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In this guide, I’ll show you how to build simple IDX pages that drive organic search engine traffic. Buyers go to Google often and search phrases like “homes for sale in las vegas with a pool” or “gated communities in henderson”.  IDX pages are among the highest performing lead generation strategies. You can dominate search in your area with this simple technique and time on task.

What is an IDX page?

An IDX  page within your website showcases particular properties by location, price, features, zip codes, school zones, and other specifications. To create an IDX page, an individual set of criteria is created within your IDX provider to plug in to your website for every type of property using widgets.

What’s a Widget?

IDX Broker Widget CodeA widget is a bit of HTML code that you place into your website that pulls in the results from your IDX provider on your website. For this reason, community pages are also referred to as widget pages.

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How to Use idx Pages for Search Engine Optimization

By creating individual IDX “homes for sale” pages with clear titles, search engines are then able to recognize that page in your website as relative to a user’s search. For example, if you create a widget page with the title tag, “6 Bedroom House in Las Vegas with Swimming Pool and 3 Car Garage”, and then create a widget that displays properties matching that criteria, when a user searches the web for similar properties, your page may be displayed.

A title tag is the title of your page. That title is what search engines recognize when users search the web for real estate. If your title simply stated, “Homes for Sale in Las Vegas”, it would cast a wide net without capturing the attention of a user (or a search engine) who is looking for homes by price, location, etc.

As an added bonus, the more often users find and click on your link in a search engine results page, the search engines recognize your page as relevant to that search, adding authority to your page for higher search engine rankings.

Examples of Community Page Criteria:

  • Las Vegas Gated Communities Homes for Sale
  • A $400,000 House in Vegas
  • Real Estate for Sale in Eagle Rock Summerlin
  • Las Vegas Homes Under $89,000
  • Henderson Vegas House for Sale Under $200,000

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The Key to Successful IDX Pages

The key to creating successful IDX pages is in being able to recognize how users search the web for real estate. By recognizing how users search the web, you are then able to establish yourself as an expert in your industry to creating pages specifically to match those searches.

By using a resource such as, you can track search queries that led a viewer to your website. By reviewing the search phrases viewers are actually using, you can create title tags and widgets to match those queries.

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The Nuts and Bolts: How to Create AN IDX Page

Using IDX Broker as an example, click:




You’ll then see a list of fields listed by features. If you don’t see a desired field, you can add fields by clicking advanced settings.

An option is also available for the number of rows to be displayed to the viewer. A single row reveals a single property. A double row shows two properties, each a little smaller. A third row reduces the size of the properties, but shows all three in a row on a website page.

Next, select how many property results you’d like displayed on a single page in your website. A good practice is to select 25 properties. By selecting 25 properties, you’re giving the viewer a healthy dose of what’s available, but still encouraging a click through to view additional properties.

The more often a viewer clicks links (takes action) on your website, the more relevance the search engines apply to that website.

Select each of the features that apply to the specific community page you’re creating. Name the widget accordingly (not visible to users), and then copy the html code provided.

Next, open the control panel (or back end) of your website. Using WordPress as an example, you’d create a new post, apply an appropriate title tag, and then copy the code into the post.

Take note in WordPress that there are two tabs for content. One tab says, “Visual”, the other tab says, “text”. When entering html code onto your page, enter the code in the tab that says, “text”. When you click back on the “visual” tab, you’ll see a small media icon. However, when you publish the post, viewers will see a list of homes matching the criteria you selected in your widget.

How Many IDX Pages Are Necessary?

Here’s the deal: Theres no such thing as too many IDX pages (although the plugin may get heavy. At BallenVegas, we disabled the plugin and use the manua coddes).The more IDX pages you create, the better your results will be. You may choose to add the creation of a handful of pages into your allotted lead generation time each day. Some real estate agents have hundreds upon hundreds of IDX pages, and continue adding on a daily basis for best results.

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IDX Broker: Use this link to wave set up fees for IDX Broker Use this link to create an account with to discover which search queries users are entering to find your website in search engine results.

B.R.E.W.: Ballen Real Estate Websites are created by Ballen Brands specifically for real estate agents using the WordPress Platform. If you don’t already have a real estate website, or if you’re ready to upgrade for additional features, contact us today to learn how we can get you started with your own B.R.E.W.

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