How do I Track My SEO Efforts?


Important Measures to Track of a Real Estate Agent generating web leads through SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

1.) Rankings – Where do you rank on Google and for which keywords

2.) CTR from SERP – From the Search Engine Result Page, what is your click through rate. You can optimize this by working on your metadescription or intro paragraph to give the best “snippet” possible that increases people clicking on that result. You might rank well, yet nobody clicks because of the preview text (snippet) they see in the results page.

3.) Traffic from Keywords – Which keywords are bringing you traffic and how much. You might rank for thousands of keywords, yet a few of your phrases will bring you the majority of your traffic. When you know which ones these are, you can then optimize those pages for best lead conversion opportunities and build more pages like those. Leave the rest alone, they don’t perform.

4.) Traffic to Lead Conversion – This is important to do by site, yet it’s even more important to do by page. If you know your numbers, you can predict X% of conversion per page based on your averages. (let’s say 3%). Then, when you create a new community page or blog post, you can hold that page accountable to the sites average conversion. You need to hold your CONTENT accountable for results.

5.) How well each offer converts. There are tools that will track how well your OFFER converts. My best offers convert at around 20-25%. Watch how your tracking works though. Leadboxes for example counts from the time the box opens (pop up offer) or the user clicks the link to open the offer. (you’ll have to choose carefully for tracking). Other tools track each time there is an impression (which means each visit). Now, you can add your offers to pages and track not only how well that page converts (you want 3% visit to registration right?). Free plug ins like “call to action” on WordPress will track your conversions

This makes your lead generation PREDICTABLE, DUPLICABLE, and SCALABALE.

6.) Total Leads in to Total Closed (Less than 1% is average)

7.) Source of each lead so you can track % of each of these numbers per source. It’s amazing how difference some sources convert to others. Can seriously change the business plan when you know these numbers.

8.) ROI % to each Source – Even if your efforts are organic (non paid), you still have costs from technology, to content, to software etc.

9.) Time from when a lead comes in to when it becomes a live contact. Gives you a “cultivation” prediction. Then you want Time from when a lead comes in to when it becomes a closing. This gives you a timeline and predictability of revenue.

Then, you add in your real estate conversions – appointment to list/buy, list/buy to escrow, escrow to close.

I’ll add in social tracking measures soon as well.


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