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How To Count the Total Number of Words In a Website [WordPress]

How To Count the Total Number of Words In a Website [WordPress]

Today, I’m going to show you how to count words on a website, specifically, WordPress. I’m also going to show you how to look up how many words you’ve published month over month. 

Now, the reason why I’m doing this is that I set a goal. I have a brand new website that I started this year, and my goal is to get it to a million words to see what it does.

I’ve never before set a goal for word count.  

Now, I’m on a WordPress website, and I have a plugin called WP Word Count. This is the free version. And if you would like to get WP word count pro, which I’m just now thinking about upgrading to, you can see more graphs and charts. 

So if you’re a visual statistic person, this will give you a lot more bells and whistles when it comes to visuals and charts. 

How To Install WP Word Count on WordPress

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Search for WP Word Count
  3. Install and then Activate
  4. Click on the Calculate tab to run the first calculation

As of today, I have 319,184 published words. So 320,000 published words this year. 

SEO is not just about words on the page; obviously it’s about how well we’re covering a topic, but typically that relates to long-form content.  

When we go back to where my websites started, which is right here in January of 2020, I wrote one blog post.

I published one post, and I published seven pages. The total word count was 1605. So I barely did anything. 

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In January, I started a big project to divide up one of my larger blog websites. And I was dividing it up into several niche sites to get more long-tail and more specific. 

So this blog didn’t get all my attention at first. And what’s funny is if I didn’t have this WP wordcount to check how many words are on my website, I would not have remembered that I didn’t do anything in January and February.

WP Word Count Statistics

So this is so cool to have these statistics. In March, I only did 11 articles. So I published 6,677 words. 

Then in April, I had more time to spend on it. Fourteen thousand words in May. 

In June, I published 20,000 words, and in July, 38,000 words, nearly doubling that month. 

But then, in October, I published 87,000 words and 96,000 words in November. 

So what happened for me was that I got time freed up. I got some resources freed up to invest in buying some content because I don’t write it all myself, and I got inspired to hit this 1 million word goal. 

I’m curious; What do a million words on a website that is a year old or 18 months older than two years old do? 

Will it earn $1,000 per month, $2,000, $5,000?

I need the data. 

I was watching a video with Authority Hackers where someone talked about word count. I love their stuff. 

They’re definitely in the trenches with blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. So it’s fun to watch their take on things. I think they were interviewing somebody, or they talked about a million words.

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How Much Does a 1 Million Word Website Make?

 Then, Jon Dykstra did one on a million words and his comparison on somebody else quoting figures based on 1 million words. So I just thought, that’s a significant number to shoot for and post results once I arrive there. 

I’ve got a ton of experience in this. I’ve been blogging since AOL said, ‘you’ve got mail’. I’ve been doing search engine optimization since that same day. 

I earn six figures in affiliate income. I also sell courses and training inside Ballen Academy. I also own a Las Vegas real estate business. 

Bottom line: I’m a full-time blogger and adore the journey of discovery, methodology, and results!

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