look at that next. First off, we’re just going to go to the electronic birthday communication. What this is doing is it’s going to wait one day before the actual birthday and at that … The night before I should say at 10:00 PM, it’s going to send a night before birthday email. This email is configured to be very general, so we have an image here that can be customized, but this will come by default.

The subject line here says for your birthday and let’s say Jeff in this case, so for your birthday Jeff. Then, it goes into the message here. We’ve got a nice graphic. It says for your birthday on and then has their birthday that’s in the system so that it’ll show that we know it’s tomorrow, not today, even though we’re sending it at night.

The goal is for them to get it tomorrow, maybe when they wake up in the morning, but we wanted to send it at night.

We say “Wishing you the happiest of birthdays on your special day. Every day, we should stop and celebrate an individual in our life and now that individual is you. If there’s anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Happy birthday. Your friend.” Then of course, your name.

This is set up to go at 10:00 PM the night before. Now, what we also do is we have a morning of text. On the morning of, if you have something like turboDial or any other text feature built into Infusionsoft, we can set this up. In this case, it’s going to say happy birthday Jeff and then it just says who the actual owner is. We’re just telling him happy birthday. We’re not trying to really offer up anything in particular, but of course, we can change that.

Call me if I can take you to lunch if you want to add that in there. We can, of course, customize this. Then from there, we have one day after the birthday, we’re going to remove the birthday tag and then two days after we’re going to apply it back.

What this does is it actually puts it what we call a loop in Infusionsoft and make sure that it’s going to go again next year. Now, if they also have the money tag applied, then it’s going to send a physical card. Now again, we have to set this up to work with something like ZenDirect or SendOutCards, but we can help get that integrated for you.

Basically, what it does is it triggers 14 days before their birthday, it’s going to send a notification to one of your vendors there and that’s going to then trigger a physical card that’s been set up in their system to go out. Then from here again, we just have it set up to loop. Once that tag is applied, it goes back to the beginning and starts over again.

Now, of course, we can always stop the campaign as well. If someone unsubscribes from maybe other campaigns in your system, we can do that. Or If someone just says hey, I don’t acknowledge birthdays or something like that, then, of course, you can remove them from that as well.

You’ll see here we have that note at the top so you can [inaudible 00:03:49] for anyone with the launch birthday tag applied. The middle sequence only runs if the launch birthday and the money tags are applied and then the bottom sequence always runs a check if there’s a birthdate in the contact records.

That’s the last piece I’m going to show you here. When the birthday tag is applied, it also will run an action set in the system that actually looks to see if we even have their birthday.

If we don’t have their birthday, then we’re going to go into this sequence here that says to actually collect their birthday. A day after we apply that tag, no matter when that is, it’s going to wait a day and then at 9:45 AM, it’s going to send a request that says here. “Hi, Jeff. I wanted to make sure my records are up to date and I see I don’t have your birthday in my system. Would you mind letting me know when it is by clicking here?”

Now, when they click there, it’s going to pop over to this simple form that we’re opening up here that just says please enter your birthday below. All they have to do is just choose their birthday and save the field. That’s it. It’s pretty simple from there.

Now, if they don’t fill that form out, it’s going to wait 15 days and it’s going to ask them again and then it’s going to wait 24 more days and ask them again. If they don’t fill out their birthday, we’re going to give them three shots to do so and if they don’t fill it out at that point, well then what will happen is that this will actually not run because there will be no date in the actual birthday field. If the birthday already exists, then we just acknowledge that here and the other option, of course, is again if we’re going to stop the campaign, this will stop as well.

Anyways, like I said, a couple extra steps that we’ve added here, not just a simple look at a date and send an email.

We wanted to make sure that this also gives an opportunity to collect their birthday and run further from there. You have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Ballen Brands, we’re a team at ballenbrands.com. We look forward to helping you with your campaigns.


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