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Elementor Video Playlist Widget [Video Tutorial]

Elementor Video Playlist Widget [Video Tutorial]

Have you ever wanted to create a video playlist on your site? This is now possible with the Elementor Video Playlist Widget! Whether you want to make a marketing video, highlight testimonials from customers, or simply showcase some of your best content; this widget is perfect for any website. In this blog post, we will go over how to use the Elementor Video Playlist Widget so that you can easily create amazing videos for your blog visitors.

What is an Elementor Video Playlist Widget?

This widget is a plugin that generates amazing videos for your site visitors. The video player can be placed anywhere on the page and it will automatically scroll through each of the videos in chronological order. Once you drag the widget over into your elementor page, you can add multiple videos using a Youtube URL.

The visitor can then play each video in the playlist without leaving your website.

What is the Best Way to Use an Elementor Video Playlist Widget?

You could add the video playlist widget on your homepage. This way, any visitor that lands on your website can view all of the videos without having to leave and search for them elsewhere. When designing the page, make sure you include a “Play All” button so visitors don’t have to click each individual video in order to find what they’re looking for.

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It’s a best practice to include subtitles or captions with every one of your videos to ensure accessibility for those who cannot hear well. The text can be found under ‘Settings’.

How to Add an Elementor Video Playlist Widget:

To add this widget, go to your elementor page. Next click on the “Widget” tab in the left-hand navigation bar; finally, drag over any of these widgets and drop it where you want it to be seen on your website.

Setting Up The Widget

After installing the video playlist plugin, head back to your dashboard and find “Video Playlists” under ‘Plugins’. Clicking on “Create a new playlist” will allow you to add all of your videos into one easy place that visitors can access easily. You also have the option of editing or deleting individual videos within that list from here as well by clicking onto their name with an ellipsis next to their name.

To add videos to the playlist, you can do so from your files tab by clicking on “Upload a video” and then selecting the appropriate file type that is needed for this widget.

When inserting more than one video into an elementor page, they will automatically be put in order using sequential numbering which is helpful if you want them to play consecutively or are trying to create a looping feature for visitors viewing your website.

Playlist Controls

When setting up the widget, you can customize the Playlist using the following settings.

  1. Playlist: This is the name of your playlist.
  2. Type: The video type such as Youtube, Self Hosted, or Section
  3. Link: This is your video link from your shared video
  4. Get Video Data: This will grab the thumbnail and video info
  5. Title: This is the title of the video you are adding to the playlist
  6. Duration: How long the video is
  7. Contents Tab Toggle: Choose if you want the additional content to display

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