WordPress User Roles

WordPress User Roles – Who Can Do What, and Why?

When we think about widespread data breaches, it’s easy to forget about internal security. Luckily, you website comes with five different, default WordPress user roles that help you, as the site administrator, control how individual users interact with your website. Find out more at LoriBallen.com

5 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

Hello everyone, It’s Kevin with Ballen Brands, and today I’m going to introduce the 5 most important steps you can take to keep your WordPress Website safe and secure.

laptop computer has words on the screen that spell out how ot update your wordpress themes

How to Update Your WordPress Themes

Hey, this is Sabrina, lead trainer for Ballen Brands. Today I’m going to show you how to upgrade your themes in WordPress.

laptop computer spells out words how to update your wordpress plugins

How to Update Your WordPress Plugins

Hey this is Sabrina, lead trainer for Ballen Brands. Today I’m gonna show you how to check for plugin updates on your WordPress website and how to update those plug-ins.

hands on a laptop keyboard

Uploading Media on WordPress

In this video, Sabrina Wekerle with Ballen Brands shows you how to upload pictures, videos and other media to your WordPress Website. Learn How to Get More Real Estate Leads