Facebook Algorithm Changes: Farewell, Facebook?


Facebook Algorithm Changes Offer


Facebook algorithm changes are causing a buzz amongst business page publishers. There’s a phrase, “You get what you pay for.” This is becoming the new norm for Facebook business pages. The day’s of being able to recruit fans by the thousands and build brands with free Facebook posts are over.

Facebook once thrilled small and big businesses for its enormous reach at no cost. But the masterminds behind the record-breaking social network have caught on to the feeding frenzy. You now have to pay to play in the Facebook sandbox. You can no longer put all your marketing eggs in the Facebook basket – unless you plan on shelling out some dough.


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But Why the Facebook Algorithm Changes?

Thumbs up for Facebook Algorithm Changes for User Engagement Here’s the deal. Facebook claims their recent algorithm changes are for the benefit of Facebook users. The feeds of friends and fans are now sorting content by what’s relevant to that user’s viewing habits and preferences. The idea is to keep viewers returning to Facebook more often, and staying on the network longer.

To accomplish that goal, the Facebook algorithm changes are said to cater more to the viewer and less to brands. Except for brands that pay. So is Facebook trying to give their users a better social network experience, or have they found a way to back businesses into a corner to raise their own profit margins with paid advertising? Probably both.

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What about Organic?

organicOrganic reach isn’t dead. It’s not buried and gone. But it is more rare, harder to come by, and easy to lose.

To maintain organic reach, you have got to know your audience through and through. You must post powerful content prompting your “fans” to comment, like, share, and tag. User engagement is key.

If your audience is not engaging with your content, your content goes to the content graveyard… unless you pay to keep it alive.

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What’s a Business to Do?

confusedbusinesswomanFacebook marketing is still advantageous to business page publishers, particularly those with marketing budgets to invest in pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The general public still searches Facebook for businesses and brands. Your page still speaks volumes to those who are searching for it with intent. But if you’re not sharing viral content that spreads like wildfire, your page will become practically invisible for those not looking for it by name.

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With the new Facebook algorithm changes, you either pay to play, or you devise a new marketing strategy that doesn’t rely heavily on organic Facebook leads. After all, you only get what you pay for.

Facebook Algorithm Changes Offer