How to Fix TOC+ Links From Going Too Far on Your Page

Sabrina shows you how to fix the Table of Contents from scrolling too far.

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Hey this is Sabrina Lead trainer for Ballen Brands and I wanted to go over a quick setting with you guys today. One thing that we teach on for our blogs is setting up a table of contents. For this, we use the plugin Table of Contents Plus. And this plugin actually pulls from your headers and it takes the headers and puts them into a table of contents for you automatically. If somebody lands on your blog post and they easily want to skip ahead to step five, they can click on it and they go straight down to step five. Now, here is a trick that we have actually been seeing happen on a lot of people’s WordPress websites based on the theme that they are using, and that is when they click on one of the table of contents options, so for example, I clicked on step five, instead of stopping at the title, like it did correctly here, it stops like way down here.

It’s cutting off half of that content. And the reason for that being the heading of your website, this guy up here, is actually scrolling with the page and this actually causes an overlay on top of the heading and some of the content. In order to fix that, what you want to do is go into the back end of your WordPress website and you’re going to go to settings … Where is settings hiding? There we go. You’re going to go to Table of Contents Plus. You’re going to scroll down to the Advanced section and hit Show. And what we are going to edit is this smooth scroll top offset. Depending on how thick your menu bar is, you’re going to need to increase this level.

Now, what I have found is let’s say it’s offset just by … I don’t know, let’s say this much. The right number that we played with for that amount was about … I believe we did 200 pixels. And it … instead of going down here when you click on the menu bar, it came up here properly. You’ll have to play with this number a little bit to see what offset works best for your website in order for that table of contents to land on the direct spot where if you click on the heading, like Infusionsoft Landing Page Support, it goes into the right section and actually displays the heading and the content, okay?

Once you find a pixel that works for you, you hit update options, view the page again, see if it works. If you need to come back here and increase of decrease, you can do that. Hit update options again until it’s in the right spot for you. Again, that’s using the plugin Table of Contents Plus. This is a really great tool to keep people clicking on your blog posts and create a really nice easy navigation system for your users.

This also creates a really nice potential rich schema snippet option, featured rich snippet option, where if you go to Google and you type in let’s say how to feed a dog, this is a featured rich snippet. So a lot of the times those table of contents will actually feed in here, pulling you to the zero position if you’re already ranking on page one of Google. We have other training videos on rich snippets on our YouTube channel: And if you want to learn more about online marketing, go ahead and hit the subscribe button below and we are happy to help. If you have questions, you can email us at and have a fantastic rest of your day.

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