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33 Ways to Be a Good Human

33 Ways to Be a Good Human

What does it mean to be a good human? The first time I ever heard this question asked was in my 10th grade health class. Our teacher wanted us to think deeply about what we believed made a person “good”, and after a few days of working together as a class, the majority concluded that those who help others are generally considered good people.

Many agreed that those who are kind to others, volunteer their time, and give back to the community are all people we can consider “good humans.” Others decided that having strong morals was an important quality for a good human, while some said it’s just as simple as being educated.

Whichever side you take in this debate may depend on your own personal definition of a “good human”.

Here are 33 Ways To Be A Good Human:

1. Take care of your body so you can stay healthy and strong!

2. Treat yourself to a massage, mani/Pedi, or any other kind of self-care ritual that makes you feel good.

3. Be open-minded to new cultures and ways of life.

4. Treat animals with kindness and compassion, they deserve it!

5. Spend quality time with friends and family, even if it’s just a simple night cooking dinner together.

6. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones about your feelings and emotions, no matter how difficult it may be to do so at times.

7. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud or raise the roof every once in a while because life is way too short not to enjoy yourself!

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8. Travel the world if you can, seeing new places is an eye-opening journey that will broaden your perspective on life tremendously!

9. Stop trying to compare yourself to others because everyone has their own individual strengths and weaknesses that make them who

10. Smile and greet strangers in the street, don’t judge people by how they look or talk. Just because someone doesn’t speak the same language as you doesn’t mean they’re stupid!

11. Be humble and kind towards everyone you encounter, not just your friends and family members.

12. Don’t waste time on drama with friends or people at school or work when there are so many more productive things to do with your day! Walk away from gossip.

13. Be selfless with your time and energy, helping others less fortunate than yourself will put things into perspective and remind you of what’s truly important in life.

14. Have realistic expectations for your teachers/bosses/co-workers because nobody is perfect!

15. Refrain from saying negative things about people or judging them for their actions regardless of how much you disagree with them or think they are “out of line”. It only makes the person feel worse about themselves and it creates conflict within the community.

16. Practice empathy, not sympathy; it’s okay to be empathetic towards someone who has lost a family member or friend but doesn’t pity them if that’s not what want! It can make someone feel uncomfortable if you pity them for who they are or what has happened in their life.

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17. Laugh at your own misfortunes, don’t let yourself get too down when things go wrong because it’s all a learning experience!

18. Take responsibility for your actions and how they affect others around you by apologizing if necessary instead of getting defensive about something you may have done wrong. 20. Don’t allow yourself to become bitter or resentful towards others, everyone does things that hurt other people whether they are conscious of it or not! Refrain from lashing out at others to avoid hurting them further.

21. Give people the benefit of the doubt, there are so many different ways you can interpret a situation or argument based on who is telling it! If you feel like someone is being rude to you one day, don’t assume they always will be.

22. Be humble about your own accomplishments because humility speaks volumes compared to arrogance!

23. Be patient with others and allow them time to process things that may be difficult for them; give others quality attention even if they’re already in a relationship with someone else! You never know what’s going on inside another person’s head until they tell you themselves.

24. Explain to people why you feel the way you do about certain issues, understanding can come from both ways!

25. Be polite and courteous towards your teachers/bosses/co-workers even if they make mistakes or act unprofessionally; it will help them become better versions of themselves.

26. Don’t allow yourself to fall into self-destructive habits such as drug use or drinking excessively just so you can “fit in” with others at a party or club, this will only ruin your future eventually if not done responsibly.

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27. Be yourself and don’t feel pressured to change yourself for anyone but yourself, you are awesome just how you are!

28. Don’t compare your life to that of others; we all live differently and we can’t expect everyone to live the same way.

29. Stop worrying about things you’re not responsible for because it will drive you insane! If you do something, do it 110% but make sure you don’t neglect other areas of your life such as family or friends because there’s a time and place for everything!

30. Be kind to yourself by taking care of your mental health instead of ignoring the little problems before they become big ones, practicing self-care is so important in times where anxiety or depression may occur.

31. Believe in yourself, don’t underestimate what you are capable of doing or being if someone doesn’t think so themselves. You can become whatever you want to be, just set your mind on something and get it done.

32. Try visiting new places and experiencing different cultures with an open mind! New experiences shape who we are and allow us to grow both personally and mentally so don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone!

33. Love yourself, stop putting yourself down or saying negative things about yourself because you’re beautiful just the way you are! Don’t let anyone else try to convince you otherwise either; they’re not living in your body so their opinion doesn’t matter more than yours.

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