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Good Cleaning Company Names

Good Cleaning Company Names

Long before the jingle “Does your carpet get dirty? Call ABCCarpetCleaners, because you can get a clean one!” became a standard for cleaning companies, naming ideas were being dreamed up. The masters at good cleaning company names have come up with some pretty snappy ones for you to explore.

CleanFreak, The Maid Brigade, and Molly Maid are just a few of the many names that have come up with catchy phrases to describe their services. If you own a cleaning business or are thinking about starting one, here are some fun ideas for naming a cleaning company.

These are name ideas only. You will need to explore trade names and domain name availability. Check out GoDaddy to register your cleaning company domain name for your website.

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Common Cleaning Company Names

Wash ‘n Go Cleaning

Dust Busters

Maid Bites

Maid Bliss

B Gone Dirt

Clean, Neat, and Tidy

Star Maids House Services

Magic Hands

Dash and Clean

Green and Clean

Sparkly Clean Maids

The Dust is in the Detail

Rightly Maid

Perfecting the Polish

Squeaky Clean

Sweep Away

Clean and Shine

Spic, Span, and Top Cleaners

Cleaning Daisies

Maid Wars

Shine All Season

Sparkle, Sparkle

The Perils of Clean Maids

The Fast and the Clean

You Have a Maid

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Dust, Sweep, and Clean

Not Just a Maid

Shine Through and True

Grime Busters

Two and a Half Maids

Just Clean It

Pristine Shine

The Clean House

The Clean Capitol

Down With The Dirt

The Three Little Maids

Clean Professionals

King of Dirt

Fight Grime Cleaning Services

The Three Masked Maids

Magic Maids

Only Cleaners Left

Some Like It Clean

Dirty Business

Close Encounters With Dirt

Star Maids

Clean Hard

Mop Heads

Plus Housekeeping

Dazzle Dirt

Creative Cleaning Company Names

Ace of Sweeps

Ambitious Cleaning

Intelligent Cleaning Services

Eco-friendly Maids

Dirt Dazzle

Less Mess, More Cleaning

Glove Shine

House Cleaning Pros

Perfected Touch Cleaning

Fairly Good Maids

Two Maids and a Mop

Manic Dirt Attack

Twinkle Shine

A Bucket, Mop and a Maid

Maid in Cleaning

Executive Shine

Shine in a Bucket

Lust for Dust

Spotless Clean

Space Cleaners

Machine Cleaners

Sweet Shine Cleaning Services

Squeaky Sweep

Bright Shine Cleaners

Buzz Light Cleaning

Greenhouse Cleaning Services

Just Shine Cleaning Services

Team Sparkle

Dust Shining Maids

Executive Home Cleaners

Just Mop Cleaning Services

House and Home Cleaners

Home Dust Busting Services

Abled Maids

Life of a Maid

Maid Up Cleaning

Maid in Cleaning

Clean Maids

Minute Maid Services

Filth Scrapers

The Dream Team Cleaning Machine

Wonder Maids

The Cleaning Detail

Mopping Magic

Dusting Feathers

Freedom Maids Cleaning

Forever Shine Cleaning Services

Sweet Home Cleaners

Beautiful, Bright, and Shiny Cleaners

Power Cleaners

Unique Cleaning Company Names

Stress-Free Maid Services

Aim To Be Clean Services

Brooming Maids

The Dusty Hallows

Pull the Rug Cleaning Services

Your Every Season Cleaners

Forever Mop Cleaners

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Down and Out Cleaning Services

Hands and Knees Cleaners

View From The Floor

Maid in Your Home

Clean Rags Cleaning

Window Washers

Glass Power Cleaners

Mean Washers

Wash Your Home Services

Mind Your Glass Cleaning

You’ve Got The Mop

Rags and Riches Cleaning Service

On the Floor Washing

Cleaning Broom Services

Mean Cleaners

Excellent Mop Cleaning

Bunny Maid Cleaning Services

Mopping Wars

Shining Floors and Homes

Dirt Free Cleaning

Crew Cleaning Services

Trading Maids

Just Like Cleaning

Cleaning Empire Services

Best of Nature’s Cleaners

Crannies Get Nook’ed

Cleaning Classics

Broom Masters Cleaning

Maid In The Horizon

Cleaners United

Housekeeping Titans

Mighty Hands and Knees

Genie In A Bucket

Shine The Floor

Tip Top Cleaning

Restore The Shine Cleaning Services

Sparkle Continental Cleaners

Go Away Dirt

The Green Maid

Love In The Glove

Getaway Cleaning Services

Magic Tip Top Mopping

Wizard Cleaning Services

The Dirt Fighting Wizard

Effective Window Cleaning Services

Rainbow Cleaning Services

Mighty Dust Cleaning

Cleanse The Neighborhood

Neighborhood Washers

Fairy Dust Fighters

Bright and Cool Washers

Mop and Rag Cleaners

Fantastic For Cleaning

Moping Magic

Drip and Dry Wash

You’ve Got Action Maids!

Dependable Restoration Cleaning

Dust Clearing Angels

Shining Diamond Mop

My Sister’s Cleaners

The Revolutionary Cleaners

Stopping Grime Services

Pump The Dirt

Plunging Cleaners

Priority Mop Services

Dimensional Sweepers

Clean After Your Mess

The Flowering Maid

Super Angel Cleaning Services

The Green Cleaning Machine

The Spotless Clean Masters

Pivotal Touch Cleaning Services

Freedom Cleaners

Mint Condition Cleaners

The Simply Clean Team

Keeping It Clean

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Knees to Top Cleaning

Housekeeping Mates

Friendly Maids

Shining Tides

Decent Dust Cleaners

Discreet Maid Services

The Golden Cleaning Standard

Maids On The Floor

Maid In Your City

Grime B Gone

Fresh Lemon Sparkle

Perfect Cleaning Services

Wipe Your Home

Quirky Cleaners

Curating Daisy Maids

Servicing Your Home Cleaning

Time For Shine Cleaning

Funny Company Cleaning Names

Not Just Grime

Shining True Cleaning

Perfected Cleaning Services

Maid To Clean

X Marks The Dirty Spot

Just Wing The Floor

Washed Up and Dried

Cleaning Is The Name

Wall To Window Washers

Sweeping Your Home

Fresh Start Cleaning

Sweep Masters United

Shining Dust

Clearer Floors Cleaning

Friendly Dust Maids

Home Carers Services

Green Sweeps Services

Supreme Broom Services

Busy Queen Bee Cleaning Services

Innovative Cleaning Services

House Sparkle Clean Maids

Cleaning Brothers Co.

Raging Machine Cleaners

Let Us Clean Your Home

Put The Shine In Your Office

A1 Maid Services

The Happy Cleaning Maid

Detailing The Dust Services

Carpet Enhancing Cleaning Services

Vanguard Cleaning Services

Hotty Mop Cleaning Services

The Cleaning Bunny Maid

Spotless Cleaning Angels

Vantage Maid Services

Brooming Your Home Services

Hot Mopping Services

Spotless Glove Cleaning

Supreme Cleaning Services

Clean Queens Co.

Executive Broom Cleaning

Mighty Dust Mite Fighters

Cleaning Spaces

Washing Home Floors

Put The Green In Cleaning

Piggy Clean Up Services

Dusting Pixies

Cleaning Cardinal Maids

Lifetime Shine

Putting The Shine Back On the Rust

Clean Community Watchers

Inspiring Cleaning Company Names

Polish Pleasing Cleaning Services

The Cleaning Emerald Services

Cleaning Royale

Dust Gone in 60 Seconds

The Cleaning Hour

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The Cleaners

Sweeping The Dust

Running Maids

Mess Cleaners Co.

Putting The Shine Back

Just Cleaning Up

Maid To Shine

Order Maids

Clean Easy Services

Perfecting Floor Shine

Dedicated To The Mop

Grime Partners

Free The Dirt

Home Sparkle

Cleaning Completely

Bucketing The Dirt

Bright Maids

Maid With a Mop

Special Mopping Maid Magic

The Grime Cutters

Ready to Go Maids

Cleaning Express Maids

Cleaning After You Services

Plan Your Cleaning Action

State to State Cleaners

Hand Magic Cleaning Services

Lifting The Cleaning Load Services

Crystal Clear Home Cleaning

Super Green Maids

Life Maids

Deeper Level Cleaning

Shine Extreme Cleaning

Lemony & Flower Fresh Cleaners

Gleam Team Services

Executive Cleaners

Cleaning Living Spaces

Master Maids

Professional Cleaning House

The Soap Masters

Cleaning Thumbs Co.

Menace Maids

Mighty Maids

Shining Tides

The Cleaning Bears

Cleaning To Depend On Services

Company Cleaning Names Inspired by TV Shows

Dynamic Duos Cleaning Services

The Clean Files

The Thick of the Dirt Services

Six Feet Cleaners

The Good Cleaners

Lean Cleaning Machine

Steady Clean

The Clean Planet

Curb Your Dirt

Brooms, Cleaners, and Vacuums

Better Call a Maid

Saved By The Mop

Cleaning Something

The Odd Cleaners

Happy Broom

Clean Peak

I’m A Cleaner

Helping Ties

Helping Hands

My So-Called Cleaner

New Maid- Brooms & Buckets

Home and Office Cleaners

A Clean Show

Eyes On The Broom

Clean In, Clean Out

A Clean Show

Your St. Cleaners

Brooms Up!

Star House Maids

Glass Cleaning Services

Deep Clean, Deeper Shine

Fighting Filth Services

Washed Up Cleaners

Broomey Broom

Dust is Us

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Keeping Up the House

The Cleaning Godmother

Sweet Dreams Cleaning

Cleaners Sweeners

You Have Shine

The Ever-Clean Room

Top-Tier Tip Top

Helping Green Hands

Brite Maids

Clean Rags and Rugs

Right Maid

The Feather Friend

The Clean Zone

Cleaning House

Green Task-Force

Creative Company Cleaning Names

Mopping Hands

Hands Against Dirt

Neat, Tidy, and Spotless

Shine Time Zone

The Scrubbing Maid

Maid in America

Green Maids

Deep Green Clean Services

Peachy Clean Maids

Rescue Maids

Retouching Floors

Find The Clean Spot!

Master Cleaners

Load Priority

Cleansing Washers

The Scanty Maid

Green Scrubbing Machine

Sweeping Under

Scrubbing Inside

The Selfless Maid

Pristine Scrubbers

The Maids Club

Optical Cleaning

A Clean Design

Sparkle Maids

Fresh Grime Stoppers

The Clean Club

The Spotless Room

Fast Clean

Dirt Scrub Up

The Dirt Overhaul

Secret Cleanse Systems

Clean and Polished

The Broom Agent

Scrub Brush Spot

Fresh Maids

The Washing Maids

Unsoiled Cleaning Services

The Clean Spot

Improved Clean

The Shine Agent

The Pine Gel Pro

Collective Cleaners

Sleeky Cleaners

The Daily Scrub

Top Cleaners

The Spotless Maid

Deep Clean Pro

Effective Scrubbers

The Washing Green Machine

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