Commission Objection Handler

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The commission is 6% can you do something about that? I don’t know if I can list if I have to pay 6%.”

Commission Objection Handler

Mr and Mrs Seller, I understand that the commission may be important to you, but let me ask you a question. What’s more important to you? The amount of the commission you are charged or the amount of money that you net from the sale of your home? (The amount we net of course.) Great, because maximizing the amount you net is my specialty. You see, there are many discount agents out there that will charge you less, but the problem with them is that they also net you a lot less. Stats show that discount agents net up to 5% less on their sales than what aggressive marketing agents net. How would you feel if you found out that you got 5% less on your home sale because you saved 1% on the listing commission?

– Well let me ask you this, if I negotiate down my commission so quickly, what kind of negotiator do you think I’m going to be when it comes to getting the best value for your home?

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