How to Optimize your web pages for higher conversion rates

The focus on getting traffic to a website is a major one. Whether you do this through organic methods like SEO or pay per click (Like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads), the goal is the same. The ultimate outcome is to make a sale, and often that means gaining the lead first.
Once your pages are getting traffic, you’ll then want to make sure they are meeting your goals and converting to a lead or a sale.

Here are some tips you can use to optimize your highest traffic earners.


Step 2: Sort your pages by highest visited

Step 5: Break up chunky text with images, video, dividers

Step 6: Use a heat and scroll map (we use Hotjar) to see where users click and scroll, and where they don’t.

Step 7: Remove the content that doesn’t interest them and give them more of what they want.

Step 8: Use Google’s free Fetch and Render to ask Google to crawl your page after you’ve made updates.
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