How to Get More Website Traffic in 2017


The best place to start is always at the beginning. This comprehensive list will give you more ideas and “how to” than you can possibly imagine. Getting more traffic to your real estate website (or other niche) is simple, not easy. It’s up to you to create a plan and work it in a regular basis.

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Start at the Beginning

Optimizing your Website for SEO

Girl is on the computer looking for a host for her WordPress WebsiteMost real estate agents make the mistake of starting with design. They shop website designs and themes based on how they look, not how they work. This is a costly mistake. WHY?

For one thing, desktop designs don’t transfer to mobile. On a desktop, everything is large. Your wide theme graphics and slideshows that excite you desktop won’t thrill you or your customer on a mobile device. We will talk more about mobile design later; yet suffice it to say here that it’s important to notice the difference between devices.

Fancy sometimes kills function. When a user lands on your website today, they have typically come for a specific reason. They found a page on your website through a quick Google search, email, advertisement, or a social share. They want what they want immediately, and don’t want to click or scroll unnecessarily. Large graphics above the fold (on the top part of the screen that shows before you have to scroll down) that are “fluff” and not function can chase away your visitor rather than bring them in. Sure, they look pretty to you, but does the buyer or seller care about that? You can have a nice, clean design that still has an overall style without having non-functioning distractions that aren’t what the user wants.


Man is blogging Evergreen ContentYour blog is where you can “publish” high-quality, valuable content for your viewers, while at the same time “waving a flag” so the search engines can see you. Blogs can be used for developing new relationships as well as nurturing ongoing relationships. On your blog, you can publish things such as:

  • Community pages
  • Real estate articles for buyers
  • Real estate articles for sellers
  • Hyperlocal content featuring venues and events in a particular community
  • Market reports

The more often you publish in your blog, and the more valuable your content is to web viewers, the more power you’ll pull from the search engines.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook RetargetingGetting started with Facebook marketing can be a daunting task. You always want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck whenever you’re paying for ads. With this tutorial, you’ll be well on your way to generating more traffic with Facebook ads.

There are various ways that you can generate traffic with your Facebook ad based on the results that you’d like to create. You’ll want to create a different ad for each result that you want to generate. The possible results include: Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, App Installs, App Engagement, Event Responses, and Offer Claims.

To get started with Facebook ads, log in to your main Facebook account. On your sidebar there’ll be a link that says “Create Ad” or manage ads if you are already running ads. You can also click here to find the Facebook Ad Manager. Click on the “Create Ad” link and you’ll be brought to a page where you can select which results you want to buy traffic for.



Community Pages ad for Real Estate Lead Generation with Keywords
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But maybe do-it-yourself isn’t your preferred method. There are several companies, such as Ballen Brands, who can assist with all of your digital marketing needs. Ballen Brands offers:

  • Ballen Real Estate Websites (B.R.E.W.)
  • Content creation services
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Lead nurturing systems such as AutoPilot ISA
  • Training and Coaching

Ballen Brands is a digital marketing company helping business professionals rise above the noise. Reach out today to see how we can help you master real estate lead generation. Consultations are always free. Give us a call at 702-917-0755 or email

The Tools

You’ll hear me say over and over again how much you can do for FREE or CHEAP. You earn your way into “bells and whistles”.  I don’t believe there is any tool I have to have to generate massive leads from the internet. That being said, I enjoy them when they are in my budget.

Here’s what I use: