Inconsistent Lead Generation – Stop Dabbling

In this video, Tom Ferry, Real Estate Coach shares his advice on “dabbling” when doing your lead generation.

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Tom Ferry asked a question on Facebook in recent days asking what the biggest challenge people in real estate were facing. He got hundreds of responses and narrowed them down to 6 key challenges the real estate industry was reporting.

Tom noted that a key challenge was real estate agents being a “dabbler” when it comes to lead generation.

He notes that agents tend to try a little bit of everything from mailers to open houses, yet are struggling to find consistency in these activities.

Steps to Solve The Challenge

  1. Implement ITC, from interested to committed. It’s a paradigm shift.
  2. Focus on what is already working and do more of that
  3. Create a 90 days Plan to increase what is already working
  4. Add in accountability through a spouse, friend, or colleague



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