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Facebook Giveaway Rules: How To Do it Right

Facebook Giveaway Rules: How To Do it Right

Today we will discuss the ‘hard and fast’ Facebook Giveaway Rules to prepare you for utilizing this fantastic modern medium.

There’s arguably no medium quite like Facebook when it comes to marketing. A correctly done ‘Facebook Giveaway’ can shoot your brand name up to the stars, as far as the public eye is concerned, but you need to make sure that you do it right. 

Facebook Giveaway Rules – A quick overview of what you need to know

There is a core set of rules to any Facebook Giveaway, and you will need to learn it. If you don’t follow the rules, your contest can be void, and your Facebook account might even get suspended. 

We’ll give you an overview of what’s important and elaborate on each point below, but for now, keep the following in mind:

  • It must be FREE to enter
  • You need to make it clear that it is YOUR contest
  • It has to be part of a BUSINESS profile
  • You must be clear and concise on your rules
  • Remember, Facebook will not help

It must be FREE to enter.

When we say ‘free,’ we mean it. Your giveaway must not require a purchase or that any participant perform any special action. Information counts as payment, too, so you can’t require that either.

Facebook states it as saying ‘your contests may not require consideration’ and ‘consideration’ can consist of asking name, age, and email (in some areas).

Put simply; you cannot ask for anything of value to enter your giveaway. Now, that said, there IS a little loophole. If your contest leads to an external page, you can ask for other actions but make sure that you don’t require tagging as this is a big contest no-no. 

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Be sure to do a little research on ‘considerations’ before posting your contest if you add any external-page requirements, to be on the safe side.

You need to make it clear that it is YOUR contest.

Your Facebook Giveaway can include the words’ Facebook Giveaway,’ but you need to make it clear that it is NOT managed, administrated by, or sponsored by Facebook. 

It has to be a Facebook BUSINESS Page

You can’t run Facebook Giveaways and other business-type promotions on a personal profile.  It instead must be done on an official Facebook page.  Users can only run contests on these mediums:

  • Official Facebook page (not a personal profile/account)
  • Facebook Group
  • An App
  • Facebook Event

You must be clear and concise on your rules

While you should consult Facebook’s Giveaway FAQs for a more concise overview, as these rules can and do change from time to time, we can get you started with a few basics. Here are some rules that are consistently in place and a few things that you’ll need for Facebook Giveaways:

  • Make sure that users no that no purchase or task is necessary and that making one doesn’t tilt the odds in their favor
  • You are going to need a release that states that you can use user-content and get the publicity rights where the contest is concerned
  • A ‘Void where prohibited’ disclaimer for areas where your contest is not allowed (you’re worldwide, after all, but not necessarily ‘world allowed’)
  • Clearly state when the Giveaway event begins and when it will end
  • Prizes must be described in detail (if gift certificates, for instance, can they be traded or sold? If airline tickets, are they good at all times or just ‘non-peak’ periods of travel?)
  • Clear Judging criteria is a must. Make sure it is known when and how the winner will be decided and be very careful here. Having 2 or more winners due to a technicality can be a costly mistake, to your pocketbook AND your reputation.
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Remember, Facebook will not help.

While you must state that Facebook is not sponsoring your contest, you should also know that they can’t help you with your promotion. 

There are many self-help resources available in Facebook’s Frequently Asked Questions and through content from other Facebook users, and you’ll have to make do with this. Giveaways are a powerful tool but aside from help from other users and articles like this; you are on your own!

With that, you have the basics!

While you will want to consult Facebook FAQs before you get your giveaway in gear, these guidelines give you a foundation of what you need to begin crafting your very own Facebook Giveaway. 

Congratulations on taking the first step!

With what you have learned here, it is time to get started. Just follow the guidelines that we have given you, double-check with the FAQs before posting, and get ready to take advantage of one of the most popular marketing tools that there is today.

We hope that you will go viral, but only in the best way! Now get to work. This contest isn’t going to make itself!

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