How to Find Previous Facebook Posts Using the Search Feature

Today I’m going to be showing you how to use the Facebook search feature to find a post or picture that was published recently or in the past. This is useful for times when you want to dig up an old post that you or someone that you know published and you don’t want to go sifting through all of the other content just to find it.

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Using the Facebook search feature is quick and easy if you can remember a keyword that was used in the post you want to find!

Using The Facebook Search Feature

I’ll be showing you how to do this from the desktop version of Facebook. First you want to go to the search bar at the top of the page and you can use this to search all of Facebook.

For example, if I want to find a picture of my dad for Father’s Day, I would just go to the search bar and type in ‘Father’s Day’.

When you first type in Father’s Day and click on search, it will automatically show you posts by anyone. This is going to be pages, public posts, or people you don’t know.

To find a specific post that you published, simply go to the filter results on the left side and under the section marked ‘Posts From’, you can select ‘You’. This will filter your search results to only show posts that you published that contain the keywords that you searched for.

Now you can see that I’m able to view every post that I made about Father’s Day, and sure enough, I have easily found a picture of my Dad.

Another cool way to use the Facebook search feature is when you want to find a post from one of your friends. For example, maybe there was a post the other day about a friend who posted about the Disneyland Fast Pass and you want to find that post because it had really good information on it.

You would again use the search bar to type in ‘Disneyland Fast Pass’ and then using the filter options on the left of the screen, you can select it to sort by ‘Friends and Groups’.

Similarly, if you want to search for a specific friend or group, you can open the ‘Choose a Source’ option below Friends and Groups, and type in on of your friends names so you can view what they said about the post you’re searching for.

Using the Facebook search feature is very easy and a fast way to find exactly what you’re looking for – whether it’s posts, images, videos, or anything else that has been published on Facebook!

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