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Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program

Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program

People in the craft niche rejoice. Hobby Lobby, one of the world’s largest craft supply retailers, has launched a new affiliate program. 

People in the craft niche rejoice. Hobby Lobby, one of the world's largest craft supply retailers, has launched a new affiliate program.

It lets you promote specific products from their inventory on your website or blog, and then it pays you a dividend for successful conversions. 

What is the Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program?

If you have an exciting craft blog with plenty of traffic, this might be the easy stream of extra income you’ve been looking for. 

That’s because anyone interested in your subject can learn about Hobby Lobby’s inventory when they go to your blog. Once they buy something from a link you put up, the affiliate program pays out a commission. 

The money you earn is based on the terms of the initial sign-up agreement. Commission Junction, the program’s host, leads the way in top-paid link building services. 

If you join through them, you stand to make as much as 4% with each click. Plus, you get a 3-day cookie on all referred sales. 

There are other affiliate programs that work with Hobby Lobby as well. For example, Flexoffers. It’s a large affiliate network that pays out 3.2% commissions on all clicks that lead to sales through the Hobby Lobby program. 

Of course, there are pros and cons to every program because none of them are the same. So, weigh your options before signing up for anything. 

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Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program pros and cons 

Being an affiliate marketer can be very rewarding, but it takes work, especially if you’re not in the right program. 

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Many marketers use more than one program to supplement their earnings based on niche, market, audience, or traffic. 

That’s usually what’s recommended. 

Hobby Lobby’s niche isn’t the most common one on the planet, though. So, their affiliate programs end up having several ups and downs that are exclusive to crafty audiences.

Here’s what you need to know before getting involved: 

The Pros 

Residual stream of additional income

Just because your blog is based on your passion doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of it. These programs let you earn a sizable income every month just by doing what you already do. 

Better brand recognition 

Promoting a company that’s well-known in your niche helps build clarity and credibility. Then, it builds on itself to generate even more income as your blog becomes a trusted source of information and product recommendations. 

Higher chance of sales 

Hobby Lobby is a popular brand with a 99.5% conversion rate in the United States. So, if you can lead your readers to water, then HL can most likely make them drink. That, in turn, becomes more income for you. 

Increased organic traffic 

When people type in a specific word, their search engine will take them to the most relevant websites on the web. So, by linking a name like Hobby Lobby to your blog, you gain an instant boost in traffic as people click on your site for more information. 

That means you’ll start attracting people who don’t necessarily follow your blog. You’ll also get excellent support when you work with an affiliate program. That’s because your success equals success for the business, so everyone tries to work as a team. 

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The Cons 

Variable commission rates 

Your payouts are based on the program’s unique structure, so pay close attention to the numbers. Most of the time, you’ll only get between 3 and 4 percent commission on each sale. 

Hard to find Platform 

Unlike some other companies, Hobby Lobby doesn’t run their affiliate program through the business website. Instead, you have to go looking for it on sites like CJ Affiliate and Flexoffers

Income not guaranteed 

Neither Hobby Lobby nor either one of the affiliate program platforms guarantee success or income from entering the program. 

The amount of money you make, if any, depends solely on the quality of your blog content, your search engine rankings, and social influence. 

The good news is that you can exit the program at any time because there’s no contractual agreement to sign. So, if you find that this is all just a waste of time, you can easily switch gears and try something else. 

How to become a Hobby Lobby affiliate 

As mentioned, you can sign up as a Hobby Lobby affiliate in two ways: either through or FlexOffers

However, it’s essential to read the bylines and fine print to make sure you’re choosing the right one. Remember, you can also use both if you want to. 

Meanwhile, registration is relatively easy on both platforms. 

Simply provide your name (or the name of your blog or business), an email address, information about your company, and some data about your traffic if possible. 

This part of the process is usually very rapid. You’ll receive an email verification before you can get started. And once the registration process is complete, you can start adding links to relevant blogs right away. 

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NOTEDon’t forget to specify how and where you want to get paid commissions. 

The takeaway 

Affiliate programs help bloggers and merchants make money while enhancing the consumer’s experience online. 

No matter which side you’re on, these programs can provide opportunities to increase your life quality and protect your income. 

The Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program lets bloggers and businesses gain more income through organic traffic. It also builds brand recognition and helps consumers find what they need faster.

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