Google My Business Helps Real Estate Businesses Reach more Customers

Google My Business helps to connect you directly with your customers – no matter how or where they may be looking for you. When you sign up for a free Google My Business account, it will put your business information onto Google+, Google Maps, and Google Search so your customers can easily find you. This will pop up on any device that a person is using, from desktop to mobile.

Why You should use Google My Business for Your Real Estate Business

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business was first introduced back in mid-June in order to help business professionals. Put simply, Google My Business is a platform that allows users to manage all their Google accounts in one single location. You can add information about your real estate business, such as the hours and location, along with pictures and other helpful information about the services you offer. This will help you be found in organic searches and help you increase visibility for your actual Google profile.

While Google My Business is valuable for all sorts of business owners, as a real estate agent, it can be especially helpful. If no one is aware that you are offering a home for sale, then there is a very minimal chance that it is going to sell. This means that you have to take action. While you can invest time and money into all of the usual marketing techniques, such as open houses, direct mail, and pounding the pavement – chances are it would be easier and more appealing to reach potential buyers and sellers from your office.

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How to Get Started with Google My Business

For any real estate agent that already has a Google+ account for their business, or that has verified their business through Google, they can go directly to the actual Google Business page and click the button that reads “Get on Google.” From here, you are taken to a map where you will be able to search for a particular business address or name. Or, Click here to Directly access Google My Business.

Find your business and then “claim it,” which will allow you to manage the information that is presented to potential customers.

If you have a real estate business that is not yet on Google+ or that is not verified, that is okay. You can follow the instructions provided that will help you optimize your information. Once you complete the easy sign-up steps, you will fill out the rest of the details about your Google My business page. This is where your information will be presented to potential customers.

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Benefits of Google My Business for Your Real Estate Business

Creating your My Business page can help to improve your entire online presence and keep your business information centrally located on Google. Additionally, if you keep following the best practices for SEO, you can boost your search optimization and awareness.

Being seen and standing out in the real estate industry is not as easy as it was in the past. Now you have to take advantage of the latest tools that will make you accessible to your customers. Your Google business listing will be visible to customers when they search your location or your actual business name. This means that you will be in front of more potential customers than ever before.

If you have yet to get on Google, now is the time to act. While Facebook is important, the fact is that Google offers much more to business professionals, including real estate agents. Set up your page today and see how this service can benefit you. Chances are you will see an increase in business and profits.

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