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Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Marketing Credit card affiliate programs are a great way for bloggers to earn more money. This type of affiliate marketing is done by promoting credit cards to readers. When readers sign up and are approved for the card, the blogger earns money.

There are several ways to go about affiliate marketing. A blogger might write a blog post about a credit card program, or they might create an entire website dedicated to promoting the card. They can then backlink the promotional website in various blog posts.

Regardless of how bloggers choose to advertise these programs, they can earn a decent amount of money through affiliate marketing.

American Express

  • Earn up to $100 per enrollment
  • 120 international currencies
  • 30 acquiring banks

American Express has a great program. Bloggers will make bank every time an eligible person enrolls and is approved. The compensation varies, but bloggers can make as much as $100 per enrollment.

American Express is a global bank, meaning that anyone in the world can sign up for an AMEX card. There’s lots of fraud out there, so AMEX is a great option in different countries where the local currency works with American Express.

Additionally, there are 30 acquiring banks internationally, so interested applicants should have no trouble getting signed up.

Indigo Platinum Master Card

  • Good for poor credit
  • Application won’t affect credit
  • 5% earnings per sale, maxing out at $35

The Indigo Platinum Master Card is ideal for consumers who don’t have good credit scores. The card application won’t show up on a credit report, so it’s safe to apply, and applicants will receive a decision in less than one minute. Once the card has arrived in the mail, it can be managed online via a computer or tablet, or on a smartphone with the mobile app.

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For bloggers, specific promotional material is available to use with restrictions on where your traffic comes from–you won’t earn money from unapproved sources. But through those approved sources, earnings are 5% per sale, maxing out at $35.

Capital Bank OpenSky Card

  • Great card for beginners looking to establish credit
  • Consumer-selected credit limit
  • $25 per enrollment

The OpenSky card from Capital Bank is a great choice for credit card newbies who are looking to establish credit for the first time. First-time users can set their own credit limit. All that’s required is a refundable deposit to secure the chosen credit limit.

Bloggers are provided with all the necessary information to promote the OpenSky card and can earn $25 for each enrollment.

Petal Visa Card

  • No security deposit or credit score check
  • 1.5% cash back rewards
  • NO fees
  • $36 commission per sign up

The Petal Visa Card uniquely offers a card with no security deposit or credit check. Petal cardholders can earn as much as 1.5% back in cash rewards on purchases.

No late fees, annual fees, or overdrawn fees are assessed on this card, and bloggers will earn as much as $36 per transaction. Promotional materials are also available to help promote this card, making every blogger’s life just a bit easier.

  • Wide range of services: credit cards, loans, credit score improvement
  • Airline miles, cash back, rewards points, balance transfer, etc. has a lot to offer its customers. For this reason, they’re an ideal affiliate for bloggers who have a wide audience range. For example, a blogger whose audience is comprised of broke college students or recent grads will love It will be a valuable resource to pay off student loans faster or improve credit scores.

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Various credit cards are also available, from cards earning airline miles for discounts on flights and in-flight purchases, to cards for earning cash back at select stores.

The only downside is the inability to link to specific cards or programs within The affiliate link may only direct potential customers to the homepage. Customers will have to search for the service they’re interested in on the webpage.

Credit Karma

  • Great for credit repair
  • New ways to earn every month
  • 25 cents per sign up

Credit Karma is a great affiliate marketing option for Dave Ramsay-type folks. This service helps repair credit and compares personal offers.

Bloggers who affiliate with Credit Karma will receive a handful of promotional tools, a monthly newsletter with tips on how to earn more, and 25 cents for each person who signs up through their link.


  • Credit report and ID theft protection
  • $45 per sign up

TransUnion’s specialty is credit reporting and defense against identity theft. Affiliate marketers can advertise all these services with ample promotional products. The icing on the cake is the $45 earned for each signup.


  • Internet credit monitoring
  • ID protection
  • Credit scores
  • Credit reports
  • Up to $100 per sale

Experian helps with monitoring credit on the internet, protecting identity, and improving credit scores and reports. Experian’s offerings are similar to TransUnion but with unique qualities.

More people use Experian, and affiliate marketers can earn as much as $100 per sale. That’s double what TransUnion offers. Bloggers should remember that different services from Experian come with different earning rates.

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Credit card affiliate programs are a great opportunity for both bloggers and their readers. Bloggers might choose to affiliate with different types of credit card programs or focus on a topic. It all depends on what they believe is best for their target audience.

Credit card affiliate programs might also be a great choice for bloggers who are looking to expand their audience. After all, the broke, college-aged crowds will eventually become working professionals, stay-at-home parents, and doting grandparents.

When it comes to credit card affiliate programs, getting started is the key.

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