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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

iHome Finder provides real estate websites with IDX and marketing solutions, including a suite of digital marketing products and tools. Here’s what you need to know about iHome Finder and why it’s considered one of the best real estate agent websites.

The Benefits of Using iHome Finder

With iHome Finder, you can offer your viewers the thing they seek most: property search and viewings, instant alerts, and market reports.  

You can use iHome Finder as a plugin for your existing website or if you’re starting from scratch, have the website and its features built for you. You can integrate iHome Finder with your CRM, or, for newer agents, you can get a CRM if you need one.

iHome Finder was designed to help you work smarter, save time, and grow your business faster, whether you’re an independent agent of any level, part of a team, or a brokerage of any size.

iHome Finder’s Search Features

Eureka Search is a map-based platform with controllable settings. You can choose to display just one map or get fancy with it and add several maps throughout your website for the areas you save. Use the control panel to customize your search to only display the listings on the search results that fall under your specialty.

Dress Your Website for Success

With iHome Finder, you can feature chosen listings, placing galleries throughout your site to deliver the right properties to the right viewers. 

You can also single out listings, offering virtual tours or niche areas.

Furthermore, you can promote your active and sold listings by having them always appear at the top of the search results. They’re also featured throughout your website on dedicated pages and galleries.

Favorites, Showings, and Alerts

iHome Finder makes it possible and convenient for your viewers to engage with you, turning your website traffic into registered leads. Viewers are able to mark listings and searches as favorites, sign up for listing alerts – new and sold, or schedule a showing. They can request information about a property, request a home valuation, or use the contact us form to reach out to you with questions or interest.

Lead Capture with Registration

You have creative control over when and how visitors are prompted to register on your website. On the prompt, you can customize the message to promote your business and to entice visitors to give you their information in exchange for your offer.

For example, you might allow a viewer to search and view properties, but in order to save a search, they have to register.

The same is true with saving a listing or marking it as a favorite. You could force registration there.

Gated content is another way to get more leads through your real estate website with IDX. You can offer free downloads or promotional offers, such as an ultimate guide for home sellers or a moving checklist for buyers.

Nurture Leads with Drip Email Marketing

Getting a lead isn’t enough. Once they’re in your system, it’s crucial that you reach out to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so that you stay at the front of their mind for real estate.

iHome Finder sets you up to send your viewers email alerts every day for new and sold properties, as well as changes in price to listings, powered by MarketBoost™.

On a weekly basis, you can send open home reports.

And monthly, you can send market reports, keeping your viewers informed about market trends in your area.

Besides including this information in drip email campaigns, you can also offer it on your website for lead capture.

Email Newsletters and Drip Campaign Features

Building loyalty through lead nurturing is the best way to guide a person from lead to client, which you can do through automated greetings. 

You can also add another touch by sending personalized greetings on the anniversary of your client’s closing or their birthdays.

Use email marketing to promote your most recent blog posts and include a call to action for them to forward your email to a friend.

iHome Finder also allows you to deliver an automated, instant, relevant follow-up that will enable you to get ahead of your competition with listings and market information.

You can include your branding, large listing photos, active and sold listing alerts, and automated follow-up campaigns in your emails.

How Much Does iHome Finder Cost?

iHome Finder is quite affordable compared to some of the other real estate websites with IDX.

Pricing for the iHome Finder IDX Plugin

As a plugin to an existing website, there are standard, premium, and premium+CRM packages for independent real estate agents. There are separate pricing tiers for teams and brokerages.

  • Standard

The basic package is ideal for new and growing agents. You’ll pay a one-time $99 setup fee and just $49.95 per month.

  • Premium

The premium package, designed for established agents, provides agents with the tools to generate more clients and leads via market data and a premium search experience. There’s a one-time $99 setup fee and a monthly commitment of $84.95 per month.

For the agent who is ready to upgrade to a CRM with automated follow-up and lead engagement, you can do that with the Premium+CRM package, which comes with ready-to-use email campaigns. For this, you’ll be charged a one-time $99 setup fee and $129.95 per month.

Pricing – IDX Websites

As with the plugin pricing structure, there’s also a standard, premium, and Prime+CRM package for website development. If you need a real estate website from scratch, here’s what it’ll run:

Standard – There’s a one-time $99 setup fee for a WordPress website and hosting and an additional $59.95 per month for hosting and services.

Premium – The premium package is what features MarketBoost™ website and email marketing reports that you can use for lead capture. This one has a $299 setup fee and costs $99.95 monthly.

The Prime+CRM offers marketing automation via the CRM on a WordPress website. Your one-time setup fee is $499 and a monthly expense of $199.95.

The Bottom Line

iHome Finder offers a suite of products and services designed to help you establish, implement, and upgrade your online presence so you can capture and convert more leads. Use just what you need as an IDX plugin, add on a CRM, or have the whole site designed at affordable rates.

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