How to Add a New Website in Google Analytics

Hello everyone, this is Kevin with Ballen Brands and today I’m going to show you how to add a new website to your Google Analytics account. This video assumes you’ve already created an account.

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1. After logging in to Google Analytics, click the “Admin” button on the left side menu.
2. In the middle column, click the “Create Property” button.
3. Enter the Website Name, URL, Category, and Reporting Time Zone.
4. Click the “Get Tracking ID” button. Here you’ll find the Global Site Tag that should be added to the head element of your website on every page you wish to track.

If you have a WordPress website, your theme may have a place for you to add this code. Check your theme’s documentation for more info. As an alternative, you can use a plugin such as Header and Footer Scripts, or if you’re familiar with WordPress development you can use the wp_head() hook.

After the code has been placed on your website, refresh the tracking code page in Google Analytics and click the “Send test traffic” button to verify that the code is working.

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