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eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program

eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program

There is an in-house affiliate program at eBay, The eBay Partner Network, that enables partners to monetize traffic, essentially to reach millions of eBay users worldwide.

What is the eBay Affiliate Partner Program?

With competitive rates and commissions, eBay makes it simple for partners to cash in on internet marketing with a website or social page.

With its wide range and a particular variety of unique items that are relevant to the target audience, eBay allows affiliate partners to become long-term agents.

One of the most significant social marketing sites, partners are rewarded with attractive incentives due to the global brand’s recognition and conversion rates. Some of these positives that make the eBay partner network or ePN preferable over others are;

  • High earning potential
  • Category level commissions
  • Competitive referral bonuses
  • Seasonal specific bonuses
  • Category promotions
  • Access to an extensive online marketplace

There is a considerable accessibility of global marketing outreach due mainly to eBay’s 13 sites that span a range of locations and languages. eBay also has more than one purchasing option where a customer can either buy immediately or enter an auction bidding system.

Daily deals are available for both options and more so in the buy it now category, and there is broad integration access with online platforms and applications. Affiliates also have support online communication channels dedicated to customer and partner service.

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How to get started in the eBay Affiliate Program

An accepted affiliate partner has at their disposal a whole set of web marketing tools such as text links, banners, and buttons. A copying and pasting wizard on the Publisher Portal enables partners to port code and links from the eBay site.

An API with more tools makes the advanced affiliate access customizable options for web traffic conversion.

The affiliate partner has the freedom of selecting the technical tools that are conversant with the capabilities, style and look of their website. Depending on the affiliate’s marketing goals, the content that appeals to select audiences or specific categories is in their control.

An affiliate’s website must resonate with eBay’s content appeal for capturing potential customers’ interests.

Steps to Opening an Affiliate Partner Account on eBay:

On a web browser navigate to eBay and open the Partner Network webpage, and then click to apply. This button is located on the page’s right side and links the user to an application form.

Checkboxes that require the selection of programs an applicant partner wants to apply as a marketer for. The default for this form will include all the available programs, which also requires that the terms and conditions be read and the confirmation button checked.

To link an existing eBay account to the partner network, the affiliate may enter the ‘Yes’ under the ‘User ID’ option.

A question then asks the applicant whether they are members of the eBay development program, and the online marketer may agree or negate this request.

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By agreeing to the eBay partner network’s terms and conditions, the next page requires an applicant’s personal details including; name, phone number, and email address.

The securing of a partner network affiliate account requires an eight-character or more passwords in the ‘choose password’ box.

Further security augmentation is provided by three security questions that demand answers, vital for password recovery.

Business or company information is pertinent for the next part that must also contain the description of the said business. A referrer information section asks for the partner’s website URL, while a business model selection enables users to click ‘continue.’

Finally, a preferred mode of payment which would entail either bank direct deposit or PayPal is made, which for the former would amount to bank routing address names and account numbers.

By submitting the application, a hopeful affiliate partner awaits eBay’s deliberations for which the result is communicated either by the provided email or phone number.

I was approved within the hour.

Lori Ballen (Affiliate Marketer)

With these couple of things needed to set up the account, the affiliate must also have a functioning and busy website. The phone number to open the account should also be active since eBay may contact an applicant with a call to give them the results of their application.

A PayPal account requires an email address user name that is confirmed by the eBay partner network, while the bank account information for direct deposits must be accurate.

With thousands of applications that are received daily at eBay, a quick response might not be forthcoming.

How to Earn Money on Referrals:

With the view that eBay’s affiliates are business partners in the full sense of the word, constant improvements of analysis, compensation, and product delivery tools are standardized.

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To engender profitability, affiliate building program that grows businesses, eBay turns the traffic that’s already on a website or social page into real cash; whether the listings sell or not.

The partner affiliate has the ability to offset seller fees and diversify revenue streams to increase commissions and bonuses earnings.

Generating ePN links is a quick and efficient way to invite consumers to eBay listings, and a partner affiliate can be paid whenever items are bought by the customers on the site.

A regular seller is better off joining eBay’s partner networks to maximize their online market connections and sales they make.

A partner may find their listing or choose from the more than a billion that is available in the global marketplace that is eBay. The affiliate partner then shares the listings with their preferred customer audiences who monetize that digital footprint.

If a consumer visiting the partner’s website clicks on an eBay link and buys within 24 hours, the affiliate gets paid.

Drive More Earnings

An affiliate partner that succeeds in website traffic driving to eBay does so by creating a unique user experience. The ability to develop and update relevant content coupled with an environment that encourages user input can be a great incentive to driving bids and buys.

An integrated list from eBay on an affiliate website or social media page performs more efficiently than static banners or buttons. The technique of text link embedding to more creative content also makes the source website or social page more relevant.

Data collected by the listings can be turned into leads by applying demographical and relevancy interest to update content. A clear message informing the user that clicks a link or banner that they’re being redirected to eBay should be incorporated into an affiliate’s website.

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A geo-target function is available to direct traffic from the partner’s website to the most pertinent part of the eBay site.

A landing page that is relevant to a partner’s customers is the best option other than leaving it to the eBay homepage. An advanced search facility strengthens the target audience’s probability of landing on the eBay pages that are relevant to their demography.

By targeting new users, an affiliated partner continually analyzes, tests, measures, and efficiently optimizes the capabilities accorded by eBay to monetize traffic.


Why eBay and Not another Affiliate Partner Program?

A website owner or personal blogger has an available customer base that can be monetized by looking at what is trendy and popular. Twitter and Facebook personalities are able to successfully direct traffic to eBay’s websites by offering more alternatives for choice.

Items that may not be available in other online market publishing platforms are among eBay’s 1.1 billion listings.

There is a wide variety of collectibles, fashion, home appliances, and electronics with everything else in between. There are amazing brands with wide offerings by eBay sellers with deals on multiples of products.

Sharing listings is made easy on eBay with a variety of powerful marketing tools that facilitate audience capture and retention. High-volume link generators and product feeds introduce an affiliate’s website audience to a variety of relevant items.

Is There Compensation for Promoting eBay Through Social Media?

When an affiliate on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook promotes for eBay, they become eligible to receive compensation. Social media platforms that allow eBay also consider promotional content for inclusion into the partner network.

The responsibility to comply with the social media site’s terms regarding third-party marketing lies with the affiliate partner.

The banners, text links, and buttons that an approved affiliate partner has access to enable them to drive traffic to eBay. The eBay API augmented by tools in the Publisher’s Portal gives the partner full control to a variety of items and categories with which to successfully market with. There is no limit to the number of advert banners, buttons, and links to maximize web traffic uptake.

Due to the popularity and wide inventory this global brand publishes, the high conversion and attractive compensation packages work very positively for affiliate partners.

The partner network’s data algorithms and program tools are some of the most consumer-friendly in the market publishing space. The eBay affiliate program does not restrict its partners from augmenting its activities with other programs.
Wide resources of creative marketing varieties are available to the eBay affiliate partner. Graphics that contain the eBay logo can be used without modifications or alterations.

Prior permission from eBay in writing for the alteration or addition to banners and buttons is required for the enterprising partner. More information on the use of eBay branded materials can be requested via email at

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How Does An eBay Partner Affiliate Partner Get Paid?

Partners in affiliate programs from eleven countries worldwide can opt for a direct bank deposit for their emoluments. The affiliates outside these countries can use PayPal after a minimum of 10 dollar revenue; this is free of charge, as well as the direct deposit option.

The eBay partner network or ePN handles all payments without the hassle of invoices and tracking data that are prevalent in other affiliate programs.

For filing tax reports, eBay provides 1099s to their partner’s affiliates that have an annual earning gross of over $ 600. Where an individual complies with eBay terms and conditions, they can apply for the affiliate program, and there are no restrictions to approval.

Reports and geared analytics that assess or measure performance help to improve the affiliate partner’s understanding to maximize output insights. By tracking an affiliated website owner’s activity, eBay can post revenues on the partner’s dashboard after sale day.

How does eBay Partner Network reward affiliates?

When a website or social page drives traffic the eBay site, there is a conversion to a winning bid or a buy it now sale. eBay then rewards the independent website owner with a percentage of the sale revenue for the traffic driven.

The higher the driven traffic converts to bids or buys, the more percentages and other incentives an affiliate receives. The price for the affiliate web traffic converted sales is based on categories and levels of commission.

This can be anywhere between 40 and 80 percent. A reactivated or new buyer that purchases through the affiliate nets them a 200 % bonus. Categories will depend on the country the partner is driving web traffic from and payments for more than 25 dollars receive monthly emoluments.

The Australian, United States and Canadian dollars, together with the Pound Sterling and Euro are the accepted currencies of affiliate commissions and bonuses.

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How much can an eBay Affiliate Partner Make?

There is no limit to how much an affiliate partner can earn with commission rates of 50 to 70 percent of the share of eBay’s sales revenue.

A client who hasn’t bought anything on eBay for the last 12 months accessing the site through an affiliated website, and purchasing an item doubles a partner’s commission.

The Gross Merchandise Bought or GMB of revenue collected through an affiliated website’s links that make a $ 100 sale earns eBay the income of ten dollars.

When partner earnings are calculated by the percentage of revenue, in this case from 60 dollars; a 10 % potential makes the affiliate $6. Profits as a percentage of sales will net the partner affiliate 12 dollars of revenue.

These calculations are estimated due to different products, vertical or brands; an in-depth breakdown of these earnings is available on the eBay rate card.

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