How does Facebook Referring Traffic compare to Google Referring Traffic?


With Social being all the “buzz” and many saying that SEO is dead, there are still some factors to consider.

‘ On Facebook Controversy, Passion, Excitement, and Tribalism tends the rule the day’ ~ Rand Fishkin


2.) Visits from Facebook only typically lead to one page visit per session where Google driven traffic is more than 2 pages. Consider what that means. The user is staying longer, probably has higher potential to buy or register (unless the page you are driving them to is specifically a page designed to capture and not go elsewhere) . Direct is about 4 pages per visit! This means Facebook visitors consume less content and engage less with your site.

3.) Consider your strategy carefully. Who is your Audience? What are you trying to do with your post?

4.) Use Analytics!! Track what your visitors do once they land on your site. (Clicky is a pretty easy tool for general tracking)

5.) Test and Measure your headlines. (See: Tips For Creating Powerful Headlines That Sell)

6.) Use GREAT images.  (Check out Canva for Work. Crazy fun Graphic Design)

7.) The more engagement, the more views. Period.

8.) People get more reach than Brands typically (It’s still social)

9.) Take a look at your Facebook Insights and look at who is viewing your posts and ads (Hint, Check out the Women vs Men)

10.) The best posts to BOOST are the ones that ALREADY get engagement. Amplify content that is already popular.

11.) You can no longer “trick” or “game” Facebook to give your post higher Reach.

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