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27 Best Freelance Writing Niches

Freelance writing is an excellent opportunity for bloggers to earn additional income, whether creating a book, self-publishing eBooks, creating a website or writing as a contracted author or ghostwriter. To maximize profitability, though, it is crucial to select a profitable niche. So, what are the best freelancing writing niches for this year?

Take a look at this comprehensive list which includes a snapshot of the topic opportunity. Using my favorite keyword research tool that I use for on-page and off-page SEO strategies, you’ll see a graph for each topic. The graph shows total monthly search volume (just in the United States), Cost Per Click Value (Indicating potential commercial value), subtopics, questions, and more.

Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency and digital currency have proven to be no flash in the pan, withstanding the test of time. With the value of various digital currencies increasing steadily, cryptocurrency is a topic of great interest (and great confusion) for many.

Areas of focus include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DogeCoin

Weight Loss

Weight loss has long been a topic of interest, and that interest is only growing post-pandemic as the work-at-homers struggle to lose those extra pounds. There is a lot of competition in this niche, though, so it is necessary to take a unique approach to content.

Areas of focus include Famous personalities and weight loss, weight loss surgery, and weight loss plans.

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Dieting can be considered a subcategory of weight loss but is also a unique category. Dieting encompasses a slew of diet plans, from medically approved eating plans to fad diets. There is a lot of wiggle room in this niche and the opportunity for product reviews.

Areas of focus include Weight Watchers, the Pegan diet, the TB12 diet, and the Paleo diet. 

Makeup and Beauty

Makeup and beauty are broad topics that always have a significant audience. There are many subcategories within this niche, making it ripe with possibility for any writer, but this is a competitive area that requires a unique approach to sustain an audience.

Areas of focus include Specific makeup looks, ethical makeup and cosmetics, new makeup products, and product reviews.


There are many subcategories within the insurance niche, and every subcategory has an audience. Trending insurance niches tend to correlate directly to the economic climate, and the biggest draw tends toward content designed for the “every” man or woman.

Areas of focus include Unemployment insurance, health insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and car insurance.


There will always be pet “parents” looking for product recommendations, new pet owners looking for advice, and animal lovers looking for cute and fun stories. Although there is a higher affinity for dogs and cats in this niche, more unique content is likely to have less competition and is worth exploring.

Areas of focus include Pet insurance, pet health, and pet adoption.

Air Frying

Air frying is a popular cooking method among various demographics: one that has become increasingly popular since the pandemic has limited physical activity and restaurant eating.

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Areas of focus include recipes, shopping for air fryers, and instructions for air fryer cooking ingredients.


Gaming is a popular pastime that only continues to grow in appeal as technology advances. Gaming is another niche that has seen exponential growth since the pandemic as more people seek unconventional ways of meeting with friends.

There is a wealth of content in this niche already, so it is necessary to take a unique approach.

Areas of focus include specific gaming equipment, game reviews, and gameplay.

Television and Movies

Television and movies play a big part in our culture, and most people want to discuss what they watch with others. This fascination offers the perfect opportunity to create content that is interesting to you as the author and content that already has an audience enthusiastically waiting for discussion!

Areas of focus include: Trending television shows, upcoming movies, and television and movie cast members.


Computing is a massive niche that has been trending since the first computer hit the market, and it is an industry that continues to grow exponentially. With so much material to cover in this niche, there is unlimited room to create an ongoing archive of content.

Areas of focus include Computer help, computer brands, computer hardware, computer software, new and upcoming computer technology.


A popular pastime, photography has a large audience and both professional and non-professional applications. While it may seem strange to write about visual art, there is plenty of content to share, including product reviews, editing tutorials, and photography tips.

Areas of focus include Camera models, photography tutorials, photography contests, and photo editing.

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Digital Photography is on the rise.


CBD use is becoming increasingly popular, and as more states accept its use, more possible users want to know more about the range of products available. Educational material and product reviews are a great approach to this type of content.

It is also worth noting that many affiliate programs can be incorporated into content as well.

Areas of focus include CBD product reviews, CBD medical applications, and an introduction to CBD.


There are always questions regarding taxes, and with new changes introduced every year, there is always a need for answers to those questions. 

If you are knowledgeable about taxes, accounting, and finances in general, this is a niche with plenty of opportunity for content.

Taxes are not a topic to tackle if you do not have experience with taxes, as misinformation can have significant repercussions. It is also important to note your credentials or lack thereof when proffering any information that may be construed as advice.


Sports is a niche where education is critical if you are looking to develop a following. Whether you are writing up the latest game, offering your opinion of a game, or sharing information on athletes, misinformation will destroy your credibility, so do not venture into this niche if it is not of true interest to you.

Areas of focus include Major sports events, sports drafts, sports personalities, and following seasons.


Gardening has always been a hobby with a following, and with the recent pandemic, more people have turned to their gardens to get out of the house. 

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This increase in interest means that more people are looking for guidance, gardening tips, plant and flower suggestions, and garden designs. All these areas provide plenty of guidance for content creation!

Areas of focus for the topic Gardening include Raised bed gardening, vegetable gardening, container gardening, gardening products, and organic gardening.


Crafts is an enormous area of concentration, and this affords plenty of variation in content for you as a writer. 

Within the crafts niche, there is the option to write about a specific type of craft – for example, wood-burning, to write about crafts for a particular age group, to write about crafts in general, or even to write about crafts with a specific theme.

Crafts is a unique niche for writers because it is an interactive niche that often requires carrying out a craft before writing about it.

Areas of focus include:

  • Holiday-themed crafts.
  • Seasonal crafts.
  • Crafts for children.
  • Crafts for adults.
  • Crafts for toddlers.
  • Easy arts and crafts.


Writing about fashion requires passion, and if you have that passion, this is a prime niche for content. Fashion encompasses clothing, accessories, designers, trends, the fashion industry itself, and shopping finds.

In addition to the more interactive content mentioned above, there is also the possibility of creating historical content for educational purposes.

Areas of focus include Oscar fashion, seasonal fashion, annual fashions, fashion reality shows, and formal wear.


DIY is a passion among some and a “must do” for others who cannot afford to hire professionals, but there is a need for guidance in both instances. 

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As a writer, that guidance can be project ideas, project walkthroughs, and tool recommendations and reviews.

Writing in the DIY niche can vary from professional – projects that require heavy-duty tools and experience – to amateur – projects that require little to no experience.

Areas of focus include DIY gifts, DIY gardening, DIY beauty products, DIY project ideas, and AT home DIY.


For as long as human beings have existed, we have collected things, and collectors want nothing more than to share their collections with other collectors. 

As a writer, this provides you with the opportunity to create content.

Writing about collectibles gives you the freedom to write about just about anything, but it is always best to choose something you have a passion for yourself. 

Additionally, there is the opportunity to write about collector displays.

Areas of focus include Veve collectibles, Brickhead collectibles, pop collectibles, wards collectibles, and awesome collectibles.

Product Reviews

Product reviews have been a booming topic for bloggers for a long time, but they are also a good opportunity for content creation for writers. This topic is a never-ending niche for content ideas, and it gives you the chance to write about something you enjoy personally.

Product reviews can be based on a specific set of products – for example, art products or a particular type of products – colored pencils.

Areas of focus include Movie reviews, music reviews, cosmetic reviews, electronic reviews, industry-specific supplies, etc.

Deep Web

The deep web is becoming a topic of increased interest as more people are succumbing to identity theft. There is a desperate need for victims of identity theft to understand what the deep web is and how it affects them, which creates the perfect opportunity for content creation.

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Areas of focus include Deepweb, Hacking, Identity theft, dark web, and the dark web search engine.

Gift Ideas

Every one of us needs to buy a gift for someone at some point in our life – usually multiple times each year. Some of us are better at gift selection than others, so gift idea suggestions are so in demand. 

If gift selection is your strong point, this is an excellent opportunity for unique and exciting content!

Areas of focus include:

  • Mother’s day gift ideas.
  • Valentine’s gift ideas.
  • Graduation gift ideas.
  • Husband gift ideas.
  • Birthday gift ideas.

Digital Marketing

As we grow increasingly dependent on digital products and digital shopping, there is also an increasing need for digital advertising and digital marketing. 

While ideas such as SEO marketing have received the bulk of the attention, digital marketing has not, yet there is a real demand for information.

Areas of focus include Digital marketing tools, digital marketing agency, digital marketing specialist, brand management, and freelance digital marketing.

True Crime

True crime tales have long enraptured us, and a boom in true crime podcasts reflects this interest. This is a good source of interesting content with an existing audience and plenty of true crime podcasts and stories to review.

Areas of focus include True crime TV, true crime documentaries, true crime podcasts, and true crime movies.

Smart Homes

As technology advances, more of our everyday home functions are being controlled by innovative technology. This increased dependence on smart technology has led to an increased need for product reviews and recommendations – a great source for content!

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Areas of focus include Smart home pros, smart home devices, 2021 smart home devices, smart home gadgets, and smart home product reviews.


Music plays an integral part in our lives, and it is a vast source of content for writers. Approaches to content include following specific bands, reviewing music, reviewing concerts, providing music history and information about music theory.

Areas of focus include Music awards, music festivals, music lyrics, and concert dates, and ticket availability.


Budgeting and financial education is something that too few people get when it matters. 

This lack of education leads to financial difficulty and problems in budgeting in the future, which drives people to search for educational material. 

As a writer, budgeting and financial planning are the perfect opportunities to create engaging and informative content.

Areas of focus include Budgeting apps, personal financial management, debt management, credit consolidation, and personal budgets.

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