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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

Enjoy this video to see how real estate agents use the Holiday Lights List to build their database. In this video, Scott Pierce from Listings To Leads shares how real estate agents are using his platform to generate hyperlocal real estate leads for pennies per lead.

Tutorial Video

Scott Pierce shares how clients of his are growing their database through hyperlocal lead generation during the holidays.

Lori Ballen Invites You

to a 30 Free Day Trial  of the ilsting marketing software and home valuation pages vs. the 14 day trial everyone else gets!


I want to walk you through how some of our clients are generating leads at under 10 cents a lead. They’re doing it in really awesome ways to provide some really good value to people in their area. In this case, we’re talking about putting together a landing page and some information regarding the best holiday lights displays in the area, the best tree lighting ceremonies in the area and so on.

People are literally crushing it.

They’re filling up their database with locals for pennies per lead. This is so awesome because you can take these leads, all right? They’re not “real estate leads” specifically, but you can upload them into Facebook as a custom audience so that later when you’re running your Home Value ads for listings for ‘what is your home worth’ for down payment assistance, you can target these people a lot cheaper than a cold audience on Facebook.

You can also put them on your monthly newsletter.

Building a List

You can generate your own by following some simple steps. Here’s How

Step by Step Guide

  1. Get your Free Trial of Listings To Leads [My link gets you an extended free trial].
  2. Click on the Landing Page Tab.
  3. Choose Custom Free Buyers Report from the Drop Down.
  4. Add the Location.
  5. Notes: Best Holiday Lights (You are the only one that sees the notes).
  6. Click Add Landing Page.
  7. Upload Background Image or Video. You can find images in places like Canva or Shutterstock for example.
  8. Change Banner Color, Banner Text or choose no banner and then save edits.
  9. Choose your Styles and Colors. Be sure to use clear coordinating colors.
  10. Add a Countdown Clock to Christmas by adding a Countdown Counter.
  11. Add a Headline.
  12. Choose the date for the countdown counter.
  13. Add description text.
  14. Make your offer: Get the free list now.
  15. Use the Lead Form Fields that are populating. Lead Forms tend to generate more leads. Otherwise, you can build in your own easy form. Maybe run two Facebook ads and a/b test them.
  16. The success page appears after they register. You can add a video or image or make another offer etc.
  17. On Advanced Options you can choose to redirect to the list or you can use the autoresponder to send a PDF or email list etc.
  18. Choose your favorite CRM source such as Constant Contact, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Zoho, Mailchimp, Get Response, Convert Kit etc. and then save.
  19. You can add predefined tags.
  20. Make sure your ad or posts are similar to your landing page
  21. Make your list inside the autoresponder if you want to use this automated email.
  22. You can run this ad now on Facebook or the social network of your choice.
  23. You can share this offer on popular social channels. It’s always fun if it goes viral.
  24. You can send this out as a courtesy to your Sphere of Influence, Geographic farm etc.
  25. You could plus this by going out and making a video of the homes or locations on your list.

Listings To Leads Tutorials

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