How do I start a FB group for my farm?

Farming is a marketing activity real estate agents use in their business. It involves choosing a neighborhod and working to be known as the real estate agent specialist for that specific area. Activities generally include: door knocking, open houses, pop by’s, sponsored events, block parties and so forth.

It’s a good idea to add an online social community for this as well. Many are choosing Facebook.

Start making Lists. 10 Best places to eat in X

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Watch the group questions and make lists and blog posts from their questions

Generally, you’ll see a lot of “Where’s the best place to go for X”, or “Who do you recommend for Y”. These make great blog posts and lists. ┬áConsider using Yelp links for reviews where appropriate. Create your own custom map of these locations using Here’s an example of one we did for the Dog Park.

Be IN the conversation.

Mention your real estate business without selling. Example “Just so you all know, there’s a great meeting room at the Ihop in Summerlin. We are going to have our real estate team meeting there next week. I’ll post pics.

4.) Start a newsletter right away.

People love the local newsletters when they are very specific to them. Offer a subscription within the group, on your “lists and blog posts”, on your FB page and so forth.

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5.) Be the expert.

Post school schedules, football schedules, weather warnings, news and so forth. Be sure there is a “courtesy” of your brand with contact information somewhere on the schedule.

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6.) Go SMALL.

People want to talk about where they live. Stay smaller and focused. The smaller you go, the more powerful your group will be. Think of the Next Door social channel. It’s custom by neighborhood and is only available to people who live there.

7.) Keep the spammers and negative nancies out

This is one of the toughest things about farming with a Facebook Group. Seems there are more people that want to be negative with a voice than positive with a voice. You’ll get complaints, and people unhappy with their HOA, and pictures of drivers licenses from people being cut off by a certain car near the school and so forth. If you want to keep your group positive, you may have to eject a member now and again.

8.) Use a similar branded Facebook Page to run ads for the group.

You can demographically select areas and say “Hey, X, this group is for you” and put a link to the group inviting people in that might live in that area

9.) Use your personality.

Get people to like you and trust you so that they want to do business with you. Engage often. This is work!

10.) Don’t allow in other local agents.

Not the group for that. There are other better targeted group ideas for networking with agents.

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