How do I find my Big Why?

It’s tough to be motivated to work hard every day if you don’t have a good reason to. You need something that inspires you, gets you moving each morning, and keeps you going during tough times. That’s your “Big Why” – it’s the motivating factor behind everything you do. So how do you find it? It can be tricky, but with a little digging and soul-searching, you’ll find what works best for you. Read on for tips on how to discover your Big Why and start living life with purpose!

Why a Big Why Matters

Your Big Why is the driving reason you do what you do. When you hit a ceiling of achievement, your BIG WHY keeps you pushing. It’s why you keep going even when you want to give up. It can be people, places, or things. It’s what matters most.

Big Why: To be or go anywhere I like, Whenever I like, With whomever I like.

I got a message this morning about how to find a big why. My friend asked, “Is it a GCI goal, or a travel goal, or an “I want to change lives of my children’ goal,” etc. and she asked if the big why could change. (I had all these questions once)

I thought I would share my answer to her on what it was for me…

“OK Great question. I went through this as well. First of all, YES, your big why can change. Your big why is something you plug into emotionally that DRIVES you when things get tough. It’s not a “wish” or a “goal”, it’s something that will change your life or others around you or do something for you that REALLY matters to your soul. It’s your “purpose”.

It wasn’t until I realized that my big why was about providing opportunities for my family so that their babies could have the best in life that I found mine. It wasn’t until my little brother started having his babies 3 years ago that I plugged in and was able to verbalize and write down what those babies meant to me.

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And then what it would look like if I gave their father a big opportunity in my empire. Then I hired my daughter Sabrina, and now THEY are truly my big why. When things get tough, I KNOW I have to keep going so THEY get to keep going. And, of course, I’m building her future, wanting Tabitha to have the best life ever.

You have to dig, dig, dig. Just saying, “I want my kids to have what I didn’t have,” is enough IF you feel it from your head to your toes to such a point that no matter what happens, you will bust through.

Start with a piece of paper and write down something you want, then write WHY you want it. Do this again and again until you FEEL something powerful.

A big why is not about something that inspires you. It’s about something that will get you through the painful and tough times, and you won’t quit.

a big why inspires you

My Original Big Why

(Most of it happened, although once it arrived, it looked a bit different). Big why is to have all of my family in one place. We want to be together by choice. And we want to move to a place of choice that we all agree upon. My why is to be a matriarch for our family, the leader.

I want to provide an opportunity for adults that can then improve the lives of their children. I want the siblings and I to all sit out on decks together on rockers and swing chairs, laugh, and tell stories of our childhood. I want to be each other’s rock.

I want to be the “little bit crazy” but wonderful Aunt and Grandmother that the babies and kids race to for comfort, stories, and treasures. They know AuntGrandma will always be there for them, judgment-free. Their lives, Their Choices.

I want to build passive income not just for me but for my family. Bringing my family into the fold of our empire is the beginning. Next, we build wealth together.

We will have a place by the ocean and a Christmas House in the mountains where we all gather for special times. And we will live with the spirit of the Christmas House in us year-round as we DRIVE HARD to achieve the opportunity to celebrate in it again on the next holiday.

The ‘Family Fund” is compiled year-round and funds vacations and special occasions like weddings, new babies, and whatever else appears. This fund is built from designated profits from the empire.

Family Matters.

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