What is Carrot?

A good website can help you collect leads, buy property, and sell property. There are many ways to create a website; however, you probably place a premium on convenience and ease of use.
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If you want to build a business in the real estate industry, you need to have a prolific website. 

A good website can help you collect leads, buy property, and sell property. There are many ways to create a website; however, you probably place a premium on convenience and ease of use.

A good website can help you collect leads, buy property, and sell property. There are many ways to create a website; however, you probably place a premium on convenience and ease of use. 

After all, if you work in real estate, you probably aren’t a developer, coder, or programmer. 

 You are busy running a business and closing deals. If you are looking for an easy way to build a website, one of the top options is called Investor Carrot, which is usually shortened to Carrot. 

Carrot is a subscription service that allows real estate investors to quickly build websites designed to buy properties, sell properties, and collect leads. 

With the help of Carrot, you can come up with a buyers list and brand your company. Carrot has been growing quickly during the past few years, becoming incredibly popular among investors.

Using Carrot, you can build websites that look amazing, create customizations, and create submission forms without knowing the first thing about coding a website. Furthermore, Carrot also specializes in SEO and performance ROI, allowing you to get the most out of your websites. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the most effective way to build your online credibility, Carrot might be the answer.

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How To Get Set Up

If you decide to give Carrot a try, there are a few steps that you should follow after you sign up.

These include:

  • Pick a Domain: The first thing you need to do is pick a good domain name for your Carrot site. Pick something neutral that will command respect throughout the industry. The name should sound professional and local at the same time.
  • Point the Domain Toward Carrot: Then, you need to take the domain name you just set up and point it toward Carrot so that the platform can track the features. Carrot will guide you through the process, click by click, once you sign up.
  • Create Content: Finally, you need to create strong content to go on your webpage. One of the great benefits of using Carrot is that the platform will provide you with helpful articles that will guide you through the process of creating content that will boost your visibility and brand identity.

Once you get set up on Carrot, you can take advantage of its numerous features.

What Are the Features of Carrot?

There are a few features of Carrot that you should note. All of their features help you build as many leads as possible.

Lead management is a recurring theme, as they are always testing new features to make sure they provide you with the best experience possible. 

Some of the essential features of Carrot include:

  • Lead Management: Lead Management is the most critical part of Carrot. Investor Carrot provides you with lots of campaign tracking features, ensuring that you have all the numbers you need to make sure that your pages are doing well. You can build a landing page and create multiple subpages. Then, Carrot will provide you with the numbers you need to tell if your page is doing well.
  • The Dashboard: The Carrot Dashboard is intuitive. All of the information for each page is at your fingertips. You can track the number of visitors, the number of leads, and more. Carrot displays all of the information on a single page.
  • Content Marketing: Carrot provides plenty of content marketing articles that will help you learn how to create content for your website like a professional. Their articles start general and get more specific as you read, providing you with a helpful course that will teach you about marketing in the digital world.
  • Keyword Tracking: One of the unique features of Carrot is its keyword tracking. All of you have to do is put in the keywords you are tracking. Then, you can see how your website ranks for specific keywords. That way, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to improve your ranking for the keywords that matter the most to your industry.

These are a few of the most important features of Carrot.

The Customizability of Carrot

One of the essential parts of Carrot involves its customization options.

Some of the features that you can change when you use Carrot include:

  • The logo, header image, and tagline of the website
  • The theme and color scheme of the website
  • The font of the text that shows up on each page
  • The text that appears on the page
  • You can change, add, and delete the images that show up on each page
  • You can alter the submission forms that appear on each of your pages
  • You can provide a blog for your site and add articles to boost your ranking
  • You can shift and reposition the widgets that show up in the sidebar and on the footer of the page
  • You can choose between a few different templates for each page and alter the background image for each page
  • You can shift and rearrange the navigation menu to display the most important pages for your site.

Every important feature that you need to control for Carrot can be addressed to your liking.

A Few Alternatives to Carrot

While Carrot provides a wide array of features, there are a few alternatives that you should note as well. These include:

  • Realeflow: Realeflow is an excellent option for pairing a motivated seller with a cash buyer, providing you with access to a beautiful website with powerful features and tools to run marketing campaigns, follow-up with leads, and send out direct mail
  • Leadpropeller: Leadpropeller is a platform you should consider if you want to pay someone to build and host your real estate investor website

In the end, Carrot might be the most powerful option for real estate investors. The platform will help you attract leads, run ad campaigns, and close deals.

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