How to Convert More Real Estate Leads with Autopilot ISA Campaigns

Hello, hello. Jeff Helvin here with Ballen Brands and today I’m excited to share with you one of the best tools we developed for our business. That tool is Autopilot ISA.

What is Autopilot ISA?

Autopilot ISA is a followup and nurture campaign built in Infusionsoft, to aggressively pursue new real estate web leads and keep in touch with existing leads automatically.

The reason why we developed this system is because we’ve already mastered the ability to generate leads and we do so at a high volume.

What happened then was that we now didn’t have the proper time and attention to pursue these leads.

Most of us here in the real estate business, when we have a lot of leads, are really the ones that are talking to us.

But the ones that aren’t talking to us doesn’t mean that they don’t want to do business with us, it just may mean that they’re not ready yet.

It was important to us to find a way to continue to keep in touch with these leads to get them to respond.  And after they do respond of course, you get to keep in touch with them until they’re ready to do a transaction.

So in this example, we’re using the real estate industry. Real estate transactions can take quite some time.

The Autopilot ISA campaign is actually a three-part campaign. There’s an arrival campaign, a survival campaign and a revival.

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The Arrival Campaign

The arrival campaign is really meant just to chase new leads aggressively for 90 days with the single purpose of achieving a response. We actually have an email sequence and a text sequence that goes out.

Each of these has its own path that it follows based on the time of day and what day of the week it’s going to send out.

In the first week, we send multiple, at least daily, text messages and emails every day.

After that first week, if they still have not responded, then it’s going to go to a one-week sequence for the rest of the 90 days.

Now one of the keys of this of course is the text messaging factor, because a lot of people are responding via text message.

Those that do respond to email are actually responding because we embed actionable links in the system for them to be able to actually click on and give us a response, rather than having to click the reply button and typing out a message to us.

We see that this really helps our engagement quite a bit. Now once they do engage, then two-way contact is achieved and this campaign stops automatically.

From there we have a decision to make on what we’re going to do with that lead.

If te lead responded that they’re interested in working with us but they’re not ready yet, well that’s a perfect example of why we would want to put them on the survival campaign.

Survival Campaign

The survival campaign will actually pursue the lead actively.

It sends a message about every three weeks, from you, that indicates or talks to them, I should say, about what you’re working towards.

So in this case, if it’s a buyer than we might ask them things such as, “Are you interested in HOA or no HOA (which by the way is one of most popular response generators.)?

Or, regardless of when you’re buying, what you communicate to your agent now, could help you save money.”

So we’re trying to really reach out to them from a place of value.

Not necessarily “Hey, when can we meet? When are you ready to buy?” Nothing that’s that aggressive to them.

It’s simply keeping in touch and offering our assistance.

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Revival Campaign

Now after that 12 months, let’s just say maybe they stopped responding to you. We’re sending a message every few weeks and suddenly they fall off.

So what we can do now is we can put them on the revival campaign.

The revival campaign turns it up a little bit and gets aggressive again.

So in this case, it’s a seven day touch, again, based on how they responded to us originally. It’s very aggressive in just again, ‘Don’t ignore me, please respond.’ Is really all we’re after here.

So, from here, all we’re trying to do is let them know that look, ‘We’re not forgetting about you so just go ahead and let us know. If you don’t want to do business, that’s okay too, but we don’t want you to be silent, we want to understand what that is.’

So by having this, it allows us to spend more time on the leads that are communicating with us regularly and less time chasing those that may not yet be ready to do business.

A lot of times it doesn’t even mean they’re not interested. It just means they’re not ready yet.

In a sample size of just over 1700 responses. 77% of the responses did respond to the first three text messages.

When talking with agents across the nation, what I find out is really after those first few touches, those first few attempts, we tend to forget about them.

We move on, we’re too busy, we don’t have time to continue to text message and so forth.

So what’s interesting about this fact is all those 77% respond in the first few messages, there’s still another 23% that respond after most of us would’ve already given up on them.

That’s a pretty important stat to look at. So the other thing that’s important is that this is 21 text messages that go out over the course of 90 days, and every one of these text messages is accounted for.

So there are literally people who ignored us, email after text after email, after text after email for 90 days. They finally would respond, for example, to the last text message that we send to them.

That’s a pretty incredible finding there as well, because this really tells us that it’s not that they don’t exist, it’s not that they’re bad information even. I

It’s not necessarily anything other than the fact that they were just not ready to do business with us yet. So some of the keys to success here and why this works, is really the persistence of follow up.

As I mentioned, if we don’t continue, and as these stats show, that people will respond at many different stages of correspondence. There are some that respond to the 15th text, that means they didn’t respond to the 14 before that, that we sent them.

The key to the messages is that they provoke the engagement.

Although they’re friendly and certainly not too aggressive, they’re also not really offering anything of value. So the messages that we use here, it’s important to kind of ask them, “How do you feel about the properties you’re finding? Do you care abut HOA’s or not HOA’s? Or, are you interested in purchasing 30, 60, 90 days? What’s your timeline?”

This is what’s getting them to engage and help us understand where they’re at in the process.

Often, the key to success in lead conversion is outlasting anyone else.

As we know, these buyers and sellers might have input information on a few different websites for example, in this case for cold web leads, and if that’s the case well then they might get a message especially automated, there’s a lot of automated tools today, they might get messages right away in the first few minutes that says, “Hey, I’d love to connect. When’s a good time?”

Again, something like that they may not respond to because they’re not ready to connect.

They could be a year out still from even considering a purchase. So what this allows us to do, is we continue to follow up and we have the persistence.

By the time someone’s responding to the 13th or 14th message, anybody else that’s been reaching out to them, especially if it’s manual, has more than likely stopped, and therefore, we’re the last man standing.

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Collecting a $12,300 check this morning because of auto pilot ISA. Thanks Ballen Brands! You Rock! PS I’m part of the older crowd that hates text. My best friend now baby!
John Duncan, Keller Williams
John Duncan

We increased our two-way contact rate by over 100%, from down below 20% and depending on lead source, to over 50% in a lot of cases.

So this is a pretty significant detail and number and what this system can do is really increase. It’s all a numbers game, that we’re working here. This system really helps us increase that, our chances of closing another transaction.

If you have any questions on this, please by all means, reach out to us. You can email us at, or visit the website at We look forward to speaking with you.

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