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25 Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Have

25 Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Have

In order to be successful in content marketing, you need the right tools. Here are 25 content marketing tools that every marketer should have in their toolkit. With these tools, you can create and publish great content, measure your results, and more. So what are you waiting for? Start using these tools today!

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HubSpot CRM

A free service, HubSpot CRM has an immediate advantage over other expensive CRMs. HubSpot can be linked-to websites, email service providers, social media profiles, and any other place where you process your sales, allowing you to collect all your important data in one place. By tracking every stage of your sales pipeline, the service accelerates your research and makes sure you are developing in the right direction. HubSpot provides unlimited storage and up to one million contacts and users at no cost, and integrates with countless other services including Google Dynamics, Dropbox, Gravity Forms, and Base CRM.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Take a looks at this comprehensive list of affiliate marketing tools to grow your monetized channels.


Use BuzzSumo to fine-tune your social media strategy. The service works as a social media search engine, revealing which posts are trending for a given audience. By seeing where your audience’s attention is focused in real-time, you can design effective content to capture that attention for yourself. BuzzSumo takes the guessing and speculation out of content generation by showing you exactly what is and is not working, and allowing you to develop your marketing strategy around a real audience with real demands. You can also set alerts to track which channels and sources your competitors are using to reach their audience.

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A platform for finding and hiring freelance writers to create written content for your marketing campaign, Copify allows you to outsource some of the most important yet time-consuming work inherent to content marketing. On Copify, you can find cost-effective writers to create quality articles, blog posts, press releases, SEO copywriting, product reviews, ecommerce content, and other forms of content writing. You can order pieces one at a time, or make bulk orders to outsource an entire campaign with one click. When making orders, you have the chance to review each piece and request changes before accepting them. Copify also uses a convenient WordPress plugin so you can import content directly to your blog without worrying about formatting.


Webtrends is a robust and comprehensive data collection service that allows you to tailor your marketing directly to your customer. By measuring customer behavior across your website, mobile app, and social media pages, Webtrends provides real-time data that you can use to group customers into segments to be targeted. The service automatically generates data reports and provides multivariate and A/B testing so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. Webtrends integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Twitter accounts to further fine-tune your data across social media.


Creating content is only one half of content marketing. The other half is connecting your content with an audience who wants to read it. Kred is all about that second step, helping you locate and connect with influencers who have the power to boost your message across social media. This service measures your influence based on your history on Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to see the influence of others on the platform. This allows you to connect with the people who can most effectively amplify your content, and eventually build up your own influencer status so that people will come to you with new opportunities. This results in people seeing you as somebody they can trust, which makes them more likely to engage with your content.

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A powerful tool for both site owners and marketers working on behalf of those sites, Quantcast is a cutting-edge AI-driven tool that changes how you see content marketing. The service gathers data on your audience, providing multi-dimension and granular insights on the makeup of your audience. You can learn the demographics of your customers on a broad scale, or drill down to specific details like which media categories they engage with across the internet. Quantcast specializes in helping you get to know your customer, learn what they want, and deliver, using powerful features such as behavioral patterns and benchmarking against competitors.

Insight Squared

Two tools in one, Insight Squared aims to provide an effective operating system for your content marketing campaign. The first tool, Tiles, builds a library of sales reports based on insights from your historical CRM data. The other half of the suite, Slate, provides custom reporting that allows you to pull and analyze data from any source. Working together, these tools allow you to manage your pipeline more effectively by recognizing patterns in customer behavior, forecasting future performance to mitigate variability, and identify which factors of your content marketing strategy deliver the most revenue. Finally, using custom attribution, the service shows you your strategy’s direct impact on revenue growth.

Raven Tools

Raven offers a suite of tools to maximize every part of your content marketing system. First off, their Social Stream tool lets you monitor a range of social activities and discussions in real time, allowing you to jump in and shape the conversation when necessary. By tracking your brand and relevant keywords across a range of social media platforms, blogs, and forums across the internet, you can always know how your brand is being discussed. Raven also offers a Site Auditor to gather data about a site’s technical SEO factors, which can help you shape your campaign to drive traffic to the site. Finally, Raven creates custom, mobile-ready marketing reports so you can track your campaign’s effectiveness and share data with clients.

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Outbrain helps you reach the perfect audience for your website, and uses a model where you only pay for the traffic you receive. By setting a daily budget, you can control exactly how much you’re willing to pay to drive users to your site. Outbrain puts your content in front of people that would be interested in it, using advanced testing and conversion tools to reach your desired audience. In addition to the traffic you receive to your site, you can also track the users who see your content but do not engage with it, allowing you to further optimize your content strategy.


ClearVoice is designed to help you market your products effectively through content creation and management. It allows you to consolidate text, images, video, and other media in one place and then create campaigns with them, and you can use the same or different sets of media to run multiple campaigns at once. For each campaign, you can create content schedules, manage roles for other users contributing to the campaign, and even hire freelance content writers through ClearVoice.

Genius Project

Genius Project is a versatile enterprise project management tool that helps you coordinate with your team and with your clients. The service is designed to increase productivity by allowing you to create a strategic project portfolio, adjust your pipeline, and prioritize goals to create alignment among your team. With hierarchical portfolios, KPI definition, and What If analyses, Genius Project helps you keep all of your projects on track. It also offers time and expense tracking that automatically updates timesheet data, and can export this data to Microsoft Excel. Finally, Genius allows you to coordinate your team’s social media strategy with project forums, calendar synchronization, and email notifications.

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40 Nuggets

40 Nuggets is a service designed to help you understand conversion opportunities. By tracking and analyzing the behavior of visitors to a site, the tool allows you and your team to identify and act on potential leads. 40 Nuggets uses this data to target, retarget, and convert visitors to your site, turning them into valuable customers or subscribers. The data is also built to inform the way you run your campaigns, create content, and budget your resources to most effectively reach your target audience. The service even helps you optimize your timing, targeting potential customers at the right time with the correct message.


Simple and affordable, yet powerful, MailChimp is an all-in-one tool for anyone who wants to create and manage a successful email marketing campaign. Whether you adapt MailChimp’s templates or start from scratch, the service makes it simple to create a branded newsletter. Features like dividing and categorizing your email list and RSS-to-email make it easy to reach the right people with the right content. MailChimp also allows you to automate routine tasks, customize signup forms, send blasts and targeted emails, and access key reporting and analytics. By tracking who is opening your emails and following up on links, you can fine-tune your email marketing strategy and not only grow your mailing list, but also crow your conversion rate among your subscribers.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a cost-effective tool for small businesses and startup with flexible pricing. The tool gathers contacts from diverse databases and helps you collect them in a single list, with the ability to import contacts from email and spreadsheets. Constant Contact also provides a library of professionally-designed email templates, as well as a suite of event management tools, social media campaign tools, and access to manuals and learning materials to help you hone your content marketing skills at every step.

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Campaign Monitor

A great tool for anyone running an email marketing campaign, Campaign Monitor has tools to help every step of the way. Campaign Monitor allows you to create effective and professional emails, easily send personalized content to your audience, automate your emails and your campaigns, and measure the effectiveness of each campaign in real time. Of particular note is the drag-and-drop email builder, letting you pull from different email templates to create your own unique message. The personalization features are also robust, letting you segment your customers and send each one the right message at the right time.


Seismic aims to provide simple solutions to complex problems, with an A.I. powered sales enablement platform. The tool makes it easy to manage sales content, automate document creation, distribute content, and measure content performance. Perhaps the service’s most powerful feature is its ability to update thousands of documents at a time with a single stroke. Seismic can store a wide range of content in the cloud, in a format that is easily altered en masse. Whether you need to update a logo, swap out an image, or alter a graph, you can change the same element across all your documents at once.


An official Twitter freeware app, Tweetdeck makes it much simpler and more efficient to manage the Twitter side of your content marketing campaign, especially if you run multiple accounts at once. Tweetdeck consolidates all of your feeds in one place, and provides list managing, message tracking, tweet filters, scheduling, and analytics for each of them. Available as a web app, a mobile app, a Chrome app, or a desktop app, Tweetdeck is easy to use and has an intuitive interface to help manage many feeds and engage with countless customers across all of them.

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A powerful app for keeping all of your social media feeds updated, Buffer allows you to schedule and automate posts to multiple Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts at once. Once you create a post, you can set it to upload to as many or as few feeds as you want and can set the day and time you want it to go up. This feature allows you to create an automated calendar month in advance and easily coordinate your social media strategy ahead of time. The tool also reveals useful analytics for every post you make, tracking engagement so you know what did well and what needs to be improved.

Content MX

A powerful tool for onboarding, training, and support for your content marketing team, the team at Content MX works with you to create and send professional marketing campaigns. The service includes the creation of a branded landing page with a signup form, webinars, and one-on-one training, and online training materials. The service incorporates your branding and uses incentives and gamification to help your team fulfill its potential. Content MX also helps you use themed content to incorporate long-term storytelling into your campaign, and to find and best use the best channels to communicate with customers.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is an incredibly comprehensive tool that allows you to gather and interpret vast amount of data, all of which feeds directly into optimizing your content marketing campaigns and connecting more effectively with your customers. The tool combs both online and traditional media for trending topics and insights that apply to your brand, pulling from thousands of publications, broadcasts, blogs, forums, and more. By aggregating trending and emerging topics, you can find the patterns and relevant information in these huge pools of media, and gain an informational edge over the competition.

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A tool for managing your worldwide influencer network, Traackr enables you to track real influence and identify the factors that really work for your brand. Traackr keeps track of conversations, augments your listening skills, and makes it simple to connect with influencers and build long-term relationships based on trust. By engaging with influencers correctly and finding the best moments to push your brand forward, you can use Traackr to significantly boost your own influence and discover what influences your influencers on a worldwide scale. Finally, take advantage of the service’s analytics algorithms to learn which relationships are really the most beneficial to your brand and purpose.


Influitive is an advocacy program designed to turn your content marketing campaign into a veritable movement. By leveraging your most loyal customers, Influitive turns followers into ambassadors for your brand, who will go on to convert other customers on your behalf. With powerful features to build your community and foster passion and inspiration among your customer base, Influitive is designed to build customer advocacy into your existing processes, integrating seamlessly with various sites and social media. Influitive also integrates with CRM, marketing automation, and reference management services, allowing you to make customer advocacy a truly central part of your campaign.


Nuvi is an essential tool for keeping up with the conversation around your brand on a global scale. The tool monitors customers, customers, markets, industries and products to collect all the data you need to optimize your campaign. Nuvi also keeps tabs on your competition across social media and the web, combing through millions of blogs and RSS feeds. The tool also offers a publishing platform for scheduling and posting your content, letting you harness and act on data in the same place you collect and analyze it.

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Widen Content DAM

Widen Content DAM offers a data-driven digital asset management platform that combines security, storage, collaboration, and publishing functionality all in a single tool. The service stores all of your important content in the cloud and allows you to upload, download, and transfer files incredibly quickly. Widen Content DAM also has a robust publishing feature, so you can post or embed content directly from the library where you store it. The platform also makes it easy for multiple accounts to access and work from the same library, enabling collaboration and streamlining your team’s workflow.

Content Insight

Content Insight provides automated content inventories, making it simple to plan, audit, and track your content. The service utilizes a robust content analysis tool to automatically and instantly organize your content into inventories that are detailed and easy to navigate. These inventories are stored in the cloud and can be automatically analyzed, providing you with useful and comprehensive data on your content.

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