Heatmap Technology Will Guide You To Improve Your Website


Using a heatmap can guide you on how to create the best webpages for your visitor. In this lesson, we will feature the heatmap tool Hotjar.

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The success of your website today is based on the user experience. This success depends on visitors being able to easily find the information, service or product that you provide. If they waste time hunting and clicking aimlessly or get caught in a navigational loop, they will soon become frustrated and leave the site to search elsewhere.

Hotjar HeatmapIf only you could experience the website as they do, a sneak peak if you will, of their journey on your page. If you had access to insider knowledge of their activity, you could use it to evaluate the website’s effectiveness. Well with heat maps such as Hotjar, you can do all of that.
A Heatmap will track where your customer goes on your website. It compiles real-time data that shows where they stop, how long they stay to look or read and what drives them to leave. It sounds a little intrusive, but it is completely legal. It is also highly informative. It takes the guesswork out of design layout and offers tools to build the type of strong page presence that serves both the needs of yourself and your customer.

The technology is the next wave of session replay. That original integration followed eye movement so you could literally ‘see’ what they were viewing on their screen. With heatmaps, you get a more comprehensive reporting of their overall experience. The information from these reports can enable you to improve the visibility and placement of key elements. In addition, obstacles that cause a guest to stumble around the site or lose interest can be fixed or removed entirely. It has even been known to detect fraudulent behavior for an added cost-saving bonus.

So how doES A heatmap work?

Device tops tracked by hotjar heatmapsIt is essentially a heat seeking missile for your web page. It works by dividing your site into regions monitoring all the traffic in those regions. It then applies color to separate which of those sections receive the most traffic. The data is broken down into percentages and displayed on a legend as a summary.

Here is how to use this information. You’ll first notice that your heatmap will generally tell you which platform is getting the most visits. The devices tracked today are generally Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. You might be generating more traffic on a certain platform because of your market, your industry, your advertising, or your search engine rankings. You might rank better on desktop and therefore have more desktop visits.

What section of your web page has the highest percentage of views? What information is contained there? If it is not the highlight or focal point of your business, you should consider relocating it. At what point do they start to leave your site? Maybe a form is tripping them up or the check-out process is clumsy. Implementing just a few quick changes can have a significant impact. A positive and productive customer experience will be the driving force back to your page.

So what is the best tool to gather and process this data? For that, we point you back to Hotjar. This program was designed to provide both analytical information and feedback from the ones who matter most; your visitors.

With Hotjar, you can Ask your active users and customers WHAT made them choose you and WHAT made them nearly abandon your site. Discover WHO they really are and HOW to improve your site and Organization.

Let’s break down the advantages of Hotjar to get a better understanding of how A Heatmap can help you.

Heatmap shows which devices have what amount of traffic.

In addition to tracking where your customers stay the longest, the program also registers their scrolling habits and how they choose to interact on the site. There is even a recording function that allows you to watch their movements throughout the page. Are there fluid motions and steady flow during their visit, or do they have to retrace their steps to find additional information or click around looking for help?
You are also provided with form analysis. This can be quite helpful as filling out forms is the least likable part of any website process. Hotjar can tell you how long it takes to complete a form or at what point they abandon it entirely. This will give you the opportunity to revise it. You can take out any unnecessary questions or poorly worded instructions and create a concise and easy to complete form.

Hotjar Measure FormHotjar doesn’t just show you the movement on the site. It is also interactive with the users. There is a polling and survey function. It provides real-time feedback on their experience and reactions. There is even an interview option for additional in-depth participation.

Hotjar works with both desktop and mobile devices. Additional information for mobile devices includes detecting the movements and the recording of a crash as it occurs. This insight can help pinpoint the exact element that triggered the crash. It will also alert you to unresponsive actions like taps or swipes so you understand how to then optimize these functions.

Having a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and customer friendly is the ultimate goal of any web designer. Effective SEO and search engine rankings are critical to drive traffic to your web page. Do not leave anything to chance. Use heat maps and its data-driven research to create a rewarding and specific experience for your guests. They will, in turn, reward you with repeat visits.

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