5 Google Analytics Reports for Unbeatable Marketing Success

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Using Google Analytics

Marketers must have a complete understanding of this web analytics service and its capabilities to measure conversions. 

According to BuiltWith.com, over 30 million websites are using GA for data-tracking and online performance optimization. 

The tool’s standard version is free and easy to set up. The paid version includes more features, which aren’t necessary to run a small business. You can upgrade once your business has grown. 

Read on to find out the five Google Analytics reports for the best insights into your website marketing performance. 

The Cohort Report 

The Cohort Analysis report is GA’s most actionable report. The report groups visitors by “Acquisition Date,” which is the date of a user’s first visit to your website. 

You’ll find the Cohort report under the “Audience” field. Select “by week” under the “Cohort Size” menu and choose “Last 12 weeks” under “Date Range.” 

You’ll see a table which shows the percentage of your returning visitors per week. Although most focus on getting new visitors, it’s easier to get users to return to your site. 

On the far left, the table will show 100%. The columns to the right will show “week 1,” “week 2,” “week 3” up to “week 12.” 

The table will highlight the percentage of users who return to your site each week after their initial visit. Your goal is to get users back as often as you can. 

You’ll increase social shares, trust, and conversions.  

The Content Efficiency Report 

If you create a large volume of content on your site, the content efficiency report can help you analyze the content’s performance. 

You can track page views, bounce rates, entrances, and goal completion. Find out which content pieces are engaging your visitors. Discover what type of content performs best and converts visitors into customers. 

Also, you can see which content your users share most. 

The Assisted Conversions Report 

Blog readers convert over time. According to Neil Patel, blogs generate about 60 percent of a website’s search traffic. 

The conversion rate of a blog reader is double compared to a non-blog reader. The Assisted Conversions Report highlights how content marketing helps you achieve your marketing goals. 

To view the report, click on the “Conversions” tab and enter “Multi-Channel Funnels.” You’ll see a report showing all the channels, which help increase conversions. 

If your visitors didn’t find your site from one of these channels, they might not have converted. Focus your marketing efforts on these channels to improve your site’s conversion rates. 

The Users Flow Report 

Determine the most important action you want users to take when they visit your website. You may want users to buy a product or collect leads. 

Users interact with your site differently depending on the country they’re from. 

For example, a visitor from the United States will interact with a website differently compared to a user from the United Kingdom. 

Users from the United Kingdom may prefer less content on their homepage than visitors from the United States. 

Beyond heat maps, you can use the “Users Flow Report” to find out how users relate to your website. 

The report breaks down how users from every country interact with your content. Adjust the pages on your site based on every region. 

The User Explorer Report 

To discover what content engages your site’s visitors, you must understand their goals. Find out how you can help them reach their goals through the “User Explorer Report.” 

Under the “Audience” field, you’ll find the report highlighting every user who landed on your site and what actions they took. 

Click on the “Client ID” section to determine every user’s actions on your site during each visit. For example, check how your most popular visitors engage with your content. 

Find out what pages they’re spending most of their time on and what makes them return. You can find patterns by comparing your most loyal visitors with the least popular. 

Study the patterns, which make your most popular readers return to your site and adjust your content flow.


Google Analytics is a fundamental analytics tool for digital marketers and business owners. With a mix of standard and custom reports, you’ll gain deep insights into your site’s visitors. 

GA helps you improve brand awareness, increase conversions, and skyrocket revenue. Analyze the percentage of returning users with the Cohort Report. 

The report will help you improve social shares and strengthen your site’s trustworthiness. Find out which content engages your visitors with the Content Efficiency Report. 

Discover the channels, which help you increase conversions via the Assisted Conversions Report. 

The Users Flow Report helps you adjust your content to engage more visitors. 

And find out what actions your most loyal visitors are taking on your site through the User Explorer Report.    

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