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10 Best Niches For Dropshipping

10 Best Niches For Dropshipping

If you are a new drop shipper, or even someone whose been doing it for a long time, you are probably trying to figure out the most profitable scenarios for building a dropshipping store. One aspect to consider is finding the best niches to work with. 

If you are looking for reliable niches to build a profitable dropshipping store, we can help. Enduring niches offer consistently profitable opportunities for all drop shippers. Here are a few to consider. 

How We Determined the Best Niches

When choosing a niche, it is important to keep in mind long-term profits. Trending niches will only be profitable for a short amount of time, whereas established ones will show steady income for years to come. 

To ensure we found the best niches, we used data collected from Oberlo, a trusted dropshipping app run by Shopify. We then used data collected from another trusted dropshipping platform, AliDropship, as a cross-reference.

Any monthly google searches that we could not obtain from these two sources came from Google Ad Keyword planner.

Jewelry Niches

Jewelry is a common gift we buy for others and ourselves. The global market for jewelry is expected to reach about $480.5 billion by 2025.

Why not get your share of it?

Between 2016 to 2018, it was the second-highest performing category in dropshipping. However, as of 2021, it had the highest google search volume per month compared to every other category at 1,500,000 searches.

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This steady increase in consumer interest over time accompanied by the fact that this category consistently performs better than most makes these sub-niches great candidates for profitable drop shipping.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline


Necklaces and pendants continue to be the best performing jewelry niche each year with about 135,000 monthly google searches.

They can be cheap for merchants to acquire, and therefore you can enjoy high-profit margins when you mark up the prices. 


Bracelets are the second-best performing jewelry niche each year behind necklaces. With about 110,000 monthly google searches, you can choose from 13 different types of bracelets to sell.

Popular bracelets include:

  • Bangles
  • Charm bracelets
  • Gemstone bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets


Rings come in third place every year as one of the best performing niches in this category. With over 100,000 google searches a month, you can tap into the market and enjoy high-profit margins from these products.

Women’s Clothing Niches

Women’s clothing was the highest performing category from 2016-2018 and has remained at the top of the charts since. With 127,000 searches made per month for the word “women’s clothing,” this niche enjoys high consumer interest rates.

Women’s clothing is expected to experience a revenue value of $165,378 million in the U.S. by the end of 2022. 

This market is also projected to continue to grow at a rate of 7.2% annually. Breaking into this market successfully can land you with steady profits for years to come. 

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NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Accessories Bags and Wallets Sunglasses Hats– 889,900 637,000 450,000  Stable
Bottoms Culottes Cargo-pants Shorts– Over 10,000 Over 10,000 Over 10,000  Increasing

Intimates Niche

Year after year, intimates remain the number one ranking dropshipping niche in this category with about 151,390 google searches a month. That is more than the term ‘women’s clothing’ receives.

Lingerie is popular because it is often bought for a variety of occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries. For this reason, it tends to offer a steady amount of income throughout the entirety of the year.


The accessories niche for women’s clothing encompasses an array of products such as:

The profit margins on individual items are not necessarily high, however, the volume of orders throughout the year is high when compared to other niches in this category.

Some accessory sub-niches will be more profitable than others, but accessories overall are the second-best performing niche behind intimates in the women’s clothing category.


Bottoms continue to rise in popularity as a profitable dropshipping niche over the past couple of years. Between 2016-2018, they were the fourth-best performing niche in the category but have gained more traction since.

If you want to be extra successful in this niche, try paying attention to different runway trends. 

A few popular bottom products include:

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Home and Garden Niches

With 2020 causing more and more people to stay at home, this category has grown in popularity with about 49,500 searches a month.

Even before 2020 though, home and garden was the third-highest performing category from 2016-2018.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Pet Supplies74,000Increasing
Home Decor368,000Stable
Kitchen and Dining1,220,000Increasing

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies placed 5th on Oberlo’s best performing chart for the home and garden category from 2016-2018.

However, with pet influencers growing in popularity, so does the interest in buying pet products. Especially now that most people are spending more time at home with their pets. 

Pet supplies has an average monthly search volume of 74,000 with sustained interest levels year-round. Meaning you will see steady profits throughout the entirety of the year.

Home Decor

Home decor has been the highest performing niche in the home and garden category for the past couple of years with about 368,000 searches per month.

It offers sustained interest year-round as a viable niche for someone looking to make consistent money.

Other sub-niches that fall within this niche to consider are:

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and dining products have begun to grow in popularity this year at 1,220,000 google searches per month. It was the second-best performing niche in this category from 2016-2018, however, it is beginning the process of taking home decors number one spot.

A few sub-niches to consider are:

  • Kitchen tools
    • 48,600 per month
  • Flatware and Cutlery
    • 22,200 per month
  • Dish washing supplies
    • 22,410 per month
  • Baking
    • 368,000 per month
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Health and Beauty Niches

Niches in the health and beauty category were ranked fourth on Oberlo’s highest performance charts from 2016-2018. Due to an increasing trend of living a healthier lifestyle, this category has started to become even more popular at 673,000 searches per month. Here are a few niches that have performed well under this category.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Skincare Moisturizers Facial Cleansers– Over 10,000 Over 10,000  Stable
Healthcare Health monitors Massagers Air purifiers– 3,600 263,700 34,870  Increasing

The Makeup Niche

Makeup has been an extremely popular product niche for quite a while now, and the second-best performing in the category. As a common item most women and some men use every day, makeup tools receive about 8,100 searches per month.

Skincare Niche

Skincare and makeup tend to go hand in hand. Hence why they are two niches that tend to perform well time and time again. A few products to consider selling in this niche are:


The healthcare niche is not about health insurance or medical instruments. Instead, it includes products such as:

Massagers see increases in demand in December, while air purifiers see peaks in demand during the autumn and winter months.

Men’s Clothing Niches

This category is not quite as popular as the more women-oriented categories above, but it still ranked 5th on Oberlo’s chart.

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The men’s clothing market is expected to grow by 7.3% annually and reach revenue levels of $101,817 million in the U.S. by the end of 2022. 

It currently experiences a google search volume of 107,435 searches per month.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Bottoms Joggers Cargo pants– Over 100,000 Over 100,000  Increasing
Bags and Wallets167,710Stable


Like with women, male pants are a popular dropshipping item.

Joggers are one of the most popular bottoms for men nowadays with over 100,000 google searches made daily for them.

Cargo pants are another popular product with over 100,000 searches a month as well.

Bags and Wallets

Bags and wallets for men receive about 167,710 searches per month. This niche spikes in popularity during the month of December and offers a projected steady consumer interest trend for years to come.

Mother and Kids Niches

The baby personal care market size is expected to grow by 6.2% by 2027. It ranked 6th on Oberlo’s charts as one of the top ten best performing niches of 2016-2018.

Receiving about 6,600 searches per month, this niche shows stable trends and sustained interest year-round.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Baby Clothes301,210Stable
Baby Safety8,280Stable

Baby Clothes 

301,210 people search for baby clothes a month. New parents go on social media and see pictures of kids in cute clothes they would love to have. Capitalizing on this interest could result in a dropshipping niche that attracts high volumes of sales.

The other great thing about baby clothes is that the babies outgrow them quickly. That means that parents will constantly be purchasing new clothes for their children. 

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Baby Safety

With 8,280 searches per month, this niche demonstrates sustained interest year-round. It shows a steady interest trendline for the coming future, making it a safe, well-performing niche to consider.

Sports and Entertainment Niches

The sports and entertainment category was the 8th best performing niche from 2016-2018.

North American sports market size is projected to be worth about $77.88 billion dollars by the end of 2022. 

Currently, home workouts are beginning to grow in popularity, resulting in about 11,100,000 searches per month for sports-related keywords.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Workout Clothes27,100Decreasing
Sports Bags and Backpacks42,400Stable

Workout Clothes

Workout clothes for both men and women are one of the top-performing niches in this category but are starting to see a decreasing trend. However, it is still currently a popular niche at 27,100 searches per month.

We recommend closely watching this trend to see if it turns back in a positive direction before investing. As of now though, it is still a profitable niche to be in.

Yoga Niche

Yoga has grown in popularity amongst women and men over the past couple of years with about 1,830,000 searches per month.

With peaks in popularity in January and June, this niche does extremely well with Facebook and Instagram promotions.

Sports Bags and Backpacks

This niche receives 42,400 searches per month. With a stable consumer interest trendline and sustainable interest year-round, this niche could provide you with stable income throughout the years to come.

Phone Accessories Niches

3.8 billion people are using smartphones in 2022. Most of us cannot imagine living without our phones. 

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Phone accessories receive 33,100 searches a month with a stable consumer interest trendline. This niche sees spikes in popularity during the month of December.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Phone Cases368,000Stable
Power Banks673,000Stable

Phone Cases

Almost everyone has a case on their phone. This niche receives about 368,000 google searches per month.

The current trend in the phone case niche is clear cases. This may be a good place to start since clear cases have seen a rise in consumer interest in the past couple of years. 

Power Banks

Power banks receive 673,000 searches per month with a stable consumer interest trend. These portable chargers allow consumers to charge their phones wherever they go.

Toys and Hobbies Niches

The toys and hobbies category has constantly ranked number 10 each year on the highest-performing categories list. However, this category may be difficult to navigate due to changing trends. 

If you think you can master these changing trends, you could be tapping into a market that is growing globally at a rate of 6.7%. 

Also, the keyword ‘toys’ receives about 1,189,000 google searches per month. Making it the third most searched niche we have talked about.

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Educational Toys22,200Stable
Magic Cubes and Puzzles2,283,660Stable

Educational Toys

Educational toys receive about 22,200 searches per month. This niche is most popular in November and December.

You can expect stable consumer interest trendlines from this niche, resulting in sustainable profits if delved into.

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Magic Cubes and Puzzles

This niche encompasses different types of rubrics cubes and hand puzzles for children to play. It receives about 2,283,660 searches per month and shows steady consumer interest trendlines.


With people being able to spend more time at home, they have begun to rekindle their interest in drawing.

This niche is experiencing an upwards consumer interest trend.  It also demonstrates consistent interest year-round.

Drawing receives 2,740,000 searches per month. All this together makes drawing an enticing niche to consider for sustainable and growing profits.

New Normal Niches

2020 was a year that brought about a new normal for all of us. Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the year, our lives have been changed in many ways. As a result, niches that have not been as popular in the past will likely grow in popularity in the coming years. 

According to Anton Kraly, founder, and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle, these niches include products that will likely be a part of every person’s new normal. Breaking into these niches is predicted to provide steady profits for years to come. 

NicheMonthly Google Search VolumeConsumer Interest Trendline
Home Game Room Equipment Board Games Ping Pong– Over 100,000 301,000  Increasing
Home Training Equipment7,400Increasing
Kids Workspace Equipment Desk Lamps Peg Boards Home Desks– Over 10,000 Over 10,000 Over 10,000  Increasing

Home Game Room Equipment

Since people cannot go out as much, they need things to keep them entertained at home. A few products that could fall in this niche are:

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Home Training Equipment

With access to gyms being limited, more and more people are starting to work out at home. This is causing an increase in the consumer interest trendline for home training equipment.

7,400 people search for this niche a month. This is a lower number than our other niches, but it is on an upward trend. It is also a niche with typically higher profits.

Kids Workspace Equipment

Kids are having to do school from home. Not many people were prepared for that to happen. With an uncertain future ahead, many parents have begun purchasing products to make their children a more adequate workspace at home.

Products in this niche can include things like:

Finding Your Perfect Drop Shipping Niche

The best niches for dropshipping are not always the trendiest ones. Trends come and go. If you want stable profits, stick to the niches that have proven their endurance over time. 

It is also important that you take into consideration your own expertise and what niche will be most exciting to you. Do not enter the most profitable niche and expect money right away if you know nothing about it. 

With e-commerce becoming more popular with every passing day, especially after 2020, it just makes sense to start taking advantage of it. With the right niche, you could find yourself owning a profitable dropshipping business in no time.

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