Stupid Simple SEO Cheat Sheet

I have built all of my businesses on search and social strategies, and have come up with a quick SEO cheat sheet for you.

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How To Become Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed is a program that elevates local businesses by making them just a click away. Find out how you can take advantage of this program and become Google Guaranteed.

What is SSL?

The primary role of an SSL certificate is to ensure that all the personal data sent over the web is protected and secure.

SEO Title Tags

You can achieve higher rankings for your website through SEO Title Tags. Here’s How.

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How to Build Backlinks

As you begin developing your backlink strategy, it’s important to remember that your backlinks’ quality is critical. 

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Can Permalinks be changed?

Changing permalinks is unusual, yet not impossible since they are the exact URLs to a page on your website. You’ll need to be careful with this process.

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The Ultimate Guide for Technical SEO

This guide will cover what technical SEO strategies work best for blogs with WordPress or Blogger platforms with additional hints on optimizing posts and pages.

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How to Redirect a URL

A Redirect, quite simply is when you reroute one webpage to another. This guide will show you how to redirect a URL using various methods.

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Best Domain Value Calculator

If you are looking to buy, sell, or renew your domain, the first step is to determine it’s worth! Check out our best domain value calculators!

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What Are Google Answer Boxes?

Also known as featured snippets, answer boxes are unique, large organic listings displayed at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

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5 Drawbacks of Going with Discount SEO

Picking the right real estate SEO company to put your brand on the map can be a challenge, however. As you may find out, buying a cheap SEO package can leave you with more problems than you start with.

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Hire Blog Fixer To Improve your SEO

The services provided by Blog Fixer are essential because they all play a role in search engine optimization. Broken links, dead affiliate programs, broken comment links, damaged images, and more can all harm a blog’s search results rankings.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can you see what content is performing well on your blog. It can help you find slow pages, underforming pages, and track user activity. Here is a step by step tutorial on installing Google Analytics on your blog.

7 Reasons to Optimize Your Website for Featured Snippets

Search engines offer other types of unpaid placements where your website can rank, one of the most valuable being featured snippets. This guide will cover why it’s important to optimize your website for featured snippets

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Rich Snippets, Structured Data and Schema Markup

In this article, you’ll learn how structured data markup can improve your appearance on the search engines. It’s important to note that with each search query, results change. There is no guarantee to how your markup will affect your results.

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