The Database Software Guide for Business

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Managing digital information these days effectively is key to having success in the world of business.

We live in one of the most competitive business environments that have ever existed.

Without being able to capitalize on the data you collect, analyze it quickly, and optimize every aspect of your operation around those insights – and continue to do so on an ever-evolving basis – you’ll inevitably lose to competitors that will.

Thankfully, though, with the right database software, you’ll be able not only to collect and harness “big data”, but you’ll also be able to leverage that information and those insights in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The trick is finding the right database software, though.

And with so many top-tier options out there to pick and choose from, finding the right software is nowhere near as simple or straightforward as it might appear at first.

That’s where this detailed guide comes into play!

What Are the Best Database Software Options for 2021?


One of the most robust and flexible online database software options today, this platform has existed since early 2010 – though it has grown and evolved over time to become the juggernaut in the space it is right now.

Allowing large and small businesses alike to create (almost) infinite databases with any structure or form they’d like, these tools are super easy to use, very easy to extend, and effortless to integrate as well.

You know you’ve made the right decision when you’re using the same kind of database tools used by titans of industry like Intel, Panasonic, Honda, and more.

Getting up and running with this platform is relatively simple and straightforward, thanks in large part to the 39+ templates you’ll have available to pick and choose from. You can also create completely custom databases with this tool. That’s just more value-added on top of an already impressive software!


Specifically set up and engineered to help smaller businesses, medium-sized organizations, and even larger corporations to better organize, aggregate, analyze, and gain insight from their marketing data and information.

The beauty of this database software is that it can be so effortlessly scaled to fit each client’s needs.

Smaller businesses won’t feel like they are swimming in a piece of software that is obviously built for bigger businesses. Larger businesses won’t feel like they are being handcuffed by a platform not designed for those kinds of operations.

This really is a bit of a “Goldilocks” kind of setup.

On top of that, the amount of effortless integrations with this database software extend its usability in a big way.

You’ll be able to use API hooks to integrate with letterforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce CRM solutions, a lot of popular email marketing platforms, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Combine all of that with in-depth reporting and analytics tools you won’t find anywhere else and it’s not hard to see why so many people feel this is one of the best database software options in 2021.

Microsoft SQL Server

Perhaps not the “sexiest” of all the database software in 2021 options available, it’s impossible to ignore Microsoft and their offerings when they jump into a space – and this really has become the 800-pound gorilla in the database world.

Flexible, adaptable, and certainly reliable, it’s hard to imagine there being another database software out there that offers this kind of performance and horsepower.

Able to effortlessly crunch raw data by the buckets full, turning it into useful and immediately applicable insights across various devices and platforms, this really is a bit of a Swiss Army knife kind of database software that “just works”.

The new query processing tools have dramatically improved the adaptive query processing experience as well. This was one of the more extensive complaints people had from the older versions of this Microsoft database platform, and it’s one that users are very pleased with now.

It’s not hard to hook this database software into Microsoft tools (including Microsoft Office). It has the flexibility to be hooked into other platforms through API hooks and independent scripts without much difficulty, too.

The overall data maintenance set up with this Microsoft platform is a little on the sluggish side of things still. 

That’s to be expected when you’re talking about something built by a company like Microsoft to be used by pretty much any business imaginable.

Amazon Relational Database Service

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Amazon has built a fantastic database software as a service solution that has dominated the competition faster than those outside of Amazon ever would have expected possible.

This is, after all, the technology giant that built Amazon Web Services (AWS). The engineers at Amazon know what they are doing.

Data backup and security solutions with this database software are top-tier, maybe better than any other option out there. Secure connections are effortless, data is backed up automatically, and the whole experience feels safe and locked down.

Flexibility is the name of the game when using the resources provided by this Amazon database software, too.

Working well with other Amazon software as a service or database as a service tool, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt and extend this database with other third-party programs, tools, and add-ons as well.

Scalability with this Amazon offering is what you would expect, and it works similarly to how AWS scales.

You’ll be able to scale this up or down (on the fly) depending on your needs with no real difficulty at all, constantly leveraging just the right amount of power and performance for your needs without blowing your budget.

Oracle RDBMS

Now and again, it feels like people outside the technology world forget just how influential and powerful Oracle is. But then they release platforms like this online database management solution, and everyone starts to remember what this tech titan is capable of.

Considered one of the most object-relational database management tools available today, the capabilities of this online database solution have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years.

Effortlessly able to provide access to enterprise-grade database solutions from data stored locally and through the cloud, the extendibility of this platform (and its ability to scale) make it an absolute no-brainer for medium to larger size operations.

Performance is right up there with the best of the best, with fantastic database elapsed times, query execution times, and an emphasis on overall efficiency. You’ll find that your databases take up less space, enjoy tighter security, and see performance benefits across the board because of these focused efforts.

Pricing (like most everything else from Oracle) maybe puts this out of the reach of smaller businesses and startups. But those that can afford this Oracle platform are going to want to consider it moving forward seriously.

What is Database Software?

To put it bluntly, database software is nothing more than software tools designed to help create, manage, search, and maintain digital databases of data, files, and records – whether they be saved online or locally.

Today’s best database management options (like the ones we highlighted above) help to organize better all of the information gathered by businesses that are more and more online-centric.

We all understand the power that data has to influence our world today. But that influence is only possible when we know how to harness the data we are dealing with, organizing, analyzing, and gaining insights from that flood of raw information.

Finding tools that are lightweight, streamlined, sit work, and scalable to help you better manage the data you are collecting is a big piece of the puzzle in the world of business today (and certainly moving forward).

Breaking Down the Big Benefits of Database Software

All of the best database software in 2021 options are going to share some similarities when it comes to the benefits they provide, benefits that include (but are not limited to):

Improved Data Security

One of the benefits of using database management software today has to do with overall data security.

Cybercrime is skyrocketing, with cybercriminals becoming more and more sophisticated on what feels like daily. 

Raw data is precious, and it’s critically important that you are doing everything you can to protect that information, especially when it’s business-based info (and may include details about your customers).

Easy Integration

Top-tier database software options are also going to provide tight integration with your currently existing data management workflows.

This allows you to hit the ground running with these tools, never missing a beat and enjoying great success with the features they provide without having to retrain everyone to use them.

Some top database software options in 2021 are designed to “replace” currently existing data management solutions. But they do so in such a smooth and efficient way that it’s an easy upgrade without much downtime, either.

Backup and Recovery

Nothing will tank your business faster than having your data – data you may have been collecting for years – compromised, deleted, or “disappeared” permanently.

Luckily, with today’s top database options in 2021, that’s not going to be a problem.

All database management solutions worth investing in regularly backup data consistently. More than that, though, they also provide automatic restore capabilities that get you back online from the last save should something happen to your original database.

Valuable Insights

When you get right down to it, database software is only important if you’re able to actually harness the information you’ve collected in that database, analyze it, and then make intelligent and strategic decisions based on the insights you glean.

A database is just a database.

The information is just going to sit there until it is animated by tools designed to find insights, trends, and anything else that can provide a competitive advantage.

Your new database management software absolutely must better analyze the data that it stores and manages. If it doesn’t, you need to keep looking until you find something that can help you improve your business.

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, you can’t afford to be let down (even just a little) by your database tools.

Use the inside information we have highlighted above (and our recommendations for the best database software options). You won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding the right tools to build and grow your business in the future.

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