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In this video, Lori Ballen will walk you through the steps of finding assistants to do the project and ongoing work through Enjoy!

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Be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince

00:00                           All right, in this video I’m going to show you how to use fiverr to find some people that can help you with your projects, with your processes, your systems, all kinds of things.

]I’m going to share my link with you on Fiverr and I will let you know that if you sign up, I do get a little bit of a benefit and I would appreciate that very much.  I will also be very honest with you about what I’m finding with the software or what the company, what I like, what I don’t like. Okay.

So what Fiverr is, is it’s the ideas that you can go online and find something for five bucks. You can find somebody to do something for you for $5. Okay. What I’ll tell you is most of these cases, the $5, whatever it is they have is super, super basic and there’s going to be upsells involved in all of that.

00:52                           That being said, it’s still incredibly inexpensive. So I find the average to be closer to $20 when I want to have something done. And there’s also the ability to add a tip, which you may or may not do, which could take it up. And there’s also a like a $1 service charge from Fiverr on every transaction. So it’s not really five bucks, but that’s where they start. Okay?

Now there are all kinds of things in here from bloggers to SEO, which I have to tell you,  I’m finding a little bit scary online, to graphic designers to Infusionsoft and other certain software setups. There are all kinds of specialists in certain areas.

01:44                           We have a team account. It’s, it’s free, it doesn’t cost anything extra. And that way all of us can place our orders through fiverr and we can all see the orders. We can all pay off one credit card just to let you know in case you have a team and multiples of you are going to be doing this.

Now I, I set out on here to find a couple of things. I build teams, so it’s never one person. I like to have several of each. To me honestly, it’s a three to five-person team of any one activity. So on something like this,  these people aren’t coming on full time, they’re not salaried employees are going to be picking up full-time work, they’re going to become unavailable, there are all kinds of things.

02:26                           So for me, if this is a regular thing that I need on a regular basis, I would like to have five of them working and available. So if I want to go on here, I can, I can get things done. Like for example, when I started this, I was looking for somebody to do transcripts.

So let me show you how that worked. So, I went up here and just typed in transcripts. There’s gonna be several way ways for you to find people. You can use these menus up here, you can use the search bar or you can post a job request.

So let’s just say we’re doing a random search, so I’m looking for transcription. Okay, so right here you can see all of the people that do transcripts. So let’s just take this first one. For example, I will do fast and accurate 20 minute transcription starting at $5.

03:11                           Now Click on that so that you can take a look at what that person does. Transcribe 20 minutes, five bucks. Okay. Delivers in three to four days. So I had a problem with that. I need mine back much faster. But if you pay more, you can get extra fast. One day delivery.

If you pay $15 extra, you can insert timestamped and we played $5 extra. So there’s all these upsells. Now I will tell you, I learned we don’t need to go onto Fiverr to have transcripts. You can go to I’m not sure if I have a link for that one. If I do, I’ll put it in this write-up and for ten cents a minute, you can have your audio’s transcribed and they’re really not bad.

That’s probably what these guys were using anyway. I just go in there and clean them up, make sure the names are right and the .com’s

04:00                           That’s what they usually mess up to. Anything too tricky. All right, so that’s just a little tip for you there as far as transcripts go. Then I said, all right, I want to find somebody to edit my youtube videos because we make a ton of youtube videos and I got no time to sit and make graphics and at the end cards and the info screens, I wanted somebody to do that.

So here it just kind of generic. I typed in youtube videos and I get this generic selection of people that do this, but if you look over here, you can start seeing that it’s scrolling down to a little bit smaller.

04:48                           So then I go back up here and I go, okay, so I’m still not right. Let me look up a youtube thumbnails, see if somebody who makes youtube dumb. No, this is exactly how it started out by the way. Okay. So then we’ve got kind of a bunch of these guys that make the thumbnails and then maybe I say, let me see if there’s one step further. Youtube optimization. I want somebody that’ll optimize my channel and set stuff up.

I’m that type of thing. All right, so let’s just say I’m going to go through these and look and let me just tell you, I don’t know if I just said this or not. I’m going to repeat myself if I did. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince on, on sites like this. A lot of these people aren’t even actively selling anymore and so I had to go through and contact a bunch of them to find people that are still active.

05:36                           Don’t just go in here and place an order. Message them first to find out they’re still in business. Okay. And then I’ll show you some more tips once we get it open. Okay? So then look down here. Now you can say, oh, I want somebody to deliver an up to 24 hours. I want it to be within this price range, this price range.

Let’s say 10 bucks. This is is the level of the seller one, level two, when you get into the top rated sellers urine to you, might as well hire a, I’m a service provider, whatever you’re looking for, like a subcontractor or another company because they’re equally as expensive as a regular business would be, but these level one and level two are usually. Okay. Alright, so then look at how much it changed when I went from delivery time up to 24 hours.

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06:18                           We now have only three people remaining, so let’s take that off. Let’s go to any. Okay, there, there their number, backup up. Alright, so we can go five to 20 and then here’s something else that I like to do. You can choose to sellers language, so this could be whatever language you speak, whatever language you’re putting out in your website, who, whatever you’re targeting, that’s their primary language.

And down here if you look, this is a huge key seller location. Okay. So does it matter to you that that seller is in Canada, is an Israel is in Italy, is in the United States, so whatever your personal preference is, you actually can choose that and this is their location of where they work and one of the things that I’ve found is that I have a harder time with the people that are out of the country.

07:06                           Sometimes I’m using some of the same software and connections and so I start there and then see what then go outside of there. That’s just my preference. Okay. So then you’ve got, let’s take a look at this one. Youtube Channel Seo and you go, that looks interesting.

So you click on this and you look at what they do, Seo, audit and, 11 keywords analyze. Um, alright. So they set up your channel layout, they had basic modifications. They instead, if your featured content and you add a channel watermark, okay? So basically they’re doing this. This is how to set up your youtube channel. So this is one, oh one. But they’re making sure you have all of your steps done so that you are set up correctly. Okay? So this really isn’t a super genius work, but it steps that you’re not going to have to do and that’s good.

07:59                           Okay. So now let’s take a look at what it looks like. Okay? They’ll do that for $10. All right? But they’re only going to make two revision. So if you don’t like what they did, you only got two chances to tell him that’s not what you like. That’s scary when you’re working with anybody who’s designing anything on your channel.  Extra fast delivery, five bucks, video, Seo, $10, maybe you want a specific video, optimize banner design another $20. So you see how this works now still 10 bucks, 15 bucks. So you know, 25, $45 to set up your youtube channel all day long. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? I think my only complaint, my only challenge with this is not the price by any means. It’s by how many revisions, like if you’re doing design that makes me nervous. I’m so. You’d have to have some really good, clear, calm communication.

08:49                           Now here’s where it gets good though. Scroll down and let’s take a look. I must not have pulled my states because this one says Serbia. Pull down here and look at their reviews. Okay? A revert reviews, nice learning curve, great assistance, excellent to work with quality product, outstanding experience delivered on time. Okay, now don’t just look at the most recent because it’s sorted by highest.

I mean don’t look at just the fives stars. You want to sort this and look at what you want. Now let’s look at the negative reviews. None. Okay, so I’m feeling more and more confident about this person as we go. Here’s another thing I like about this person is that they have recent, uh, feedback, so they’ve been online here working and doing gigs in the last six days. So you’ve got a pretty good chance of working with this person.

09:39                           Okay. So now what I would do at this point, because I don’t know enough, but I, I know enough, let’s take a picture of their work. See that, that looks great. So I know enough to go, all right, this person looks like they could do the job and so I am now going to contact them. I’m not just going to place the order and in this box I’m going to type something in like, your Gig is exactly what I’m looking for.

My only hesitation is that you only do two revisions. So what kind of process are we looking at to, to, to help to help you design, like what are you going to go off of to, to design? Do we have a conversation or are you just looking at my website? You know, I might ask a couple of questions like that to find out what they do and I might ask, can I buy?

10:27                           If there’s more revisions, how much would those cost? So if there’s only two included and you do a third or fourth, how much would those cost? And they do those in separate gigs. They would send you another Gig for five bucks or another Gig for whatever and as long as they just saved five bucks or 10 bucks, then I’m fine with it. This would be a risk worth taking. Okay. In my opinion now what you really got to watch out for is like the bloggers man, that was rough.

I went through a lot of that. I went through looking for content writers and Sto Editors and I found a couple that can do the job of Seo editing with all of my training, my videos, my links, my tutorials, lot of communication and yet they still are hitting a ceiling with things like internal linking and some of the other things.

11:11                           So I, I, I do have a couple on from here. So we’ve been able to incorporate for some side work, but nothing, nothing has knocked me off, knocked my socks off.  I think having somebody I did find a girl on here that makes video thumbnails, she does a fine job. I can’t remember.

I’m not using it right now, but because I’ve found a different process. But she was fine. So I highly recommend simple things like that, you know, helping you lay out your business cards, your flyers, you know, I don’t know if I would. Your logo would have to be a really good person and a really good conversation. Um, I, I, I think basic are fine. Simple things on your websites could be okay, but you gotta be really careful, but look at some of the options here.

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12:01                           So they have people that will help you with your presentations, flyer distribution, branding services, business plans. But look here, virtual assistant, this is a cool category. So what we like about this category is it you can actually hire virtual assistants, buy blocks of time and now you’re not having to go through a virtual service company and so you can buy a block of hours.

So you might have a project and say, you know, this week I want to get my database updated, I want to get everybody in my database and make sure I have a phone number and email and, and I want them to have a, their facebook page connected to their linkedin page connected, or maybe you have all that software does it automatically, but you want to send out surveys or do you want to do whatever?

And it’s project based. Okay. So you could do the same thing in here and say I want a virtual assistant and then you can list what their specialty is, data entry, admin support, research file conversion. Okay. And then you can just leave it at any right now because we’re going to kind of scroll through everybody.

Look at this one. I will cold call to set local web design appointments. So you know, they’ve got prospectors in here and there’s all kinds of specialty things in here as well. So then you can scroll down and you can say, okay, I want to make sure they speak English because that’s the only language I speak and it would be easier if they did and then I’m going to go with United States

13:22                           because I, because of, you know, whatever my business is, the regulations or because I want you to communication and maybe you start there. I mean we, we’ve got people that aren’t in the United States that are great too. So it depends on, um, I’m not necessarily suggesting one over the other, I’m just kind of showing you how to filter it. Okay. So let’s just take a look at this first one.

And by the way, let me tell you another tip. Don’t go by the picture on their screen, like, like this girl, I’m not saying that’s not her, but I had several experiences where the picture was a girl and the person turned out to be a male. And I think what they figured out that we care if we’re working with male or female, but there it was like a, it was like a,

14:00                           I don’t know why, but I felt like I had been scammed or, or lied to or something made me not trust them as much. It’s not that I cared at all whether they were male or female. I’ve got males and females working does. Ma doesn’t bother me, but it felt like a lie that you had to put of.

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But they must do that for a reason. Put, choose the pictures that they do. So I’m just saying don’t do it. We’re all in a visual world. Just don’t choose a picture based on who you think that person is because that may not be them. Okay. Alright. So let’s look at.

You can actually sort these. Look at this sort by recommended. So now you can sort by the highest rated or you could sort by the best selling. So let’s look at the best selling one. All right, so Jacob comes up here twice. Let’s take a look at Jacob. Okay. Oh, he’s got a little video.

14:55                           Your virtual assistant. Expertly managed database entries, provide research, coordinate travel at the time warner.

15:06                           That’s funny. We were using database and an example and that’s what he does. Okay. So if you look up here, he does travel planning, project management, phone calls, formatting, clean up, organize, classify or tag your files, customer service support, basic photo editing.

You’re not going to necessarily go to somebody like this and say, Hey, I want you to go build out my infusionsoft campaign so that they know nothing about. You’re going to have to provide training, provide some kind of resources.

Now, so far the good news is I have found the people that I have hired from here have been able to very quickly watch all my training videos, look at all my examples and pick up the work almost within 24 hours with only a couple of questions. So they seem to be really learning based and the ones that I have chosen have been excellent with communication.

15:57                           So again, kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. That’s what I’m finding. And you have to make sure your training is in check. I mean, I really take the time. So for example, I own several businesses. I have a real estate business in Las Vegas. I have a digital marketing company. We build lead generation systems primarily for real estate agents from top of the funnel, the bottom of funnel websites to pay per click marketing and I own a health coaching company.

So I’m a keto coach, the ketogenic diet coach. And this morning I had decided that I was going to hire somebody to enter recipes into my website for, for meal plans that are specifically designed for my coaching clients and it is very tedious, very time consuming and I just really don’t like the work personally.

And so I decided immediately this is something I need to leverage out. So I found a person, I believe qualified. I got up this morning and I made a one hour training video of and I walked. I went all the way through top to bottom. Let me make the recipe. Let me video it all the way through and then I sent it to her and now she has a checklist and a video knows exactly what to do.

17:22                           I’m not going to lie guys. This is painful to stop and document a process for most of us is very painful, painful. If you’re a real estate agent, you probably really hate this. Unless you have an administrative edge to you or side to you stopping to do this is incredibly painful.

So here’s what I did. Mine is a two step process, so I have down here with the tabs, I have the video process and then have the copy editor process. So they start with the video process and I wasn’t sure if this was going to be one person or two people are the same person or how I was going to do this. Now I’ve got kind of two. I’ve got different people doing each, but I have now found that I can get one person to do it all, so that’s what I’m favoring now.

18:04                           So you get one person to follow it all the way through. Start to finish. So here’s the steps I uploaded video into youtube. They have to optimize the title, optimized the description, add the tags at an info card at the end screen, added thumbnail, add to playlist, ordered transcript, load transcript to youtube and auto sync. If editing moved to copy editor process tab, add transcript as closed captions.

And if you’re watching this video and you’ve probably paused that going, let me see if I can take all of her steps. Go right ahead. This, this is, this is exactly what you should be doing. If you’re going to be, doing this type of thing, those steps, go right ahead and write them out and you can, you can use my steps. Now, what I also did for my training person is they can click on a video optimized titles. Let’s just say they don’t know how to do it.

18:56                           In this video, we’re going to optimize our youtube title, so in each case, and some of these are are bunched into one video in each case, if they don’t know how to do it or they need to know better how I like it done, they can click on that. So anytime somebody comes back with a question for me, I asked him immediately, did you check the checklist?

If they did and I have a gap, I’ll go back in and out another item, but if they’re just not following their own training, they’re not the right person for me. They have to be able to self learn. Okay.

My trainings are comprehensive, I show them exactly what I want to do. They need to be able to go do it, copy editors, the next one, so now I have. Now they’re going to take that video in there and turn it into a blog post.

19:36                           So add a title out of three to four words, slug at an intro out of video, out a call to action button out of table of contents at in paragraphs out a design element, et Cetera, et cetera. Okay, I put my little notes and up here is an example, and you can see where people are logged into my sheet right now using this,  that’s fine. And if you own, my training system, .com  have access to this in your training system. And you can also learn more about all this stuff that I

My marketing company is called And my Las Vegas real estate team is Lori Ballen team. So Balance Lori Ballen, that’s me. All right, so that is, um, that’s really what you need to be looking for.

20:30                           Now what happens is you place an order, they accept the order and then they have a certain amount of time to respond based on whatever was in the whatever was in the gig agreement three days, four days, one day or whatever. Then what happens is all of your communication is done through Fiverr.

That’s one of the drawbacks is because you get an email every time and then you have to click on that and you have to log into Fiverr to communicate. So not my favorite way of communicating and I would say it’s got some, it’s got, it’s got a ways to go on how on their system, as far as that kind of stuff goes. There’s also not a great way to make notes as to who you talked to, who you didn’t talk to, who you emailed, but there are some you can save in.

21:13                           And these are all completely customizable. So I’ve got one called not to use. So those are people that I’ve either used or had a bad experience with. So I’ve got them in that category if they’re too high priced, if I’ve chosen them for my blogger team, you know, you could add here email so at least you can, you can put a, put them in categories. Um, but it’s not, they don’t have a great spot for us to keep notes on all of these people or to remove them from showing us their gigs again on each gig they can post a whole bunch of different gigs which are little jobs.

So you have the person’s page and then you have all of their little gigs.  I think there was a way, I don’t remember now if there’s a way to block them from showing up in your gigs or not.

22:05                           I don’t think so. But you would think that’s an obvious. So maybe there is and I just haven’t, I just haven’t seen it yet. All right. Now once the gig comes back, if you don’t like it, you can request your review revision. If you like it, you accept it. We’re doing all of our, all the payments through paypal. You pay up front by the way you pay up front, so you need to know that. You pay your 20 bucks, then you wait, then you do your revisions and then if there’s a problem you can, you guys can negotiate or you can request a cancellation. They can request a cancellation and you can get credit on your account if there’s a reason for that to happen. I’ve had that happen a couple times where they just couldn’t deliver in time or they couldn’t keep up.

22:41                           They had too much work, that type of thing. It is frustrating when you find people and they say, yes, I’m going to do this. I get it, I understand it. I’m all. And then they vanish and you know, you’re giving them access. You’ve got to make them a manager of your youtube account. You’ve got to give them certain, you know, I paid $10 per person to access my graphic design software. I paid to have people on my, my copyright, my stock photos, you know. So it’s a big deal to get them all set up to Adam is users to do all of that and then to have them vanish. So those are the drawbacks was five where the positive thing is you can get things for cheap and some of it will be really quality work and you’re going to be very happy with that relationship of.

23:19                           The drawback is anybody can disappear at any time. They could get better. I had to have that, got just got better offers and disappeared.  I’ve had one that just never responded. We had all this great dialogue and they just vanished once I placed the order, they accepted the order, they just never did the work. That was bizarre. And you know, we also don’t know security wise, you know, there’s, there’s some danger there too.

o we’re really careful about how we add people to our systems and what we let them see and what abilities they have, what their user permissions are. So just, you know, beyond, beyond, beyond your head’s up, pay attention, really look for people that are working a lot and getting, getting good scores and you gotta do what you gotta do your homework.

I remember banging my head against the wall on day four of us going, telling my team that I’d rather put my eyes out with toothpicks and talk to one more Fiverr person because it’s so, it’s just so tedious and there’s so much of it.

24:17                           But now I’ve got some people doing some stuff and they’re doing some good work and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s more inexpensive than it would be hiring a full time person. And so I, I’m willing to go through it to find that and you don’t have to worry about taxes, you know, because it’s good just going to be a write off through your, through FIVERR being a subcontractor and you don’t have to worry about somebody hours and their health insurance and all that. So there’s goods and bads, pros and cons, just like with everything else. But this is. This is an example for you on how you might use fiverr for your business.

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