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The Best DigitalOcean Alternatives

If you already use DigitalOcean or are considering a migration to DigitalOcean, compare your options and DigitalOcean alternatives to find the cloud platform that is right for you.

Choosing the right web hosting company for your website and online presence is a decision that should not be taken lightly. 

Consider the choices carefully when you need cloud computing services. For example, some web hosting services offer high performance while also utilizing a cloud structure to store, save, and secure data. 

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a cloud-based hosting company launched in 2011 out of NYC, New York. 

Today, DigitalOcean services more than one million users worldwide. The DigitalOcean cloud-based services provide enhanced security and anonymity while also providing lightning-fast speeds and loading times. 

Using DigitalOcean is optimal for those seeking high-performance cloud computing that is also streamlined with load balancers and excellent customer support.

What DigitalOcean Offers

Before you can begin comparing DigitalOcean alternatives to find the cloud platform for you, take a look at the essential features that come with a standard DigitalOcean cloud platform account.

  • Uptime: 99.99% — 99/99% uptime guarantee
  • 1-Click installer for most programs and/or software
  • Speed: 268 ms
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 1TB
  • SSD Disk: 25 GB SSD Disk
  • Pricing: Starting at as low as $5.00 per month

How is DigitalOcean Different Than Standard Web Hosting Providers?

Traditionally, web hosting providers that are dedicated are not considered cloud hosting solutions such as DigitalOcean or Amazon Web Services. 

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With DigitalOcean, you gain access to cloud hosting, which is much different from traditional shared web hosting or even dedicated web hosting packages. 

Some of the features of using a cloud infrastructure hosting solution such as DigitalOcean include:

  • Access to Droplets or more scalable options when it comes to the development and overall infrastructure of your website
  • Scalable virtual hosting that can be paid for based on only what you use and consume each month
  • Load balancers to keep all of your servers balanced simultaneously throughout the same network
  • Rely on multiple servers, resulting in a higher loading performance and increased stability in the long-term

Opting for traditional web hosting services may require you to share your server and its resources with other users, which can bog down your own website’s loading and response times. 

Additionally, using traditional web hosting is often considered much riskier, as security breaches and vulnerabilities are much more common among traditional web hosting servers and providers.

What are the Best Digital Ocean Alternatives?

Are you in the market for new cloud services that offer cloud-based solutions for your website and web ventures? Are you searching for cloud servers similar to Google Cloud products or Amazon Web Services? 

Are you searching for cloud hosting that offers root access, block storage, virtual machine assistance, and even a free trial? If so, take a look at our list of the best DigitalOcean alternatives we could find available today.


Vultr is one of the most well-known cloud hosting alternatives that is similar to DigitalOcean for numerous reasons. Vultr is not only a globally known cloud hosting solution, but it is also one of the most affordable, providing plans that start at just $2.50 per month. 

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Currently, Vultr has 17 locations worldwide, making it one of the most attractive cloud computing hosts for scaling and reliability.

Vultr provides a clean, modern, and sleek dashboard that is easy to use and intuitive, optimal for those new to building websites and launching online products. 

In addition to the cloud computing services that Vultr promotes, it also offers dedicated servers and block storage solutions for those interested in the SSD storage route.

How Vultr Stands Out

  • Pricing: Pricing for a Vultr cloud computing account begins at $2.50 monthly, making it one of the most affordable and economically appealing solutions for anyone interested in cloud hosting solutions. The standard $2.50 monthly package from Vultr provides 512 MB RAM and 10 GB SSD.
  • Performance: Vultr guarantees their services will have 99.99% uptime. Vultr currently has 17 locations worldwide; it is easier than ever to ensure loading and response times when using Vultr’s hosting solutions for your website and application.
  • Multiple devices: With Vultr, maintain your website/app from just about anywhere, whether you choose to use your smartphone, tablet device, or even a traditional desktop computer.
  • Operating systems: Vultr is compatible with Windows, CoreOS, Ubuntu, and custom ISOs for those interested in using a combination of operating systems.
  • Privacy and security: Vultr provides multiple private networks and offers segmentation for increased privacy and security.
  • Equipment and add-ons: Vultr also uses SSD for optimal performance as well as Intel cores. Additionally, Vultr offers add-ons for all clients, such as DDoS protection, automated backups, and updated firewalls.

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Google Cloud

By now, most are familiar with Google and the type of cloud services Google offers daily to those using their email or photo album platforms. 

However, Google also owns Google Cloud, a dedicated service for individuals seeking cloud-based hosting solutions and platforms for their online projects and web ventures.

Because Google is such a massive and well-known entity, it is no surprise that its cloud computing services are also appealing to a broad audience, even those who are new to cloud computing and hosting.

How Google Cloud Stands Out

  • Pricing: Pricing is not always straightforward with Google Cloud and may require specific calculations to determine your monthly cost. The base price of Google Cloud is approximately $16 per month, which includes 3.75 GB RAM. Both storage, as well as bandwidth costs are calculated separately when using Google Cloud.
  • Network size: Because of Google’s massive size, users will have access to servers in more than 200 countries in total. The overall accessibility of Google Cloud helps to improve the performance and reliability of the hosting services dramatically.
  • State-of-the-art technologies: Using any of the products Google has to offer is one of the best ways to gain access to state-of-the-art technologies for cloud computing, cloud hosting, and online security.
  • Top-notch security: Google provides the best security systems and solutions available online to date, including their cloud hosting packages.
  • Ongoing storage improvements: Use the Google Cloud platform to store large files and high-resolution videos or other forms of media. Google Cloud is a leading provider of high-quality storage solutions.
  • Build your own infrastructure: One of the most attractive benefits of using Google Cloud is the ability to build your cloud solution based on the services and features you are interested in using from Google. Whether you are interested in a local server, a multi-cloud network, or thinking of building a hybrid solution for your next project, Google Cloud delivers everything you need to get started with maximum flexibility.
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Amazon Web Services

In addition to traditional selling services and marketplace opportunities, Amazon also has its own cloud computing solutions, Amazon Web Services, or AWS. 

Amazon Web Services is often called AWS and serves millions of individuals and entrepreneurs alike each day. The development of AWS was a natural progression in the Amazon marketplace timeline, especially as Amazon began offering selling and marketing opportunities to everyday customers and clients.

It is important to note that Amazon offers multiple cloud services and hosting solutions, all with different designated names. 

The cloud storage solution from Amazon is currently named Amazon Simple Storage Service, or S3. However, the traditional cloud hosting service offered by Amazon directly is often referred to as Amazon EC2. 

Familiarizing yourself with Amazon’s various products and services can help you to navigate your own needs better when you are in the market for a DigitalOcean cloud host alternative.

How Amazon Web Services Stand Out

As Amazon continues to grow and scale at an impressive rate globally, its cloud computing services are also expanding at a rapid pace. 

Not only is Amazon implementing and testing a wide range of virtual computing services that are unavailable anywhere else, but they also offer a unique pricing model.

Currently, Amazon EC2 is available with five different purchasing models: Dedicated hosting solutions, on-demand purchasing, reserved hosting instances, spot instances, as well as savings plans. 

Currently, pricing is as follows for Amazon cloud hosting solutions (using on-demand payment plans):

  • $0.0255 per hour on CPU with 2GB memory (includes EBS-only storage solution)
  • $0.412 per hour for 8 CPUs with a total of 32 GB memory
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How Amazon Web Services Stand Out

  • Massive Network: As Amazon continues to grow and scale, its users benefit from the enormous network it provides. Amazon’s vast network equates to much more significant security measures compared to alternative cloud hosts on the market.
  • Optimization: Amazon Web Services knows just how vital optimization is, which is why Amazon EC2 is highly flexible and can be optimized to suit your needs on a day-to-day basis.
  • Automated scaling: Are you unsure of when your website or online application requires scaling? Never worry again when you are using Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 provides automatic scaling based on demand and activity.
  • Cloud clusters: Rather than bogging down one server with your content or traffic, Amazon automatically helps to redirect traffic and spread your site’s workload across a massive network of servers. Not only do cloud clusters help improve the speed and response times of websites, but they are also helpful to help with improving and increasing the overall security of a website.
  • Multiple operating systems: With AWS, use Windows, CentOS, Linux, and even Debian to manage and update your services.
  • Discounted access to software: In addition to the cloud hosting solutions and marketplace platforms Amazon provides, it offers discounted access to various programs and software solutions as well. In some cases, you can gain free or discounted access to different commercial software solutions for cloud computing, such as SAP and Drupal.


Kamatera is another leading provider of cloud services and private network packages for high-performing and cost-effective solutions. 

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One of the biggest draws of using Kamatera is the ability to do so by building your server and cloud hosting package based on your budget and the specific needs you require online. Packages from Kamatera begin at just $4/month for 1 CPU, 20 GB SSD, and 1024 MB RAM.

How Kamatera Stands Out

  • Speedy configuration: Once you have your Kamatera cloud hosting account, you can quickly launch your cloud server within just a few minutes after beginning the setup process.
  • Automated backups: Take advantage of automated backups and ongoing monitoring to ensure that you do not lose important data or information hosted by Kamatera.
  • Friendly UI and UX: Kamatera is one of the most user-friendly interfaces and applications for those interested in getting started with a cloud-based hosting solution and application.
  • Recovery and backup system: Use Kamatera’s recovery and backup system to keep your changes, edits, and updates stored for future usage and recall if necessary.
  • Load balancer solution: Kamatera offers a load balancer solution that is ideal for providing top performance for all clients, regardless of the traffic your website receives and whether your website is accessed during peak times.
  • Cloud block storage: Kamatera also offers a cloud-based block storage solution that allows you the ability to scale the storage you require for your website and online projects as you go.
  • Competitive and affordable pricing structure: With pricing plans starting as low as $4 a month, it is no wonder Kamatera has become a leading cloud hosting provider. With Kamatera, you only pay for the cloud hosting and protection services that you need and nothing more.
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Choosing a cloud hosting DigitalOcean alternative that is right for you will highly depend on your needs, the type of cloud project you are launching, as well as your budget. 

Taking the time to compare features of cloud-based hosting solutions and pricing can help you find a definitive solution that will surely deliver everything you need to create your next online project.

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