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Evergreen Content: A Content Creators Top Secret

Evergreen Content: A Content Creators Top Secret

In this article, I’ll explain the power of creating evergreen content, that generates traffic, leads, and revenue long term.

What does Evergreen Mean?

Evergreen content is defined as “non-time-sensitive” and relevant content that will not need to be changed or edited in the near future. It’s a popular piece of content in the content bucket because it can return traffic, leads, sales, and monetization for a long time.

The Evergreen Post

As a blogger, I understand the importance of an evergreen post. It’s the kind of post that can live a very long time without becoming outdated. It’s not based on a news-style post that is changing minute to minute or centered around an upcoming event. It doesn’t “expire”.

This article that you are reading, is a great example of an evergreen post. An Evergreen post that ranks on Google for specific keywords can generate traffic to a website for years to come. And since I mention evergreen content a lot when talking about blogs, and videos, I can link to this article frequently, boosting the SEO.

An evergreen post can be a how-to tutorial, a thought-leader style article, a comparison of two products, a comprehensive guide, a checklist, or any other form of non-time-sensitive content.

Evergreen Content Examples

Since this is a broad topic, here are some examples of evergreen content for you to use as inspiration.

  • How To Get Traffic Without SEO
  • 9 Ways to Improve Aging Skin
  • How to do a Product Comparison
  • The best pets for young children
  • How to sell a house fast
  • A day in the life of a blogger
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Benefits of Evergreen Content

The primary benefit of evergreen content is that it can be a reliable source of traffic and revenue for your website for years to come.

Traffic: Evergreen posts will continue to drive targeted traffic to your website as long as you update it or link to it from somewhere else. The key is consistency, so pick something that you’re really passionate about so that you continue to publish amazing content on an ongoing basis.

Revenue: Evergreen posts can also be monetized for long-term revenue potential. That means that people will continue to buy whatever product or service it advertises, long after the post has been published.

It can generate income through ads (like the ones you can use at Ezoic), sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Stats show that evergreen content outperforms time-sensitive content in organic search.

Long Tail Keywords: Evergreen content is also great for long-tail keywords because they are so specific and people who type them into google may not be looking for anything new. Many of the links to this post will be searches like “evergreen content”, or “marketing evergreen” that will bring me traffic for a long time.

Social Shares: Evergreen content is great to link to from social media, which will help you build up your authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Why You Should Create Evergreen Content

In today’s world of SEO, evergreen posts are essential for any blog that wants to rank well in search.

The best blogs are not just working for this month’s search results, they are working on what will be popular months or years down the road.

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Here is why you should create evergreen content:

1) Evergreen posts give you long-term SEO benefits.

2) They help build authority and trust for your blog.

3) You can use them in social media to help you grow.

4) Provides a great way for people to find your blog, long after you’ve published it.

5) They allow you the freedom to write about anything and everything, without a deadline or time constraint.

6) If done correctly, evergreen content can provide income for years to come.

7) It’s easier than ever to write evergreen content with tools like Jasper, the AI writing assistant.

The Opposite of Evergreen Content

The opposite of evergreen content would be to publish content that is time-sensitive. For example, if you do a post about the weather in Paris for this week, it will mean nothing next week. Daily news posts would be considered the opposite of evergreen content.

Evergreen Content Strategy

Here are some tips for making the most out of your evergreen posts:

1) Link to older posts from new ones, to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

2) Update older posts with new information, or break them out into more pieces to create an evergreen series. This will help you get even more search traffic over time.

3) Make sure that the topic of your evergreen post is something that you’re extremely passionate about so that you’ll continue to write amazing content over time.

4) When it comes down to it, evergreen posts are unique in that they can be used by you, your business, and your clients again and again for years to come. That means more opportunities for traffic and revenue long-term.

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5) You can even turn your evergreen posts into books, courses, or ebooks that you can sell long-term.

6.) Use your evergreen posts in drip email campaigns, as well as text, and chatbot flows.

7) If you’re really serious about evergreen content, you can even do things like creating a podcast or video series around the topic.

It’s easy to go viral by publishing content with a quick turnaround time, but without any longevity. With so many bloggers and entrepreneurs doing this on a daily basis, it’s hard for new blogs to get noticed.

Evergreen content is unique because it gets found in search for years to come and has the ability to grow your authority and relationship with all of your readers over time.

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