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Best Practices to Increase Youtube Watch Time

Best Practices to Increase Youtube Watch Time

Youtube Video watch time is up 60% year over year. Youtube reports that mobile watch time is now 40 minutes which is up more than 50% year over year.

The number of hours people spend watching YouTube is up 100% year over year

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Watch time, according to YouTube,  is measured in cumulative minutes watched, and each video uploaded — as well as every channel on YouTube — is “ranked” by watch time. Channels and videos with higher watch times are likely to show up higher in search results and recommendations. ~ Creator Academy

Encouraging longer watch times helps with visibility on Youtube. When people spend more time watching your videos, your brand visibility improves with clients and with Youtube. Youtube specifically states favoring brands with more watch time on their videos and channels.

We’ve been taught to create shorter content, yet now we know longer form content performs better in both search and social metrics. This is true for web pages and for video. Where once, 30 seconds seemed long, videos now several minutes long are on the favorites list.

The amount of time that a visitor spends watching Youtube in one session is referred to as a “watch session”.  If you are monetizing your channel, and an ad sends someone to watch more videos, your channel still earns some time credits.

This video is from my friends at [eafl id=”11463″ name=”Tubebuddy” text=”TubeBuddy”]. That’s an affiliate link that benefits me, but YES I use and LOVE the product. There are some great tips here for everyone beginning a Youtube Channel and advanced tips for those that have been around a while.  VIDEO is 2018’s SEO!

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Key Take Aways

  1. Youtube favors Watch Time most
  2. Longer watch time gives your channel more weight and ranking power
  3. Build Playlists, and make some Series (which means video can’t be reused in another series)
  4. Create a Time Loop
  5. Use Voice call to actions such as “subscribe”, “Click the Bell”, “Comment”
  6. Use Cards to drive users to more videos and playlists
  7. Link to other videos and playlists in your description
  8. If a user has a longer watch session because of links from your video, your video is more likely to get suggested
  9. Pin Comments
  10. Reference another video before closing the first video “Hand Off”
  11. Every video should fit in a series playlist with 5-7 videos. Handoff the videos in the series through references and cards and through end screens and descriptions.
  12. Build in a search component to each video by using keywords

Screencapture of the instructions for marketing a playlist as a series

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