Door Knocking Scripts

Most agents aren’t crazy about door knocking. Having your script and knowing what to expect can address some of the challenges and concerns. Successful real estate agents handle objections with memorized scripts. They predict the questions before they are asked and are prepared to answer them.

Here’s a video by Josh Snyder, real estate agent in Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ on door knocking.

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9 Times out of 10, I get a great response through Dress, Demeanor, and Preparedness

Take Aways

  • Dress for Success, not too formal, but sharp. Josh suggests a nice button down shirt and slacks.
  • Be positive. Shake off whatever happens today. The goal is to meet the neighbor and get to know the houses.
  • Be prepared. Know your Numbers.

Door Knocking Script

Step Back a bit and smile. Say Hi or Hello. Wait for them to respond. Don’t pitch instantly. Introduce yourself and say “Hi, My name is (insert name here). I work with (company), just a stones throw away on (street). We’ve been selling a lot of houses here in (neighborhood) lately this season and we are trying to sell a few more and I was wondering if you could help me out. (Stop).

You are explaining who you are and that you are licensed. You explain you are a neighborhood specialist. Then you are offering the “out” with helping me out.

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