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The Fountain Pen Gift: For the Writer You Love

The Fountain Pen Gift: For the Writer You Love

A fountain pen could be an excellent kind of present to buy. Read on to find out why.

Do you have a friend or a family member with a special birthday coming up? Perhaps you know someone who is starting an important new job, or retiring. Or, are you close to someone who is finishing important examinations soon?

In all these situations you will want to buy that person a special gift. It is important to give them something memorable, lasting, and surprising. However, you may not want to spend a lot of money on something that they are not likely to use.


First, a fountain pen is a very useful piece of equipment. Everyone uses a pen at some point in their life. Signing documents shopping lists, letters, journals — the list goes on and on. Even people who spend their lives typing into laptops and tablets need to use ink and paper at some point.  

Anyone who writes at all will appreciate the simple elegance of a fountain pen. Fountain pens feel good in your hand. They can help you to write more clearly and fluidly. They make writing feel more important and valuable, and people who own a special pen will find excuses to write with it.

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Another advantage of fountain pens for a gift-buyer is the enormous range of choices available to you. If you stick with reputable manufacturers, even cheaper fountain pens can give a long life of writing pleasure. Take the beauty and prestige of the Montblanc fountain pens for example.

Some basic designs have been produced in large volumes for a long period of time, which means they offer tried-and-tested quality at highly tested affordable prices. On the other hand, good pen companies produce pens made from beautiful materials with carefully engineered components.

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You can spend exactly what you want on a gift that conveys your kind thoughts while suiting your pocket as well.


When you make your choice, you will certainly consider the different types of pen mechanisms. This is part of the fun of fountain pens.

Disposable fountain pens could suit a person you know who goes through pens very quickly, but most fountain pens will use plastic ink cartridges. High-end pens sometimes use a kind of ‘piston’ mechanism — which means you can fill up the pen directly from a bottle without wasting time on cartridges.

There is a good middle ground between these options. You can buy a ‘convertor’ cartridge that allows the pen to take ink in from a bottle, without the high expenditure of a built-in piston mechanism. Convertors are a popular approach for those people who love to have access to many types of ink, but who cannot afford higher-end pens.

Ink Options

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The choice of inks available these days means that the excitement of choosing a great fountain pen continues for as long as you own it. You can buy ink cartridges and bottled inks in a very wide range of colors.

Bottled inks come in every color of the rainbow — and more! Even the most ordinary writing tasks suddenly become thrilling when you can write in a special shade of purple, orange, red or green, instead of the plain-old blue or black of a ballpoint pen.

Metallic-looking inks will give a special shine to your writing — while others blend multiple colors to create a sheen that will appear different depending on the angle you look at it. Choose a great ink to go with the pen, and your recipient is sure to appreciate the care you have taken.

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There is no doubt that a fountain pen makes a fantastic gift. A recipient is likely to use it for many years, gratefully thinking of the sender every time they use it. Whether they use the pen every day, or only on the most important occasions, they will be highly appreciative that you bought them an unusual and memorable gift.

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