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Lori Ballen is a member of the Amazon Associates Program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Posts contain affiliate links that benefit Lori as well.

Follow Up Boss provides outstanding lead organization, marketing capabilities, outreach programs, and lead nurturing features that help real estate teams track their clients and close deals. 

Today, close to half of all real estate agents are on teams. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before a robust CRM software program for real estate teams was necessary.

Today, close to half of all real estate agents are on teams. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before a robust CRM software program for real estate teams was necessary. 

This need is where Follow Up Boss comes into play. During the past few years, a strong push has propelled Follow Up Boss to the front of the industry. 

Furthermore, Follow Up Boss is also a sleek platform with a short learning curve that allows real estate agents to feel at home quickly. 

There are a few key points that everyone should keep in mind when learning about Follow Up Boss.

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The Core Features of Follow Up Boss

The power of Follow Up Boss is that it can replace a lot of apps that agents use daily. 

Most of their core features (aside from the MLS) can be handled right from the Follow-Up Boss dashboard. 

The main features include:

1. Email and Drip Campaigns

The vast majority of leads come from the internet. That is why email is so important. The first page of Follow Up Boss is the email page. 

It is easy to draft hundreds of emails from scratch using the templates in Follow Up Boss. 

Leads can be added and removed from drip campaigns with ease. With a few clicks, agents can nurture their leads with ease.

If you just need an email program, check out Constant Contact, Keap, Get Response, and Convert Kit!

2. Texting and Automation

Text messages tend to have much higher response rates than emails. That is why Follow Up Boss provides the ability to text right from the app. 

Text autoresponders make replying to text messages even more accessible.

3. Calls

Follow Up Boss can also log calls to individual needs. From the mobile app, agents can call clients with ease. Then, there is no need to juggle separate apps for CRM, phone calls, and texting. 

Follow Up Boss can handle everything.

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Follow Up Boss and the Return on Investment

For new real estate agent teams, money might be tight. The good news is that Follow Up Boss provides a free trial. 

This trial provides everyone with the opportunity to try before they buy. Beyond this, Follow Up Boss provides four separate tiers when it comes to pricing plans. 

This use allows real estate teams to tailor their plans to meet their needs. As the organization scales up, the price per user drops dramatically. 

Follow Up Boss can work well for small teams and large firms alike.

Features At Every Pricing Tier

Many software programs only provide some features to lower pricing tiers, forcing people to pay for the most extensive package if they want to access all available features. 

Follow up Boss is different.

Instead, Follow Up Boss provides all of its features at every price point. Upgrading isn’t required to access advanced features. 

The only added benefit that comes with scaling up on Follow Up Boss is that more users can access Follow Up Boss at the same time.

The Layout Is Straightforward

One of the significant benefits of Follow Up Boss is that the layout is very straightforward. Follow Up Boss has been designed to be a one-stop-shop for real estate agents (aside from the MLS). 

The engineers at Follow Up Boss wanted to make the program as intuitive as possible.

The dashboard provides a clean, attractive layout. The buttons are straightforward. 

Column Labels are:

  • Inbox
  • People
  • Calendar
  • Deals
  • Reporting

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Clicking on these buttons will take everyone precisely where they want to go. 

The learning curve for Follow Up Boss is as shallow as it gets. Even those who haven’t used CRM software before can find their way around quickly.

Even so, Follow Up Boss still provides training for those who are new to the program. Everyone can find their way around quickly.

The Power of Drag and Drop

Follow Up Boss is also easy to customize to meet the needs of each user. It is easy to make changes using the drag and drop feature. 

For example, the deals page contains all of the relevant information when it comes to transaction management. There are a series of cards that make it easy for everyone to see what is happening with the firm. 

Rearrange cards easily. Simply click and drag. Everyone has the power to layout their pages as they see fit.

Alternatives to Follow Up Boss

There are a few alternatives to Follow Up Boss.

These include:

Auto-Pilot ISA by Ballen Brands

This is one of the top options to Follow Up Boss. This CRM software is robust and allows real estate agents to increase their lead conversion rates with a suite of powerful features.


BoomTown is a comprehensive marketing system for real estate professionals. This program provides a healthy mix of technology and services.


KvCORE helps boost lead conversion rates by maximizing next-generation technology.


LionDesk is one of the most popular leads and transaction management platforms for brokers, agents, and teams. It provides drip campaign management, texting, and video email management.

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