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I’m looking specifically for a script that I can use when people respond to my “how much is my home worth?” postcard. I got a call and realized that I don’t have something set up. Thanks!

  • Kevin Ward Hi Lori! Here’s my script: (Not sure how to get admin approval for this video….hope that’s OK. And hope it helps.

  • Jeremy Katz That’s great! I’m glad to help you with an estimate of the value of your home. To get started, I’d like to just confirm a few details with you: contact long have you lived there?is your estimate for a refinance or are you considering selling or was there some other purpose in mind?got it. So what’s important to you about that? Tell me a little more.then I would go for the appointment. Then I would qualify the appointment.

  • It’s worth whatever the market will bear at this time. Tomorrow, next week could be different story and so could the mortgage rate.

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