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Complete Guide: How To Sell Or Buy A Youtube Channel

Complete Guide: How To Sell Or Buy A Youtube Channel

There are several reasons that someone may buy or sell a Youtube channel. We will discuss if it is legal, why people would buy or sell a channel, how to complete the sale or purchase, and more. 

Yes, it is legal and safe to buy and sell Youtube channels. Channels have been being purchased and sold for years. 

You can buy and sell your channel in several different ways to ensure that you are protected from scammers, but you should not worry about being banned or blacklisted by Youtube or Google for selling your channel. 

Why Would Someone Buy Or Sell A Youtube Channel?

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There are several benefits that creators may encourage them to buy or sell their Youtube channel. 

Like TV networks, Youtube channels will buy other channels to expand their content, market, and revenue. 

Smaller creators may buy a channel to give themselves a head start. Buying a Youtube channel can come with huge benefits.

Why Would You Buy A Youtube Channel?

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Anyone who has tried to establish a successful Youtube channel has experienced the difficulty of gaining a regular following. 

Gaining your first 1,000 subscribers is usually the most challenging part of growing a Youtube channel. Because of this, some users may prefer to buy an established channel that already has subscribers.

Especially for channels that do not have a “face” or personality connected to them, buying and adding your own content to the channel can be very successful. 

It can be harder to maintain the following of a channel if you buy it and then start posting utterly different content than what the subscribers are used to. 

They subscribed for a reason, and they may leave if the content they enjoy is no longer there.

Successful Youtube channels can be monetized to make money for the creator. Through Adsense, partnership with Youtube, affiliate links, and promotions. 

Creators with channels that get enough views can make thousands of dollars every month from their Youtube channel. This income is one of the biggest reasons for creators to pursue a large following on Youtube.

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Why Would You Sell A Youtube Channel?

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The reasons and benefits that someone may be interested in buying a Youtube channel has created a market for established creators to sell their channel to someone looking to get a headstart. 

When people are interested in buying, it creates a demand that sellers can take advantage of to make money.

It takes years of dedication and consistency to build a large following on Youtube, but the hard work doesn’t start once you make it. 

Maintaining your community on Youtube takes quite a bit of work. If someone doesn’t have the time or motivation to continue maintaining or growing their channel, selling it is a great way to make money off of it instead of letting it fade into nothing.

How To Buy A Youtube Channel

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Several websites will act as a broker or middleman for those buying or selling a Youtube channel. The world of buying and selling channels is riddled with scammers waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come along. 

With such a high risk of being scammed, it is essential to use an established website with an excellent reputation to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Websites like will act as brokers to ensure a safe transaction. 

These sites also have a marketplace of sorts where you can browse through the available accounts to find one that will fit your target market, the size that you want, and the price range that you will be able to pay. 

Determine Your Target Market

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The first step to buying a Youtube channel is determining your channel’s goal and target market. 

It would help if you bought a closely related channel to the niche that you want to be in. You aren’t just purchasing the channel; you are buying all of the subscribers and people who follow the channel.

Suppose you want to make videos about cars and trucks, but you buy a makeup tutorial channel. In that case, you will be posting videos about cars and trucks to thousands of subscribers who subscribed to the channel to see makeup tutorials. 

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This will cause you to have low engagement, and you will also lose subscribers, so it is essential to buy a relevant channel in your target market.

Determine Your Target Channel Size And Price

The next thing to think about is how big of a Youtube channel you want to buy. You will find channels with anywhere from a few thousand subscribers to a few million, and as expected, the price will rise along with the number of subscribers. 

Another thing to consider is the monthly revenue of the channel. Some channels may have fewer subscribers than others but could have higher engagement and views, translating to more revenue. 

Since the subscriber count does not directly correlate with revenue, most brokerage websites will list the monthly income alongside the subscribers, views, and other similar metrics. 

Determining the number of subscribers, views, and revenue you want will help you see the available channels’ price range. 

Alternatively, if you set your budget, you can see what channels are available in your price range. 

Gaining Ownership Of A Channel

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Once you pay for a channel, the original owner will add your account as an owner of the channel. Then, they will make you the primary owner of the channel. 

This step takes about 24 hours to complete because of the verification policies that Youtube has in place. Once you are made the primary owner, you can remove the other owners on the channel, and it will be solely yours. 

This is the stage where the risk of being scammed comes into play. There has to be a level of trust between when you send the money and when you are made the primary owner. 

Because of this risk, it is always vital to broker the sale through a reputable website. They will not release the money to the seller until the account is in your possession. 

How To Sell A Youtube Channel

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Selling your channel will put less risk on you than buying, but there are still some things to keep in mind. Using a reputable website to broker the sale will help save any headaches you may encounter. 

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What To Do With Your Content

You will have to determine what you will do with the content you have uploaded to your channel. Some sellers decide to remove the content from their account before selling it, essentially only selling the followers. 

Others may decide to sell the content along with the followers and views. Channels with a catalog of videos will generally fetch a higher price than those with no videos.

Determining Your Price

If you are in a position where your Youtube channel is worth selling, it will likely earn money every month. 

Once you sell it, you won’t be making that money anymore, so it is crucial to set a price that you feel comfortable losing the monthly revenue. 

Your subscriber count, monthly views, monthly revenue, and the number of videos will all affect the price. 


As you can see, several factors can make buying or selling a Youtube channel confusing or risky. Using a website with a strong reputation for selling digital properties will make the entire process go much more smoothly and minimize your risk of being scammed. 

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